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Exclusive: The Halloween 4 Blu-ray Debacle!

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First Footage From The 'Carrie' Remake

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Jeepers Creepers 3 - Will It Happen?

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'Jurassic Park 4' Gets Release Date

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Sam Raimi Talks THE EVIL DEAD Remake

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Rob Zombie Talks Halloween 3 Remake

In a story we broke a few weeks ago (click here to read) there were loose talks that Rob Zombie was remaking Halloween 3 - Season of the Witch. After much speculation Rob Zombie finally addressed this rumor when he sat down for a brief interview with MoviesOnline....

Follow up:

Many sites reported on a story that HorrorBid.com broke 2 weeks ago that we might see you involved in a possible H3 remake. Are the rumors true, will you be remaking Halloween 3 in any capacity?

Rob Zombie "They’ve even said they don’t want to make any more [ the studio ]. I don’t know if they do or they don’t. Who knows? I feel that sometimes making these movies is so stressful that, when you’re in the middle of it, nobody ever wants to start talking about the next one. You’re like, “Really? I haven’t even survived this one yet so I don’t want to talk about the next one.” No, I feel like with these two that it is wrapped up, for me, and they can go make more with whoever and I don’t want to be involved on any level, I don’t think."

This douses water on the fire about H3 making a comeback. Or does it? It sounds like from the interview that it's not being necessarily talked about but he would leave it open once he is finished concentrating on Halloween II. "So your telling us there's a chance!" :D We may just see Silver Shamrock Novelties back in action before it's all said and done. Time will tell!


08/02/09 @ 21:52
oh god, I hope he never remakes it.
Von Zipper
08/02/09 @ 23:03
I hope he does make it. He might actually make it good. It's a great story, just a lousy movie the way it was made.
08/02/09 @ 23:08
I love the original, If it was remade, I wouldnt want him remaking it.
08/02/09 @ 23:09
While I love seeing anything from Rob Zombie, I must agree. Halloween 2 should be the last one. I know if he did make 3 it would be pretty awesome but do we really need to remake all the Halloweens??? I think if we go on to 3 that's what will happen. I think we should give the man a chance to work on his own material again.
Creature Features
08/03/09 @ 07:14
I'd actually like to see Rob make a completely original Halloween 3, with Michael Myers...a trilogy, if you will.
08/03/09 @ 11:10
this is my take on the whole thing, and i think it's a good one... RZ is doing his whole different take with the Halloween series and how he wants to make the movies, now with H2 coming out soon, and if we find out he actually kills off MM in this one then this is the end, then so be it, it's his vision on the series. Now with H3, i think he should remake it, give it his own twist and just basically update and give a fresh new look on H3. thank you
08/03/09 @ 14:29
Man! I hate Rob Zombie!
Cannibal-69 Email
08/03/09 @ 20:30
Now come on people... I have read HUNDREDS of posts since the original he did in 2007. If we all like the series ( which there are plenty of shit bombs in ) How could you not be excited to go see a NEW version of it... Need i remind you of the thrill of going to see these movies on the big screen. Season of the witch was fantastic... BUT, i also appreciate zombies spin on the movies thus far. THEY ARE SOPPOSED TO BE COPIES GUYS, Just a different P.O.V., something modern, something, dare is say... NEW??? I would be thrilled for him to do 3, I would enjoy seeing a newer version of it... esspecially from his point of view. I want the series to stay alive, bring in a new generation. What are your views on that? Agree or disagree?
Cannibal-69 Email
08/03/09 @ 20:32
they ARENT supposed to be copies... sorry for the typo.
08/04/09 @ 17:46
I read this story on the other site. I hope they dont remake it.
08/04/09 @ 21:37
hey it might b interesting!
08/09/09 @ 16:10
I hope Zombie gets his film making license revoked. He's done enough damage already. That guys horrible.
08/09/09 @ 19:12
I'd LOVE to see H3 be remade, as long as:
1) It's creepy as hell
2) The story is decent
3) They keep to the same idea of Silver Shamrock Novelties masks (Skull Witch and Pumpkin), the factory, Irish town and whatnot...

