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Nikolas Art Galleries "2K" Kirk Mask (Are You Kidding Me?)

What would you expect to pay for the ultimate replica of a 1975 Don Post Captain Kirk mask? That all depends on who you are I guess. Some people look at a piece of latex and scoff at the idea of paying over $100 dollars (after all it is a piece of rubber, right?). Others look at masks as pieces of art....

Follow up:

They are sculpted, painted, some are haired and given finishing touches that only a skilled artist can pull off. Many have tried to capture lighting in a bottle when the Myers mask market boomed many years ago. Many have lived and died by the famous white mask and hours of sculpting and re-sculpting have come and gone in the pursuit of the "perfect" Kirk mask or the "perfect" Myers mask. A lot and I mean a LOT of money was at stake and everyone came out of the wood work to try and cash in on what was essentially easy money. But with time and many "perfect" masks out there the money is dwindling and the pursuit for the ultimate replica Myers masks all depends on who you are. Not when will it be made. Gone are the days of selling a converted Don Post mask on feeBay for $300. It just doesn't work that way anymore. There are too many great masks out there already.

Well recent news from Nikolas Art Gallery (N.A.G.) has surfaced on Michael-Myers.net and apparently there is a new 2 thousand dollar Kirk mask on the way. You read that right, 2 THOUSAND DOLLARS. My first car cost $400 more that that. :-) Forgive me if I'm off base here but is $2,000 not just a tad bit ridiculous for what your getting here? This looks to be a cast of an original 1975 Kirk (which has been done quite a number of times before).

Don' t get me wrong though, this is an outstanding mask. Nikolas owner of N.A.G. is an extremely gifted artist and sculptor and some would argue that he is the best white mask creator out there. Everything on this Kirk seems to line up great and it might just be as close as your going to get to owning an original. Notice I said close to owning an original. This isn't an original Captain Kirk mask, this is a reproduction. Meaning if someone wanted to they could take this mask and copy it a thousand times and no law would protect you or your investment. Is this unethical in the mask world? Of course it is. Has this ever been done before? You know it has.

So this begs the question do we really need this. Is there not already enough solid masks out there for $300 or $400 to pull off the look of Michael Myers? Hell even if you spend a grand and a half for a Dennis Beckstrom or a Ken Hertlein mask your still saving money.

I am a Myers mask fan. I own quite a few fantastic replicas myself. I have spent a lot of money on Myers masks in my day. But are the days of $1,000 and $2,000 Myers masks behind us? There are only 10 of these masks going into production. There may be 10 people out there with enough money to spend it on one of these and they may be happier than all get out to be able to do so. I just don't see it personally and with the new era of buying a mask and having it converted by one artist and haired by another to achieve the perfect look was this really necessary?

This all comes back to my earlier statement. Masks that sell for this kind of money are looked at as pieces of art. Having an artist sculpt a mask with all the intricate detail and originality that they bring to the table one might expect to pay what essentially is a down payment on a car. But is that same down payment worth it when your talking about another Captain Kirk mask?

Maybe I'm way off base here. Someone talk me down, I would love to hear what you think....

The mask on the left and right are original Don Post 1975 Captain Kirk masks. The mask in the middle is the new $2,000 NAG Kirk mask.

The two pics below are from MM.net user ColdBlooded Killer


07/04/09 @ 03:52
I think that there will only be 5 of these made. 5 Kirks, and 5 Myers versions. I could be wrong. If that's the case, the 5 Myers versions will also be 2K, with Colin Mayne doing the conversion work.
07/04/09 @ 03:56
$2,000 is ludicrous in my opinion. I think the whole Myers mask market is so saturated that no one is ever going to recoup the money thats was being spent like in the old days.
07/04/09 @ 04:06
Agreed. What's the next Kirk/Myers going to go for?? If this and the other Kirk/Myers being made, is the be all and end all to these types of masks, then what's the point of making anymore after these??

