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Exclusive: The Halloween 4 Blu-ray Debacle!

The case of the missing bonus features & deleted scenes. . .

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Paranormal Activity 4 - Official Trailer

Time to take down the video cameras and watch some footage!. . .

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'The Lords of Salem' Getting Closer!

We fionally have information on when Rob Zombie's next film is due. . .

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First Footage From The 'Carrie' Remake

This is what happens when you bully people kids. . .

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'Silent Hill: Revelation' Footage Here

Why do people keep going back to Silent Hill?. . .

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The 'REALLY BIG SHOW' is Here!

HorrorBid's The Skeleton Crew delves into summertime madness. . .

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Jeepers Creepers 3 - Will It Happen?

Will we ever see the Creeper again on the big screen?. . .

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Follow-Up To The Wolfman Is Here

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us Gets A Trailer . . .

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'Jurassic Park 4' Gets Release Date

Find out when we can go back into the park here. . .

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Sam Raimi Talks THE EVIL DEAD Remake

Hear what we are in store for from the source. . .

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UPDATED: First Look at Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger

Unlike the fake leaked photo (banner) we reported on earlier, Bloody Disgusting delivers the goods and this time it's legit. Here is Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger. So it's official, Freddy will wear the X-Mas sweater. See the pic after the jump.

Follow up:

Several other movie info sites are now teasing about their set visits to platinum dune's A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake set in Chicago. The one thing I'm reading the most is about how realistic Jackie's make-up is. Apparently Freddy looks like a real burn victim this time around (not that the Englund looks isn't iconic, but it never passed as looking real). Also, word is that this film will be utterly dark unlike previous Dunes remakes.

So below is the pic from Bloody and even though you can't see Fred's face that well I'm sure we'll see it later this week along with footage leaked from Comic Con.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

Here is a better pic that we zoomed in and cleaned up. You can actually see the facial features...

Below is a photo we blogged about a month ago (CLICK HERE) done by Effects Lab forum member MikeyRots. We thought at the time that is was just a composite done in photoshop but after blowing up the new photo and adjusting the contrast we see a lot of similarities in the two. Could this be an accurate depiction of the new Freddy? What do you think?

Below is the official logo:


Harry Warden aka Ryan
07/22/09 @ 13:39
Well thank god for this much! I still can't see this being that good... It's a Remake and Robert Englund isn't playing the roll... It's unatural and very unamerican...

I can only imagen the presure on Jackie, doing such an Iconic roll...

Keepers of the Bid Email
07/22/09 @ 13:47
Good point Ryan but Jackie is an academy award nominated actor, so if anybody can pull it off he can! (hopefully)
07/22/09 @ 13:55
Awesome! I'm still a little upset Robert isn't playing Freddy. I'm still going to see this!
07/22/09 @ 15:15
07/22/09 @ 21:32
It will be way better than friday remake me thinks :)
07/23/09 @ 02:42
I'm sorry but the new Freddy looks horrible its cool if he was a burnt alien cause that is what he looks like with that extremely beady eye, absolutely no resemblance to the classic Freddy, it looks like shit. i will not be seeing this movie.
Harry Warden aka Ryan
07/23/09 @ 08:25
Well at least I am not the only one who seen an alien in Freddy... The glove looks like shit I might add...

I hope Jackie can do this, but to be honest with everyone, I hate CGI in places where it's not needed, but I believe I would sooner enjoy watching a CGI face of Robert as Freddy then to see anyone else take that roll...
07/23/09 @ 13:43
I cant wait to see this movie. Hopefully it will be way better than the original NOES. Robert was good, but i got sick of seeing his Freddy character. Wasnt even scary to little kids(atleast not the ones im with all the time). Cool to see Rorschac, or however you spell it, take on the Freddy roll. He sounded like he can have a scary deep muffled voice. Will be seeing it the day it comes out more than likely.
07/23/09 @ 20:39
Relax guys, that photo is a freaking photoshopped picture and not legit. People bitch way too much... Life goes on and Englund could not be Freddy forever.
07/23/09 @ 21:39
This looks horrible! I think it is cool that they are remaking the film but it doesn't even look like Freddy. When I was kid Freddy's face scared the shit out of me. This guy looks like he is wearing burnt plastic. They should have made it look somewhat similar to the original. This is like making a Halloween movie and changing the mask to something else or making a Friday the 13th movies and having Jason wear something besides a hockey mask!
Aaron Darrow Email
07/23/09 @ 22:05
im kinda in the middle here, im not so hot about all the remakes , howerver i think the choice for the fill-in kruger is a decent one , after all guys robert englund himself said that he didnt want to play freddy again. so i guess its better that its a remake and not a sequel.
M-1 of Mastamindz Email · http://www.mastamindz.com
07/23/09 @ 22:09
So people are such pussies and are afraid for change. If you want to go see the OLD FREDDY go rent the movies at the video store. I'm ready for the new age Nightmare.
07/24/09 @ 02:18
I think this new movie is going to rock. My opinion is the only one that matters. I also think Adam and Walter are complete idiots and shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. I am sorry that you can't read but that picture is a PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURE! Do you need me to say it in espanol? French? Retard? Ok... I will say it in retard for you. DAAR DAAAR PHOTOSHOP DURRR DARRR ARRR HURRR.. Quit shooting it down you jackasses.