I'd rather see this than a remake of any slasher film.
08/10/09 @ 05:50
i must say that i thought holloween 3 was pathetic it had nothing to do with michael myers i mean come on how can you make a holloween movie without it involving him.whoever came up with the plot for the third one should of had his license revoked.i'm sorry mycho i think rob zombie is a good film maker and i enjoy what he has done with the 2 remakes of holloween i think a lot of people are wrong when they say that he screwed up the franchise with his remakes bcuz i don't think that he did he put his own spin on how he thought michael myers should be and i like the way that he made them darker than the original but the originals are still good
08/16/09 @ 20:12
i don't think this would be a good remake unless it had to deal with michael. i remember when i originally found halloween 3 in the video store. i was so excited and watched and waited for michael to show... i was dissapointed. and i unlike most people enjoy the remakes. of course they can't touch the originals but i appreciate that rob gave us the movies through his vision, and doesn't let the halloween saga sit on shelfs to collect dust...
08/17/09 @ 14:30
OMG PLZ PLZ remake Halloween 3
I will be so happy is you do!!!!
08/17/09 @ 20:33
Based on the storyline of what appears to be Rob's "vision" for H2, I sincerely hope RZ NEVER touches ANYTHING even remotely related to Halloween again. He has the reverse midas touch with the uncanny ability of turning gold to sh$t!! The ONLY reason Halloween (2007) was as "ok" as it was is because there were restraints on his "creative input". Once these restraints were taken off the horse all that left was the sh$t.
08/21/09 @ 22:30
Okay, RZ is the shit. Duh. But seriously? The original Halloween 3 was sucktacular enough. Not that RZ would fuck it up or anything it's just the matter of H2 not being a carbon copy of the original. It would be pointless to make a new H3. Just leave it be like this. We all wanted to know what happened at the end of his 07 remake and now we have that. He's finished with Halloween for now. He almost didn't make H2 to begin with. So just be happy with what he has given up and let it go. He already has two more movies set to release so be anxious over those and stop wanting more when it's a stressful process that he doesn't want to endure a 3rd time. I love what he did w/ the Halloween franchise so far but I'm ready to see more of his ideas and his original characters :] Whether they are white trash or not ^-^ Otis Driftwood was the sit & always will be...the shit.
Daryn & Nicole
08/24/09 @ 19:29
we totally think he should remake number 3. the original sucked and he did so good with the first one that we're positive he will blow the 3rd right out of the water!
08/27/09 @ 14:58
I think it is crazy that he is remaking all of the halloweens, however i'm ok with it just as long as it doesn't EVER come to an end!!! {Rob Zombie, plz don't ruin a classic!}
08/28/09 @ 13:48
I love all that Rob zombie does..I loved h1 & h2...but I think it should stop there,because like above someone said it will keep going. and probably after 3,with some loser idiot director.. but if robs in, I am too.
horror hero
08/28/09 @ 18:22
The would love to see Rob remake the third Halloween, the only reason everybody hates this movie is because, everyone was exspecting a micheal myers movie when it came out.And there still pissed off to this day, get over it.if they just called the movie season of the witch, it would of been a hit.
08/29/09 @ 10:52
I can't believe some folks want's him to re-make season of the witch?! I love all the Halloween's but 3 was the bastard of the series and it's not cuz of it wasn't like the others or didn't have mikey in it. It's because it was genuinely a awful. the concept of the movie was good but it sucked.
08/30/09 @ 00:45
if they do, its not going to be the 3 we remember, but will jmp right to 4.... but who knows with the way this one ended.....
08/30/09 @ 15:24
the old halloween 3 didnt have any thing to do with michael myers. so if any one would want to remake it that would be just fine with me. the old H3 SUCKS in my opinion. its the one movie that messed up classic series. RZ OR the creator of the friday the 13th(remake) should redo h3. i think it would be better atleast than the original.
08/30/09 @ 19:45
h3 should be made, but not with some silver shamrock bullshit. Center it 3 years after the events of h2. At the end of 2, scout is in a psychotic hospital and sheri moon zombie aproaches her and scout gives off a smile. Center the plot around deborah myers manipulating laurie into killing people and bringing michael myers back from the dead.
08/31/09 @ 00:42
Personally, I feel that Halloween 3 is underrated, and feel that it wouldn't be put down as much if it was released just as "Season of the witch", plus Michael is in fact in H3, but only on the tv screen...But anyways, If they want to remake the movie, just call it SOTW and release it as a stand alone, then continue on with Michael's/Laurie's story line and bring Michael back in visions, which is what they did with Ginger in Ginger Snaps 2 and that was one of the best horror films I've ever seen. As far as H2, I found it decent enough, and Halloween is still my favorite horror series, even if they continue it for another 10 film...crap or not, I'd still see them opening weekend.
charlie Email
08/31/09 @ 03:52
Yes Halloween 3 is coming and its in 3D...and no rob zombie or tyler mane....And michael will be back
Mikey Email
08/31/09 @ 23:39
I personally didn't like the newest Holloween...i liked the old ones....even 3...I didnt like the fact that michael had nothing to do with the story....And as i was reading this i thought that most people would agree with me when i say dont "remake" holloween 3....remake season of the witch and make holloween 3 another addition to the holloween saga...because season of the witch would sell quite well...
09/07/09 @ 16:54
What does it matter if he remakes it anyway.. H2 was awesome. hes actually taken a horrible movie series like Halloween and turned it into something that makes you scream. all of you movie critics are always bitching and crying about how horrible he is at making movies. I wasn't very happy to hear about them remaking all of these classics to begin with. but since all these kids are growing up with shitty horror icons they might as well drag on the greats with the cinematography they have now. I say let him do what he wants with the series because we all know everyones a fucking critic.
09/07/09 @ 18:04
i hope he does!
Kyle-O Email
09/08/09 @ 16:06
horror hero you are definitely right.h3 would have been badass to everyone if it wasnt called halloween 3.its just becos of humanities narrow closed-minded ways that made it go straight to hell.i loved it,but there isnt a point in redoing it,especially rob doing it becos he wanted to focus on mikey myers,and if he did num 3,he would put him in there,and tht kills the entire concept.its not an original story,its a remake.putting mikey in there would be almost like an original story,and then theyll keep remaking all of the halloweens w the same titles,but have completely different and unrelated stories.
beckyfield · http://horrorbid.com
09/08/09 @ 22:19
I would love to see a remake of halloween 3 by rob zombie.He has done such a good job with 1 and 2 I don't see why he can't do 3.I think if he does 3 it will be a hell of a movie.
beckyfield · http://horrorbid.com
09/08/09 @ 22:22
Now that I think about it if niether rob
zombie or tyler meane isn't going to be
in it the movie's gonna suck
Bailey Giannini Email · http://Horrorbid.com
09/12/09 @ 15:10
1st review of
Halloween 2007 &

I haven't seen H2 just yet. But I have seen Halloween 2007 and I own it on DVD. It's really great when Rob Zombie did his thing with the first Remake of Halloweeen his own thing with young Michael Myers was good! John Carpenter should really take a look at it he'll be pretty happy with it. Overall without young Michael Myers the back story the movie with just the remake would've been pretty boring and there for poor and bad. With the back story and connected to how became who he was from when he was young to when he's and adult. It's awesome. H2 I can say this I read reviews of it but still Rob Zombie needs to get TYLER MANE out of the Film! He's way to big to be playing Michael Myers anymore. The acting great in Halloween 2007 & H2. The look in H2 not boring not bad just average it'll take a lot more for the look by the pictures I give the look of Michael in H2 probably eight or six stars. I'd say the movie can't say overall for H2 just yet that's my guess though. Halloween 2007 better than the origanl with the back story. Rob Zombie keep remaking the Halloween movies go to H3, H4, H5, H6 H20, Halloween Resserection. Go as far as you can go. But don't all of a sudden fuck*** up the series it'll be bad and shit full of stupidness get the series going and go far with it. Put a twist on it and don't stop until the fans and reviewers on the internet and Computer and in the movie studios say so. I'm a huge fan of Rob ZOmbie so keep on going fans that don't agree with this review shut up that don't know good or shit keep that in mind***.
Overall remake H3 and go far with the francise. Good Job Rob Zombie you Rock!
Bailey Giannini Email · http://Horrorbid.com
09/12/09 @ 15:47
The Jaws remake