Why would anyone want anything that will be inferrior to these masks??
07/04/09 @ 04:06
i bet this will be clay pressed and sold for about $200 when its all said and done. I hope not but that is the fear with it being a Kirk replica.
07/04/09 @ 04:12
its a great looking kirk replica but your right, i wish all of us could afford it.
07/04/09 @ 04:24
I saw this being talked about on michaelmyers. It seems too step for the current economy but if I had a spare 2K just lying around I might get it. Is the hair color grey in the bottom pic?
07/04/09 @ 09:32
maybe it is just me but i spend money on masks that i really like and really dont give a crap what others opinions about the look of it or what i can recope from it (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) . when i see a mask that is quality that i really like and i want to add it to my collection and it looks good to me, i get it. i like this one but i may have to pass because of commitments to other pieces i want.

best looking one i have seen so far though.
07/04/09 @ 13:30
You bring up a good point. What would keep someone from reproducing this themselves?
07/04/09 @ 14:12
there is no denying that it has a great look. but i agree i dont think the timing is right for this. maybe 3 years agao this would be a big deal.
07/04/09 @ 15:53
This is already a sculpt thats been around since 1975. This is not something that someone hand crafted and sculpted by hand to capture the look. Therfor it is only a piece of latex with paint and hair on it. The supplies alone don't even come close to 2K. In my opinion this looks like a simple project with the high hopes of raking in the dough... I think when someone expects a thousand or over for a piece of rubber, it is sickening... It seriously flips my stomach. I will say this much, there is NO way in hell, I would ever spend over 800.00 for a mask and that mask better be something I seriously want. Now, do I think that this is an Ecellent mask? Hell Yeh!!! Looks great and a wonderful paint/hair job as well, but the bottom line still reads Rubber/2K/No Way!!!

07/04/09 @ 17:09
What Ryan said exactly!
07/04/09 @ 17:14
2 grand for a replica of a mask that originally cost $25.....ahhhh nope. Nice attempt and it looks good but why should this be more than any other Kirk mask that's out there? I guess if they think people will pay it why not but who is insane enough to throw 2 grand away on this?
Tyler Haslett
07/04/09 @ 17:23
I am now going to sculpt a Kirk, if he can make it look good then so can I. I think this is fuckin ridiculous. Myers fans, I will derail this injustice, just give me 2 months. They will be under a $100. I am not kidding. This myers mask outrageous price shit just knocks me the fuck over in disgust.
Rather than catering to fans, we get the few who think they'll get rich off of someone elses merits.

Now it is my personal goal to flood the market with a really fuckin nice sculpted Kirk/Myers.

scaryzack Email
07/04/09 @ 17:36
yup this is a complete rip off. who does he think is ganna buy it, bill gates? hell no no one these days has that much extra money. but yes it is a nice mask. but it is also still aa rip off. id pay at most 325 for it.
the stranger
07/04/09 @ 17:47
Awesome, Tyler. I've seen your work too, so i have high hopes for such a thing... :)
07/04/09 @ 19:19
This is such a great blog. Tyler Haslett if your serious I will be buying multiples of your new mask.
07/04/09 @ 19:48
Ryan dont know who you are but you said it better than I ever could. Its a great looking mask but its a kirk and someone will copy or make another like Tyler said and it just isnt worth it in my opinion.
07/04/09 @ 19:54
2K for what your getting here is absurd. Nik a great mask maker but what the hell is he or anyone thinking that buys this? And what ever happened to the 30th Anniversary mask?
Bilbo T. Baggins
07/04/09 @ 20:20
this part below is what would scare me about spending that much money on a reproduction.

"This isn't an original Captain Kirk mask, this is a reproduction. Meaning if someone wanted to they could take this mask and copy it a thousand times and no law would protect you or your investment. Is this unethical in the mask world? Of course it is. Has this ever been done before? You know it has."
07/04/09 @ 20:24
So this guy is going to make $20,000 if all these sell.......for a replica??? PEOPLE DOES THAT MAKE SENSE??????????????
07/04/09 @ 20:30
I have owned quite a few of Nik's masks and they are great and reasonable affordable but only in the Myers community could someone get away with charging this much for something that isn't original. With this economy and the way the Myers market is now a days there just isn't anyway I can see this being justified. I don't fault Nik for doing this but it is Myers mask greed that causes people to do this. We will see how well this thing sells and I guess if they all sell out Nik will be able to buy a nice sports car but I won't be one buying one.
07/04/09 @ 21:54
tyler, you have me sold. i cant wait to see yours. hook us collectors up my friend.
07/04/09 @ 22:24
Alls that has to happen is, the entire or the majority of the "WHITE" mask community is to stop buying these things. If that happens, 1 of 2 things will happen, the artists responsible for these pieces will go out of business, or they'll have to lower they're prices to get back in the good graces of the customers. It's all up to the consumer.