Yours truly,
Johnny WANG
07/24/09 @ 18:01
have you ever seen a real Burnt person?

it sure as hell don´t look like freddy´s mask... I know severly burnt people and believe me... this new Freddy look is exactly like what fire does to Flesh.

the attitude is there in a 100% and the glove?... what the hell are you bitching about? you can´t even see it!

but the shape seems pretty darn good!
07/24/09 @ 23:14
i dont care what burnt people look like this freddy looks like shit thats final, im not afraid of change a remake isnt change a new movie is remakes are a cash cow by studios afraid to make an original film moran.
07/25/09 @ 15:53
Walter the retard in you is still leaking out. Why can't you understand that this is a PHOTOSHOPPED picture? It is NOT how he is going to look. How can you really tell what he is going to look like in the top pic with all of the shadows? The movie poster is the best picture yet and it looks great. Get out of here, Homo retard!!
-Johnny Wang
Keepers of the Bid Email
07/26/09 @ 12:53
Wow, everybody is picking up the story on this photoshopped pic. (Fango, Dread) but they are giving credit to site Forces of Geek? Nice credit guys since HorrorBid reported on this pic MONTHS ago :(
07/27/09 @ 16:04
wow it's so funny to see how people bicker on blogs/forums, etc. the pic regardless if it's real, fake, whatever is too dark to see anything really, unless i need glasses which is possible. all i see is what Freddy generally looks like anyway...no real differences.Relax people...wait until the movies comes out damn...lol
07/27/09 @ 16:08
oops...didn't see the pic below of just the face until it reloaded. that's sooo nasty....lol
08/03/09 @ 04:51
yo...i made this image in photoshop...it has nothing to do with the actual film, as i stated on my original Effects Lab post...i think this remake and any remake of a horror classic is ridiculous and should not be made, but since i love freddy, i photoshopped my own personal version of the character on a pic of Jackie Haley...but i did it for fun and it seriously has nothing to do with the film. sorry for the confusion and thanks to all the people that liked my painting....if you didnt like it at least im glad you got pissed off...boycott horror remakes!!!! dont pay for this movie!!!....check out my myspace
http://www.myspace.com/mikeyro and my blog
08/21/09 @ 22:54
REMAEE; meaning, it is being completely re-done with new faces. If Robert Englund took this role then it would seem like any other sequal, tbh. I love Robert Englund, honestly; But you have to look at it this way: Why would you remake something with the same damn person playing the character? It's something fresh. True, I didn't want to give it a shot at first, but once I heard more about it & saw the first couple of images..I kinda warmed up to it. [no pun intended] A Nightmare on Elm Street has to be my favorite all-time horror movie. I love it. I just hate how people think you MUST use the original actor. that defeats the purpose of calling it a remake ,folks. I'm not really pleased with the Chucky remake having Brad Douriff playing Chucky again. But he's a voice. Iconic voice, at that. I doubt anyone else could professionally pull it off.
09/28/09 @ 17:02
The burns actually look realistic... much more than the original actually.
There were some things in the trailer that I hated (the notorious quick cuts that occur in Bay films), but the look of Freddy is badass. It adds a feeling of surrealism being that it's not Robert doing his schtick... not saying that Robert isn't THE Freddy.
09/29/09 @ 00:40
There can be only one Freddy and we all know thats Mr. Robert Englund !!!!
The Makeup looks terrible. The actor has a really big glove to fill...
Even thou I am going to see the movie it's going to be really hard not to be judgmental thru the entire movie. I Don't think the movie is going to be a blockbuster but it should turn a profit. If from nothing else from curious people like myself.

Don't expect a second attempt this movie is financially going to be a NIGHTMARE...
C-Ray Email
09/30/09 @ 22:34
I Dont care what anyone says or thinks, I have been waiting a long long time for a remake of NOES and I am burning in side to see it. Like it or hate it I will be going to see it and hope it scares the shit out of me like the original did when I was a kid. Robert will always be Freddy in my mind and maybe jackie will become the same iconic actor to play the Freddy role............HURRY UP AND RELEASE THE MOVIE platinum dunes HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!
10/22/09 @ 05:34
Hey everyone.....If you want to know how I personally see Jackie Haley as the New Face of Freddy well then please visit this site where I posted a Photo of “Freddys New Face” and how I view him…http://www.fanpop.com/spots/a-nightmare-on-elm-street/images
Let me tell ya, it was never Wes Craven's plan to do more than one Nightmare on Elm Street, and he was against the continuation of Elm Street and due to request after request answered the FANS wishes by putting Freddy to rest with WES CRAVEN'S NEW NIGHTMARE..... and let me tell you, he came through with how I enjoyed seeing Freddy when the first Nightmare came out........ Hollywood is soo HELL bent on the REMAKE era.....I mean if you take a look at how many REMAKES are out there its crazy, and honestly it makes me shake my head.......Have they Run out of Original Movie ideas???
Jackie Haley to me is not FREDDY......as far as him looking more like a BURN victim.......Well that is not what makes Freddy, Freddy.....he is an ICON, not a burn victim, and I cant STRESS that enough.... The NEW FACE of Freddy isnt Freddy at all, and to be Frank, its only going to put a funk on the idea of what Robert Englund Burned into our minds and dreams, Jackie Will not have that Swagger that Englund has, or the Voice......I would have Rather them put BEN KINGSLEY or BILLY BOB THORNTON, as Freddy, I mean if their intent is to give a FRESH new look to FREDDY, I mean that would at least give me some Incentive to see this "Remake" and when people go to see this movie I think they are going to be disappointed as I KNOW Wes Craven himself is........LOOK up the Wes Craven Interview where he basically bashes this Remake.... He told the camera that he WILL NOT be viewing this film and it can only do TWO things, crash and burn while making his work look even BETTER or, carry Nightmare on Elm Street to the eyes and dreams of a New Generation and I totally understand and agree with him. After Viewing the Trailer for the 2010 release………Im not happy, just like I was not happy with FREDDY VS JASON…….even though it was Robert Englund the man himself……..The Last thoughts of Freddy I want remaining with WES CRAVENS NEW NIGHTMARE……..Freddy was one bad ass slasher in that one!!!!!
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