Don't remake Jaws remake H3: H3 needs to be remade boring. Jaws no keep it where it's at check out my other reviews I don't need to go into a long review to say that would be fucked** up bad. Again Hollywood don't remake Jaws remake something else. And just like Pirates of the caribbean don't make like a 9th movie go to a 7th or 6th that's it. And have some sex in the movie the movie will be boring without it now that Will Turner and Elizibeth are married now's the perect time for sex and nudity in the movie film. Don't remake Jaws again. Please remake something else. Thank you god to heaven.

Review written by:
Bailey Giannini
Bailey Giannini · http://Horrorbid.com
09/12/09 @ 15:54

Did everyone know Rob Zombie is gonna be remaking Halloween 4 the return of Michael Myers. That's right the filmmaker and rock and roll singer returns to the big screen in 2010. The movie will be fucking*** awesome. The movie is gonna be good. Fans out there should read this tell your friends tell anyone you know. This is gonna be great H4 is coming. Everyone will have chills with the new Halloween movie coming out. The movie will be out in 2010. This is no joke or prank like other reviews this is true. Come on join me in the theaters. To see H4. Rob Zombie once again thank you for giving us another great movie. Fans that do believe me it'll be in theaters soon...
Bailey Giannini Email · http://Horrorbid.com
09/12/09 @ 16:09
The Devil's Rejects: Remake

Also I found on the internet everyone someone and Screen Gems are remaking Rob Zombies film The Devil's Rejects. And it's gonna be good. But then again. Please remake it Rob Zombie was okay I haven't seen it but I know what it's about. Remake it and hurry before
Rob Zombie sees this review. Everyone the remake of the Devil's Rejects is here. The rumor should be spread let everyone know the film is being remade. It's gonna be a good one. I'll see horror fans and Rob Zombie fans in the theaters.
barry · http://yahoo.com
09/13/09 @ 00:45
i think he might make a h3 but it wont be a remake of "season of the witch"
zombieqwerty Email
09/24/09 @ 14:18
You guys suck, did u guys see halloween2? That shit sucked donkeydick, even worse than final destination 4, even he knows doin 3 will be stoopid. Deuce
09/24/09 @ 14:22
Bayley giannini - devils rejects remake