I think there should be a petition drawn up to really show how serious the consumer really is. If you get enough people to go along with it, some of these artists will have no choice, but to change they're greedy ways.

Think about it. It can be done if you guys really want it bad enough.

07/04/09 @ 22:54
i dont think a petition is the answer it just wont do anything. they can chage what they want and if your crazy enough to plop that kind of money out you can buy one. it just all comes back to the fact that someone else will just rip this off because the mask in itself is a rip off of a Don Post liscensed mask.
07/04/09 @ 23:01
great read. do we know if anyone has even bought one of these yet?
07/05/09 @ 01:48
Nice mask but 2K is out of the question for my taste.
07/05/09 @ 02:24
If you can get enough people to say enough is enough already, then it will come down to the same few people having to support these artists. In other words, let's say this mask does sell out. All 10. The 5 Kirks, and the 5 Myers. Chances are, those 10 people will be the only 10 people in the future that these artists will target. Now, if this mask is 2K, that means it better have something done to it for it to be a legitimate 2K mask.

Now, when it's time for this guy to make another Kirk/Myers mask, will he then lower the price back to, say 300.00. Well if he does that, then most people will think that this 300.00 mask doesn't quite have all the effort put into it as the mask that cost 2K. Why would anyone want something that is less in quality?

This guy is already starting to feel the backlash. Wheather it has any effect, only time will tell. If enough people make a stand against these BS prices, I think progress can be achieved.
07/05/09 @ 03:57
I just had a few more things to say about this crap. 1. All he did was recast an Original, pour the mold, peal it, paint it and hair it. All of that for $2,000.00!!! 2. You can buy a UL75 which is almost the same thing only enlarged. Get a nice pull of one of those, send it to an artist to paint and hair it the best of there ability to look like an original for or around 200-250... And I garuntee that when it's done it will look Very Damn close to what is offered for 2K... So how can the differance of $1,750.00 be justified???

Best of luck selling those masks!!!


Not sure that I have heard of you before, but would be interested in seeing your site or some of the work you have done! Shoot me a PM sometime! User Name is Harry Warden!

07/05/09 @ 04:37

To my knowledge, 1 person has bought 1. The Kirk version.
Tired of it
07/05/09 @ 14:02
In my opinion Nik has done nothing except appeal to the stupidity out there that if a mask is expensive, it must be the best. Nik has never been good at fnishing his own masks. So what, the sculpt alone is worth 2k? That's rediculous. Do you have any idea what Jay Allen paid for his real 75 a year and a half ago? $1600.00!! That's right people not even close to what Nik is charging. George L. Which Nik is comparing his cash grab to paid 2k. FOR A MINT KIRK!! The pathetic thing is there are people out there that are stupid enough to give Nik that money. They are all responsible for this crap.
So don't blame Nik for going for the cash grab. Blame the idiots out there that will pay him for that cash grab. Do you people realize that you could get a REAL sculpter like Jordu Schell or even KNB to sculpt a Kirk for that price and it would be perfect? Shit it won't matter soon anyway. Someone will recast it and sell tons of them for 300.00 dollars and the fools that paid the 2k will be screwed because Nik copied that one too.
Enjoy what they've done here. Keep paying high prices for nothing!
Juan Valdez
07/05/09 @ 14:14
I also heard a rumor that after Terry Lambert stole Jay Allen's Kirk he sold it to Nik and that's how he SUDDENLY can do so well sculpting a Kirk mask.