09/28/09 @ 13:47
wtf he better not he fucking sucked making the second one why make a third one.
10/09/09 @ 08:59
A completely original halloween 3 would be excellent after the ending of the second one a remake of three could really go places
10/16/09 @ 21:33
yea rob zombie reamke number 3 the other ones r awesome i luved them u gotta reamke number 3 ur awesome
10/19/09 @ 00:48
The 1978 original was never meant to be what it had become. John Carpenter never wanted to make a second one. The studio forced him into it by paying him pretty much nothing for the first one. Now we have the Rob Zombie versions of two clasics that have become clasics in their own right. I feel that if a third one is made by Zombie then it should be the last. Let a great new trilogy emerge in the saga and leave it at that! That is if Zombie wants to make it, if not then let it end now! Let the vision end great like it was meant to. Don't repeat the mistakes of the past with this film!!
10/22/09 @ 16:25
not bad film did not like supernatural side wi is mum in it and all they dreams,loved rbz first 1 should leave it alone now oh and missed hallween tune in it.
cbd Email
10/23/09 @ 10:27
Halloween 3 was the biggest mess of franchising ever. While the story didn't bother me (it was an interesting plot, and a spooky movie for teens), to use the Halloween moniker on a movie that had no relation to Michael Myers whatsoever was SUCH a sell out. For the millions of us who thought the original movie, as well as part 2, were one of the finest pieces of horror suspense ever (not to mention a real-life embodiment of a true boogeyman movie), to break out “Season of the Witch” was an extreme let down. If this movie is ever remade, please find a way to take the "Halloween" out of it.
10/23/09 @ 13:25
look they shouldnt,remake this one it was the worst halloween ever shouldn have even been part of the series.
Stalker Stan
10/23/09 @ 16:42
I think he should remake it for the newer generations to start the entire halloween series up again
Stalker Stan
10/23/09 @ 16:46
as my last comment a couple minutes ago i just want say something to cbd Friday the 13th part doesn't even have jason killing everyone it is his mom the only time he was in the movie was when he was drowning in the beginning
Michael Email
10/27/09 @ 10:55
I think it should not be finished on 2 it should be finished on 3 there should be a remake with a grand finally with Jason Voorhees they're both big guys or even Freddy Cruggar....
10/29/09 @ 18:34
hey klempo get bent. he should for sure do h3 cuz with these movies he makes them his own and they are better than the originals. rob zombie is a genius. he should keep making these brilliant movies.
10/31/09 @ 23:47
To Stalker Stan - At what point in my comment do you see anything about Friday the 13th? Anyone who would surf to this website knows the story of the series, as do I. And, for the record, I found the remake of Friday the 13th to be a decent movie, regardless of its failure to follow the ORIGINAL story line. Why are we even discussing Friday the 13th? This is an evaulation of the possibility of a remake of an ok movie that should have been released as a stand alone, not part of a series.
kwat$ Email
11/24/09 @ 09:00
ummmmm... ok first off h2 was the stupidest movie EVER made halloween 3 season of the witch had shit to do with michael myers at least make a remake that has something to do with the sequal and make it good, intense, and horrifying off the edge of the seat scary like paranormal activity then mabey the movie will go some where the 2nd one was dumb i deserve a refund check
kwat$ Email
11/24/09 @ 09:02
i agree with stalker stan they should just remake the whole sequal and make their own movie and do it their own way.......
12/13/09 @ 00:06
Rob Zombie is a genius if he did remake the 3rd one it would be great cuz everything he touches turns to gold. he went in a whole new direction with the halloween movies and he needs to keep making them so we can see it thru to the end.
the dragon Email
12/15/09 @ 23:08
the 3rd should be made ,,but you know in the orginal 3rd when you tend to bored out your skull{only joking}they should find out that the plot is to bring micheal back from the dead,,when we were led to beleive he wasnt in it at all,,something like when they put the masks on,,you see micheals body in the lab,,and the mask he wears brings him back to life,,then you have double trouble..before the time runs out..cool
Jay Dog Email
12/23/09 @ 00:53
they were never supposed to make a halloween 4 until after "season of the witch" bombed severly, anyhow...halloween and the sequel were part of the "babysitter killer" short story as adapted to film and i think rob zombie recreated them perfectly...to recreate a crappy film like "season of the witch," would be a step down for an artist such as r. zombie...now, let's see more remakes of psychedelic horror
alex hebert · http://yahoo.com
12/30/09 @ 19:59
They should make H3 just wih michael myers
01/08/10 @ 22:02
i would like to see Rob Zombie re-make all the Halloweens the first to were very good so my vote is he should make them
01/09/10 @ 00:38
01/16/10 @ 18:06
make haloween 3 a trilogy with michael in it and continue the haloweens because the last one had no conclusion it ended with him waking up.
01/17/10 @ 22:48
rob zombie should remake Halloween 3 not season of the witch because season of the witch had nothing to do with holloween
the thing next door · http://www.jacobwelch.weebly.com
01/20/10 @ 22:53
i soooooooooooooooo think they should re make i love the first one and i liked the second so why not make a third
Devlin Pierce Email · http://www.hobbsgrove.com
01/21/10 @ 21:56
After the trainwreck which was Halloween 2 I hope he stays way from the franchise. Don't get me wrong. I really dig Rob's take on Halloween, but the 2nd one sucked eggs! NO ON 3!
Crepers Email
01/22/10 @ 02:29
Rob Zombie I don't believe is making Halloween 3. I never followed the orginal series How ever I am wanting to know what actuelly did happen to Lori Or in this case Angel Myers. And I think rob zombie should just make a Halloween 3 not based on the origanal. but I did find this on IMDB that the H3 remake is being done by someone else http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1502407/
micheal myres Email
01/23/10 @ 15:41
make a number 3 remake so i will be able to kill again!
Zombiefan89 Email
01/24/10 @ 05:26
I would love to see rob and sheri zombie remake all the halloween movies omg i love his movies i own the house of a thousand courpse collection and halloween 1,2 and i love them ROB ZOMBIE if you read this im begging you to remake them all your an amazing director and ur wife is an amazing actress please please remake them cause you would do an amazing job i love your movies and your music you got my support 110% i love you sheri and rob........
01/25/10 @ 23:50
Ok i think that rob should finish out all the movies and keep this going. Or other wise it was pointless to even start them in the first place.
Rob Zombie == Gay
01/26/10 @ 15:48
Awww hell no stay away from 3 Rob Zombie you Hot Topic wearing Hack! 3 was creative and creepy and totally its own movie, Rob Zombie doesn't understand creativity he just wants to water stuff down to the masses ''get it" Cripes Rob Zombie's movies suck!
jessica joslin Email
01/28/10 @ 11:20
If they dont remake Halloween 3 or let this Patrick Lusser guy remake it in 3D, it's gonna be horriable and pathetic. For a couple reasons:
1.) Rob Zombie isn't Directing it. Rob Zombie is so intelligent as a director, and he remade the last two halloweens, he cant just stop.
2.) They left the sequel at a ending that are keeping the true fans guessing whats gonna happen next. Is Lourie Strode turning like her brother, into a crazy psycopathe, or was she in a place where she was with her family again, like their own sort of hell.
3.) They have to keep the same characters. You cant let Lourie strode be someone else, because we think of Scout now as her.
All i can say is, fans will be upset about this. You cant just remake something and quit. ROB ZOMBIE IS THE BEST ONE TO DIRECT THIS MOVIE AND IF YOU NOBODY CAN SEE THAT, THAN THEy are CRAZY.
01/28/10 @ 13:39
i hope he does remake it because he is brilliant he did great with 1 and 2 he made them his own and added way more detail the end to the 2nd movie left it wide open for a 3rd.
01/28/10 @ 13:44
hey Devlin you're a fucking retard no one gives a fuck what u thought about the 2nd movie because you're wrong so do everyone a favor and shut you're fucking face
02/09/10 @ 15:37
i think its so stupid he remaid the movie in the first place.Michael dident even die in the resurection movie so why remake if anything continue on with the legion i think he did a great job with these 2 movies minuse well remake all of them instead of braking off the whole story ive been ht ebiggest fan of this movie nd i think yu did a horrible job by trying to end it sonner!
spacecream2010@gmail.com Email
02/12/10 @ 02:49
I thought the movies were really good. I would like to see what kind of a story line could be put into a new H3. It doesn't matter to me who does it as long as it has a good story and it's not just a slasher film. I think it should be a slasher film/great story line. Oh, yeah and the legendary Halloween movie music sound, it's the music at the end. I think that music should be played more in the movie. I definitly think there should be a Halloween 3.
flamable cart Email
02/12/10 @ 03:45
Halloween 3 remake, sure, but lets hope Michael Myers would be wearing the mask that's covering his face, the one that has the crazy looking hair sticking out of it, because the one that's showing some of his face doesn't look like Michael Myers. Clown mask, he would kind of look weird wearing that considering that he looks like he's 100 feet tall.
flamable cart Email
02/13/10 @ 05:30
Michael Myers is dead, how could i forget that but the movie still needs a new part 3.
02/24/10 @ 23:01
My vote is in the middle on this one. On one end, I love the movies he has made thus far. On the other end, I thoroughly hated Halloween 3. I'm a Michael fan, and from what I saw of that movie, it had nothing to do at all with Michael Meyers. So, if he remakes Halloween 3, and I hope he does continue it into the Jamie Lloyd saga, I hope he REWRITES the whole thing and doesn't even use that "shamrock" story...make it about Michael.
senci monastersk8
02/26/10 @ 22:59
i loved the halloween remakes he made, and i think he should make all of them, and if he doesnt im gonna be pissed. he should finish what he started, and besides i think rob zombies are better than the originals. he is an amazing director and film maker MAKE THE REST OF THEM!!! it can only benifit!! I LOVE MICHEAL MYERS!! MAKE MORREE!!!!!
Laura-luvszombie · http://horrorbid.com
03/01/10 @ 08:34
rob zombie should def remake the third halloween. the first 2 were the shit and he is a mastermind when it cums 2 horror. nobody but zombie could have ever done such a good job remaking an old movie. plz do halloween 3!!!!
03/02/10 @ 08:35
The original Halloween movie was a horror classic. The second movie just capitalized on the slasher movie crazy started by Friday the 13 and destroyed the first movie. Carpenter was obviously pressured into make Halloween 2 a slasher film, which is probably why they went away from the original story with 3 (Yes I know Carpenter didn't write or direct but he did work on the movie). I felt they should have left it at the original so that it would remain an untarnished classic. If you truly love Robs revisioning of the series (Like I do) you'll want it to end there instead of convoluting it with more and more sequels. I'd like to see the Zombie do a Doctor Satan movie. Devils rejects ignored Doctor Satan so there is room for more story.
killer of saints 3
03/14/10 @ 14:10
i think caniable 69 sucks big floppy donkey cock. rob zombie rocks
Red robin · http://Facebook.com
03/15/10 @ 22:34
I do think rob should make a halloween 3 but make it have michael myers in it i mean still have all the masks and kids and the silver shamrock but have michael be the mad man or something but make it better than the original.
03/17/10 @ 03:08
People as if you have Halloween 3 has NOTHING to do with Micheal Myers, The reason for that is that every Halloween movie was suppose to have a different story to it but because of fans they brought Micheal back into the Halloween movies!
Slick 50
03/18/10 @ 04:31
SlashHack85 Email
03/22/10 @ 21:07
Whoever gave Zombie the clue that he could direct or write? His music sucks, and he totally ruined a classic horror ICON! i swear to god i could make a better movie than that. Sit the hell down zombie, If H3 Was to see the light of day, Myers would totally have to be in it, granted Halloween 3 is a cult classic and demands respect for what it tried to be, but lets face it, i go see halloween to see mikey cut up some bitches. It basically takes the idea too serious,Halloween is not a target that we can throw darts at and hope to hit the bullseye, basically Carpenter should have started the whole thing over again, maybe even have zombie co-direct. Frankly i was dissapointed with Zombie's "Re-Imagining* Hes an idiot and a hack.
jared harden
04/01/10 @ 03:27
I luv the originals & the remakes i think if they weren't gonna remake all of them they should've stopT with the 1st 1 if they dnt make the rest & explain the rest of the story i will boycot Mr. Zombie, Dimension Films & Sony Pictures
04/04/10 @ 16:09
hey rob zombie i want you to really make the 3rd one it would really make a good b day present and my dad is in bad debt plz finish what you started i love the new ones way better and is laurie strode the new killer
04/11/10 @ 18:29
04/11/10 @ 19:57
ok so i say if ur gonna remake something then remake it to follow the storyline of micheal myers nobody cared about silver shamrocks nor will they.so a remake of it wouldnt make seense.
04/11/10 @ 19:59
ok so i say if ur gonna remake something then remake it to follow the storyline of micheal myers nobody cared about silver shamrocks nor will they.so a remake of it wouldnt make seense.
04/20/10 @ 13:38
i love this guys music and his creativity there is no reason what so ever that he wouldnt be able to make a third one, why wouldnt he, if he leaves the second one with this giant cliff hanger and changes the original endin to twist a third one why wouldnt he make it!!!!!! with all hope he will and soon id love a third one, this guys creativity crashes through the roof, hes almost better than tim burton!!!! but lets not go there
04/20/10 @ 13:42
ok im realy dying to find out what happens in the third one i mean cmon its intense u gotta love it please make a third one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChulitaAnn Email
04/21/10 @ 00:11
I will Say This... as much as i do applaud Rob and all his work, I did not care for Halloween ll.. just saying as a fan we have are own opinions and i must say he does amazing work and yes he changes things up a bit but some remakes should never be made.
ryan Email
04/24/10 @ 17:05
no the first and second ones he remade were to graphic and ruined the calssic ones i think he should give up halloween movies and remake some other one like hellraiser make that glory but please dont ruin a nothe halloween movie and number 2 halloween did not make any since in the second one she was in a hospital and micheal myeres does not talk
04/24/10 @ 17:08
angelica you are so right lets bring halloween 9 back he did not die in ressurection i hope they blow rob zombies ass off the halloween making and lets bring back the original john carpanters halloween 9 taking place after ressurection
killer_chick94 Email
04/28/10 @ 15:19
this was awesome i hope he makes a number 3
05/02/10 @ 13:16
A lot of ppl praise RZ like he is a master visionary. Let's stick to facts folks. MM was creepy to begin with because he didn't follow stereotypical BS such as poor childhood and all. He just flipped and killed. Furthermore, the momma's boy syndrome has already been done but better with Jason Vorhees. If you want a RZ original idea then good luck. (House of 1,000 Corpses = Texas Chainsaw Massacre; same plot different characters still a copy) I think he could have done better. Personally I think if you are gonna tackle a series then know the material or leave it alone. Having said that, PLEASE someone remake this franchise and do it with integrity! The new Nightmare on Elm Street knows how to do a REMAKE while making it a little more modern and up to date. While I will always love the original, that remake was done artistically and showed a fresh take on the series (despite remaining pretty true to the original it did veer away from carbon copying). And in case RZ himself is reading, keep your childhood demons in your music or other avenues STOP ruining superior work by inserting your personal therapy sessions. That may piss off some of you RZ swingers but hey, I liked RZ from White Zombie days but his movies SUCK!
05/08/10 @ 00:42
It would be fucking awsome if Season of the witches story somehow mixed with halloween 2s story