Think about it. Since Terry no longer has Jay's Kirk. Who could use it? It could never be shown anywhere because it would be recognized. The only person that could use that mask would be a mask maker.
Nik says he has to charge so much for the circumstances that he went thru to make that mask. There you go. He paid for Jay's Kirk and now he has to make the money bak.
You Myers collectors can enjoy enjoy what you've done now to the hobby.
You backed a thief like Terry Lambert who is now Filing for bankruptcy to try and hide from the people he stole money from.
07/05/09 @ 14:17

I hope you do make the perfect Kirk and flood the market with copies!!!
Kill the value of those over priced crap masks.
07/05/09 @ 17:12
im excited to learn that tyler will be coming out with a end all be all kirk for around $100. count me in!
07/05/09 @ 19:27
Sad but true. People are always trying a quick way to get rich and hell if people are going to buy it why not. The problem is Nik is very talented and could be using his skills for other stuff but he won't because of the "easy" $20.000 he can make off the backs of us collectors.
07/05/09 @ 21:32
good blog! Nik's work is outstanding but what would prompt someone to charge this outrageour price for a clay pressed Kirk?
Greg Payne
07/05/09 @ 21:42
I am in for about 4 of Tyler's new Kirk and I haven't even seen it yet!
07/05/09 @ 21:43
If it's true that NIK used Jay Allen's Kirk for alot of the masks that he's been putting out lately, he's just as guilty as Terry is for stealing it from Jay in the first place.

This would be as low as it goes, if this is the case.
07/05/09 @ 21:47
this just keeps getting worse and worse! We're never going to see those 30th Ann. masks. And if Nik has Jay's Kirk that's just wrong!
07/05/09 @ 21:55
You guys do realize this only happens in Myers mask collecting. All other areas its as peaceful as can be. Why is it this way?
07/05/09 @ 22:00
First off I'd just like to say that I've dealt with Nik personally before, and it was a pleasure from start to finish. It's a shame that a few of you are already starting the wild accusations against him. That being said, I also feel that the price is ludicrous considering what it is, but honestly who can blame the guy. If there are ten people willing to give up $2,000 for a clay press of another mask then so be it. Personally, I think there are far too many fantastic original pieces out there to justify dropping this kind of coin on an expressionless white (or tan) face, but different strokes for different folks I suppose. Don't worry, when the economy dwindles even further, I'm sure we'll see these pop up in the classifieds for well under $2K. Also, kudos to Tyler for what you're planning. I really hope you can pull it off.
07/05/09 @ 22:03
Well said Gummi!
07/05/09 @ 22:39
Juan Valdez makes a lot of sense. Nik can't even sculpt a poster mask to look like a kirk (which it is) But suddnly he comes out with Kirk after kirk after kirk. Something is fishy here. And the 2k one is exact??? I wonder what Jay Alan thinks about that?
Randy Mann
07/05/09 @ 22:41
Good question Geoff. Could it be that there are a lot of thieves out there making Myers masks?
07/06/09 @ 04:58
The Myers community more then any other, has always been a community of thieving mask making whores. Much of that is atributed to the customers themselves. They are SO obsessed with this character, they lose all sense of what it is they're actually doing. For these people, it's they're nicotine or cocaine fix. So naturally, these artists can and will take advantage of this problem the consumer has, and exploit it to it's fullest potential.

So far, 2 masks have sold. 2 Kirks, I believe. If all 10 of these masks sell, then there is no telling what might happen in the not so distant future with these masks. If one artist is able to achieve this goal, whos to say that another artist won't come by and try they're hand at the same stradegy.

This is a low time right now. STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
=CHAD= Email
07/06/09 @ 07:14
This is a great topic and has ruffled some feathers over the last few weeks, while also making some eyes pop. I'm a huge Kirk fan, vintage DP masks in general always spark my interest. Anyhow, I have chosen not to purchase this 2k mask from Nik. Now I will admit it's the closest thing to the real deal I've ever seen. But I absolutely cannot justify the price tag on it. Nik is very secretive about it's origins, but tells us it has REAL 75 Kirk elements that have been put together to create it. Hmmm... ok. The finishing will be top notch? Ok, check there. Most Kirks I've seen from Nik are pretty simple looking in regards to the finishwork so I don't think it's going to be a $1500 paint job or anything. The hair should be real vintage DP hair for the price tag and it won't be.