like the 2 storys were going on at the same time
rember that kid in H2 that was like "are you a giant? wanna be friends??" what they had the same kid in Season of the witch showing him walking around Haddenfield before he ran into Micheal and then after that he goes to get a Shamrock mask with his other little friends

dude if they gave ME the proper funding to do this i could totally do this
05/19/10 @ 07:00
In my opnion I dont feel that this movie should be remade... at this point, you are sitting in a great position with what you have done with the aspect of one and two. If you decided to remake this movie then you would be doing it just to get paid.. I dont feel you need the cash, soooo that would then hense make you a sell out. Please leave it were it lies.
05/25/10 @ 19:19
im thinking this. only make haloween if u know what urdoing.
06/01/10 @ 11:17
I think Rob did an amazing job remaking Halloween 1 and 2...
I would love to see him make H3 ,It just wouldn't be the same without him!
Ms. Myers
06/05/10 @ 22:49
I just finished watch RZ's remake of Halloween II and I gotta say it blows. I understnad its from his POV but what the hell gave him the right to change everything!! It makes no sense what so ever. MM never talked so why make him talk now what purpose does that serve. So many iconic scenes were missing who cares about his stripper mom and her suicide. BS is what I say he completely ruined something that was already fantastic to begin with. I'm a die hard Halloween fan but common if your intention was to make something great, well you blew it. We all know MM cannot die but then why did you have Laurie shot? And why would she kill Dr. Loomis if he tried to help her? We all know Laurie had issues but you made her look like a psycho bit*& hooked on meds. Yes the new generation needs to know what the Halloween franchise is all about but give them something worth seeing not some random BS that makes no sense. Plus we still need closure from the originals, like what happened to Tommy Doyle and the Baby from part 6? Did Laurie really die when she fell from the psych building? If anymore movies are done these must be addressed. And yes SOTW should be remade but not connected to Halloween.
stephen Email
06/17/10 @ 03:47
i really hope he dose because i love the halloween remakes he put the full stroy in them
06/21/10 @ 02:47
wut up?
06/21/10 @ 03:00
Bailey Giannini
07/02/10 @ 17:06
Halloween 3 is out of Rob Zombie's hands. Rob Zombie if you're gonna remake anymore of the Halloween movies
remake Halloween 4. I heard some is planning on remaking Halloween 4
in 2012. Can you guys believe it the third Halloween film hasn't come out but they're making Halloween 4.
Unearthly Visions · http://www.unearthlyvisions.com
07/11/10 @ 10:19
I'd like to see Zombie remake H3. It is such an original kind of story that many twists could be added to make this film scary as hell. There is the witch craft idea of the film that could be that could be worked with alot, then there is also the mass production of murder that is the main objective of the film. Mass hysteria, murder, mayhem. This film could have a George Romero (The Crazies, Night of the living dead) vibe to it. Turn Halloween into wide spread fear.
steven field · http://horrormovies.com
07/19/10 @ 10:11
well i think since rob zombie just got done with halloween 2 he should be given some time to think of ideas for H3, hes probably gonna see how H2 goes then he will probably make the decision if he wants to do the next one or not, and if they do the H3 they should bring back tyler mane as michael myers because he brought alot of fear into michaels part and from what i heard so far is that rob zombie is gonna H3 but hes not gonna make it like the original season of the witch hes gonna make it with michael myers and whats gonna happen from what i heard lauries supposed to start out as the killer because she suffered badly when michael came back in H2 and when she found annie dead she had finally lost it and then shes watching the news one day and she finds out that michael is still alive and that hes 45 miles away from haddenfield and she thinks hes not gonna come back again, but dr.loomis almost dies from the stab wound he got in H2 but this gets twisted, Laurie goes to the hospital to supposebly visit him but she takes a probe and sticks it through his heart and right before he dies he says to her "laurie your just like your brother". then he dies, then on halloween night laurie goes out to a field and finds a dead in a barnyard thats up on the upper dock of it and then the barndoors open and there a large man with a hoody over his face laurie jumps on top of the man and rips his hood and its michael with the mask on him, she snaps out of it and runs, but michael catches up to her, then he picks her up hits her head off a tree and knocks her out then her carries her to the front of the police station where sheriff brackett was standing on the porch and he yells"michael you son of a bitch you killed my fucking daughter im gona kill you put her down now, but michael throws her down and takes sheriff brackett by the head and snaps his neck but he doesnt die laurie then takes michaels mask off and he loses it he takes his knife and stabs her 26 times and 3 times in the heart and she dies then eventually he finds out that his mother is not gonna come back and the cops and he takes 258 bullet wounds and drops dead but in the final scene when an officer is examining his body and goes to take his mask off he takes the officer by the throat and when he goes to kill the officer thats when the movie ends
colby ornelas
07/22/10 @ 13:48
i hope he dose
colby ornelas
07/22/10 @ 13:51
Rob Zombie is the best keep talking crap you will never be like him
Colby Ornelas
07/22/10 @ 13:53
07/25/10 @ 21:11
I would like to see a remake of halloween 3 because I love John Carpenter movies, but I hope someone else directs it because Rob Zombie has done more butchering than Micheal Myers
09/02/10 @ 22:09
I think Rob Zombies versions are the best,I love the originals and have all the movies but he made his versions alot more killer than the originals so far,so I really hope he keeps goin doin his versions of all the movies
Boogy Man
10/04/10 @ 22:53
Make Halloween 3! Call it "Season of the Witch" Have the story be about Laurie Strode and pose the question; Is it Laurie or Mike on the killing spree? Think about it, there has never been a Halloween film with "The Shape" Could be good, I would pay to that.
Boogy Man
10/04/10 @ 22:58
Make Halloween 3! There has never been a 3rd Halloween film with "The Shape" could be good, I would pay to see that.
10/21/10 @ 19:27
people are crazy the new movies are way better than the original
#1 michael myers fan · http://www.horrorbid.com
11/12/10 @ 12:53
its not halloween without michael myers,i would like to see him in H3 ,or please jus skip to H4