Nik also keeps getting better and better. I don't think this is his wall. This pays his bills and it is a cash cow, so he'll keep putting them out there. When artists get caught up w/ the Myers bug the money and fame can consume them. I've seen it over and over again. Nik has also promised limited runs in the past and has gone back on his word to make more masks w/out asking the original run buyers if it was ok. It was done behind the scenes. He may feel that is ok to do, but many frown upon it and feel slightly cheated to be honest. People rush out there to buy these limited masks at these high prices because they think it's the END ALL and they'll miss out if they don't. But the definition of END ALL is "another will top it within a year".

I personally am buying the Hoffman/Medley Kirk and Myers for 2k total. This is b/c I get a mask that originated from a clay press of a rare MINT 75 Kirk. This has never happened in the hobby before so it's huge imo! We all have seen plenty of Myers come from Kirkus' converted 75 and they're great, but something is still off on those masks (probably b/c it originates from a different mold). Bry is also doing every thing he can to make these masks close to perfect. I feel more comfortable paying a big chunk of change for a mask where I know of its origins and it holds a big part of 'history' moreso than I do paying for a Mystery mask that looks accurate. Call me crazy... Who honestly doesn't think Nik will EVER put out a more accurate Kirk? And if he does, what will the price tag be? Is he setting a NEW standard for accuracy? As it keeps getting closer will the prices continue to rise?
07/06/09 @ 07:17
Nik told me the other day that all of the Myers had sold out and that 4 of the 5 Kirks were sold. I personally only know of 2 guys that I have purchased a Kirk, that is all.
07/06/09 @ 17:22
I guess it's offical. All 10 masks have sold.
07/06/09 @ 17:25
great story. I'll believe the "all are sold" when I see the pictures floating in. To my knoweledge only 2 have been sold and one at a reduced rate.
07/06/09 @ 17:30
Reduced price?? What is going on now, I wonder??
07/06/09 @ 17:52
well CBK bought one and the other person is a close friend of mine and because of the controverisal $2K price tag Nik was having trouble selling them so he told him he could have one for $1,200.
Keepers of the Bid Email
07/06/09 @ 17:59
I hear more drama brewing already...
07/06/09 @ 17:59
Nik had trouble selling them? He told me there was only 1 Kirk left a week ago. He said they're sold out now. Something isn't adding up here.
Keepers of the Bid Email
07/06/09 @ 18:05
As I saw mentioned by a member of another board, please remember that everything you type is public. This includes mask makers as well. Do not type something and then realize who may see it....I just wanted to repeat some good advice given by a good person...

take care,
07/06/09 @ 18:37
So now it's already coming out. Nik is selling them cheaper to other people. If I paid 2k and someone else is getting it for 1200.00 I would be a little upset.
JASONVOORHEES001 · http://www.trasdm.page.tl
07/12/09 @ 12:10
wait theres so much kirks now this ones good but what does it look like if it were converted
07/12/09 @ 13:10
Who keeps using my name & setting the website to CGP? If you're gonna try to pass yourself off as me - get the website right at least, please.
07/25/09 @ 10:48
2 grand!!! what the hell,greed pure and simple
How can anyone justify that with a straight face.
Brian Email
10/10/09 @ 09:50
12/28/09 @ 12:19
ATTN: Tired of it

I did NOT pay 2k for my Kirk mask. You dont know anything about what I paid or even IF i paid, so unless I told you I suggest you stop tossing out private information that is NOT accurate.

People wonder why I dont post in the myers community. Reason: Everyone is a know it all and runs their mouth.

05/25/10 @ 06:26
Bottom line - if you don't want to buy it...don't buy it. If he sells it, he sells it. If he doesn't, he doesn't. It's his part to make it & set the price & it's your/our part to decide whether to buy it or not.

I personally love myers masks but i don't love the myers mask community. Everybody thinks they're reading between the lines when they're just being judgemental. Everybody "talks"...

Stop talking & do something. Buy it or dont buy it. Recast it or dont recast it. Dont get mad because the "industry" u love is being oversaturated with more myers fans. Thats what happens. CLEAR YOUR GOGGLES, SHARPEN YOUR TOOLS, & STEP YOUR GAME UP.

P.S. ...a petition?! For real?!
10/21/10 @ 10:29
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