Carrie Myers Email
05/16/11 @ 22:48
I must state that I love Rob Zombie, I think of him as a master mind. This being said, I do not wish to see an H3! Let's not ruin a good thing like Wes Craven did in Scream 4. What I would love to see is a film created by him, with his own originality spin. Absoultly loved and still love The Devils Rejects, wouldnt mind seeing something branching off from that. Pure intelligence on that one. Can't believe I cried at the ending ! lol
06/10/11 @ 17:18
I really think Rob Zombie should remake the third one. What about Jamie? Isn't anyone curious what Jamie will look like?
Zombie chick
07/26/11 @ 16:51
I think Rob should make the 3rd one, He's making Lords Of Salem, And I mean its Rob Fucking Zombie He wouldn't mess up H3, Everyone knows that! We all need Myers for Halloween!
08/07/11 @ 16:27
I believe someone needs to make the one that comes after Halloween Resurrection, because he did not die....it's obvious to continue that one versus remaking the originals!
Brette Awesomeness
09/07/11 @ 19:04
WEEEEELL I actually LOVE the Halloween remake. I just got done watching the second, and I can't get enough of it. I say MORE!(:
09/25/11 @ 16:34
ok maybe the 1st and 2nd halloween remakes were different from the originals but the 3rd one really did suck just give him a chance to show what the new one will be about cause i really wanna see what it will be like, if he does make a new one boo hoo to all u haters cause i am pretty sure u wont die if he makes it, thats my oppinion.
Anthony Email
10/29/11 @ 16:39
For those of you who bother to read this, what you should know about Halloween 3 is that it was never supposed to have Michael Myers in it. In fact, the series was never supposed to be about Michael at all. John Carpenter was going to make a different movie with a different story each year, but the third made less money, so he decided to make the rest of them about Michael Myers. That being said, sometimes a new version of a movie can be better than the old one. NO, I DON'T THINK THIS IS TRUE ABOUT ALL REMAKES. But it is nice to see a modern spin on an old classic every now and then. I would definitley support a remake of this movie, even saying that I did enjoy the original.
11/20/11 @ 14:44
it needs to have lorie strode in it and the roll needs to be played by Scout Taylor Compton
11/22/11 @ 13:50
Hi my name is Jamie!!!I hope you make Halloween 3 SUPER SUPER SCARY!!!!!!!I really have liked all your movies so far they have been all really good and they akways scare my friends and me!!!!!I think i will like this one the MOST if you make it good and scary enough!!!!!!!And please put me in your movie!!!!!!???I would love to bein your movies ecspecially with Micheal Myers!!!!!He is so cool!!!And scary if i could be in it I want to fight him!!!!!Me and my friend Trinity and all my other friends love your movies to death!!!!!Pleasde cmment back ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/08/11 @ 11:24
Rob is just a cool dude, his ideas, his music are just awesome, great post.
Halloween FANATIC
12/11/11 @ 02:28
I really wish he remake all of them...When the first remake came out in 07 I was the most excited I have been since I moved out of my parents house! I wouldn't want the 3rd one remade without michael in it though! I thought the first Halloween 3 was horrible and if you do remake the 3rd one ROB PLEASE PLEASE play it off from the second one! Theres a whole session he could make a really good Halloween 3 out of!!!!!
12/21/11 @ 08:12
I think if he did make a Halloween 3 then he should continue from where it left off. Laurie is in the mental hospital and then she sees michaels visions and tries to kill ALL of her family. But Michael comes alive and it's a (insane) Laurie vs (a insane) Michael Myers to the DEATH but Michael wins and kills Laurie and then moves on to other family and then that should be Halloween 4
billy mcnulty Email
03/03/12 @ 16:42
i think that rob zombie shuld make a third halloween because the 1st and 2nd was the best horrer films ever in my opinion and rob zombie is the only directer to remake a film that is as good as if not better than the oridganel and if u do make a third rob please give micheals mask a good clean any one who agreas with me email me at basalisk7358@yahoo.co.uk
Jorge Email
04/07/12 @ 01:41
I'm tired of fucking remakes that make no fucking sense we want a sequel not a prequel there's so much story left with Michael he has like 3 neese and 1 nephew we never knew what happen to his dad and never killed busta rhymes and much more.
Mara (but called me Emma) Email
04/28/12 @ 19:49
I love this movie and the remake too!
Rob Zombie did a great movie!
And I'm sure the three will be great like the first two
urnightmare: FUCK YOU!
05/07/12 @ 22:35
firts of michael myers had the darkes eyes the devils eyes...not blue eyes. mr myers was a regular size dude not 8feet tall. dr lumas was the only one who can get in michaels head yea something like that...so y he get killed in the firt movie?? it woulda been coo for lumas to b in like 3 to 4 movies trying to get into the mind of a phycopath killer wouldnt that b coo???b4 i read any of this im like fuck rob zonbie!!!devils rejects is classic!!halloween 1 n 2 was trash!!!i havent even seen part 2...n i love michael myers!!!thats y im like fuck rob zonbie!!!
seo new york city · http://www.SEONEWYORKCITY.US
05/28/12 @ 23:51
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08/14/12 @ 10:32
ROB ZOMBIES attempts at remaking the Halloweens just plain were terrible and they sucked... just be real... they will never compare to the originals EVER....
Donkeavis Allen
08/19/12 @ 23:56
I think it should have myers in it, i dont like how they didnt have him in H3 and i mean he got killed off in part 2 the remake, so i dont think that there will be another halloween unfortunatley, i dont think that they should have had rob zombie, i think they should have kept the guy that directed resurection and H20
08/21/12 @ 12:12
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Rob Zimbie Is awesome all of you guys suck · http://yahoo.com
10/22/12 @ 19:05
All of you guys suck !!
Rob Zombie is awesome his songs his movies are excellent and it has a meaning to it.
When he remade Halloween it made alot of sense of what cause micheal myers to kill. It made sense. It looks scary and so did the mask. The mask is dirty like he been through alot which is great and realistic. I'm not kicking the original out of the box but each sequel they did micheal myers had been shot,burned,chopped up,stabbed,cut. All that he went through his mask and even his clothes his still clean like it came out of the fucking washing machine what the hell !!!
Micheal Myers is a psychopath and dosen't give a shit how he looks !!
Rob Zombie needs to direct Halloween 3 !!
Not Patrick Loser
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10/25/12 @ 13:34
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hollo king Email
11/16/12 @ 09:01
i think that h3 would be the next big step wit rob zombie because rob zombie has taken the old classic michael myers i admit the classic was the best and im a big michael myers fan i have all his movies i love them all but rob zombie made michael from the old killer to the new monster but the end of rz h2 was crazzy i think that if they make h3 how bout mix michael with jason freddy chainsaw massacre make the most best horror movie ever made not every movie has to be baste on the same stuff just mix it up add more blood more guns more knifes more evil more impact something to make you shit and piss and trow up at the same time something so crazzy so horror finning some people would be so scared to even look at the tv yall want a scary movie i just gave the best scary movie idea so rob zombie heres a chance to make so much money and make the best horror movie ever bin on dvd and blue ray dvd i say give it a shot
11/26/12 @ 11:25
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Joshua Email
01/02/13 @ 14:35
skip Halloween 3 and remake Halloween 4 in 3d I absolutely love the details you put into Michael Myers mask
01/07/13 @ 15:59
I hope Rob gonna make "Halloween 3".The remake was great better than original great story and graet actors.So Rob i please you to make Halloween 3.I will be happy.
01/16/13 @ 02:21
the original Halloween movies were awesome but Halloween 3 are you serious that shit was stupid and made absolutely no fucking sense at all i fell asleep to it it was so boring.rz Halloween movies are fucking awesome so fuck 3 and remake 4 cause 3 made no sense anyway.
01/27/13 @ 22:54
You dick heads don't know what good movies are !!
Rob Zombie did an outstanding job to remake the Halloween movies. I like the way how he breaks the story plot down and he respects the originals. His version made it more realistic and the way how Micheal Myers mask look dirty was a great idead, espeaually the beard part. Micheal Myers is a psychopath he dosen't give a shit of how he looks. I also like the way when Rob kept the storyline of his version he kept it fresh. FUCK THESE HATERS ROB and make a Halloween 3 with Micheal Myers in it.
Patrick Lussier Sucks Email · http://msn.com
01/27/13 @ 23:09
If you ask me Patrick Lussier makes the worst movies ever. Rob Zombie makes awesome horror movies. Jason X was horrible and the only film he made that is worth watching was My Bloody Valentine 3D. But other than that all his movies sucks. Rob Zombie did a fansastic job of remaking Halloween. It made sense it tells you why Micheal Myers kill and the plot was great and how it tells you how Micheal Myers kills and what cause him to kill. The original was good but it didn't make sense. Okay Micheal's older sister was talking with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend went out of the house. All of a sudden Micheal grabs his clown mask and grabs the kitchen knife stabbing her sister repeatingly. Then Micheal runs out of the house and his parents came up to him and said "Micheal?"
I was like really I asked myself did he kill his whole entire family or just his sister. In fact I didn't know that Laurie was Micheal Myers baby sister until Halloween 2.
But like I said I like Rob Zombie's version of Halloween better and it made sense. For god sakes don't have Patrick Lussier make Halloween 3 have Rob Zombie make Halloween 3.
02/15/13 @ 02:09
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maddfiend 13 Email
05/26/13 @ 05:17
I would love to see Rob do another Holloween, I am a huge fan of all the Halloween films except Halloween 3, I don't think the film itself was all that bad,but I don't think it should have had anything to do with the Halloween franchise,I loved Rob's remakes,especially the first one,I was so exited for the second to be released and went to see it on the midnight showing of it's release,at first I was pretty disapointed,I didn't care much for the direction he took Loomis in as far as being a money hungry dickhead trying to capitalize of of Mike's murders,I just thought he didn't do that great character of Dr.Loomis any justice which to me was a big part of those films,and in the first film he did and especially with choosing Malcom McDowell who I think portrayed the character brilliantly doing justice to the late great Donald Pleasence,and I notice the theme music wasn't played through out the film until the very end,which to me is all part of the suspence which made those original films so great and my personal favorite of that genre with Jason and the Friday the 13th films in a close 2nd place,after seeing the film for a 2nd time on the big screen it seemed not quite as disapointing,and then after watching it on DVD a couple more times I actually came to like it,and I understand Rob was trying to give it his own twist which is great cause who'd want to see an exact remake of the film? that just wouldn't make sense,and I thought he did an awesome job making that first film his own,he added a little more to the story which I thought was great,I like the fact that Michael was a giant and strong as hell like an unstoppable beast,and I really dug his new look more than anything,but a remake of Season's Of The Witch would just suck ass,the 1st one sucked ass,and even though Rob is brilliant with this kinda thing and could probably make that horrible movie into a good movie it still doesn't deserve the Halloween title before it,they shouldv'e named it something else to begin with,I really wish Rob would consider doing another Halloween as his remakes I like as much if not more than the originals (I can't believe I just said that,but it's for the most part true) but if Rob just did another Halloween all his own story,but with Michael Myers and not a story about some stupid masks that kill a bunch of kids that's some plot from some derranged toy co.,and not a remake of Halloween 4,that'd be bitchin,I'd like to see him somehow have Michael survive and keep doing what he does best rather then have lorie take his place as the last movie left me thinking,but then that depends on if you saw the theatrical version or the director's cut,which left me wondering if she was dead too at the end,eitherway I'm a big fan of Rob's music,movies and pretty much everything the man does so natrully for me I'd want to see one of my favorite entertianers of all time remake one of my favorite movie franchises of all time,and I really want to see Michael back on the big screen and I think Rob's the most qualified at the time to be the one to do it,although I wouldn't mind seeing what type of twist he could conjur up for Jason Voorhees.
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