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Exclusive: The Halloween 4 Blu-ray Debacle!

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Paranormal Activity 4 - Official Trailer

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'The Lords of Salem' Getting Closer!

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First Footage From The 'Carrie' Remake

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'Silent Hill: Revelation' Footage Here

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The 'REALLY BIG SHOW' is Here!

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Jeepers Creepers 3 - Will It Happen?

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Follow-Up To The Wolfman Is Here

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us Gets A Trailer . . .

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'Jurassic Park 4' Gets Release Date

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Sam Raimi Talks THE EVIL DEAD Remake

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The Complete Guide to Left 4 Dead 2 - Are You Ready?

Ahhh zombie week! What a fun time at HorrorBid. We get an entire week to focus on the undead and we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't give you an in depth look at the sequel to one of the greatest zombie video games ever made. Coming this November exclusively to the PC & XBOX gaming system is the highly anticipated Left 4 Dead 2 and the carnage looks INSANE...

Follow up:

This is EVERYTHING you need to know from news, to rumors, to screenshots and videos! We have did all the research for you. This is a complete guide to Left 4 Dead 2! Enjoy!


* 5 new campaigns, including The Parish.
* New, unannounced game mode. All chapters will be available for all game modes at launch.
* 4 new characters: Coach, Rochelle, Ellis, and Nick.
* At least 20 new weapons and items.
* 10 new melee weapons. Known melee weapons: axe, chainsaw, frying pan, baseball bat, cricket bat, and katana.
* New ranged weapons. Ranged weapons at least include new pistols, SMG, new pump and auto shotgun, and at least a few new rifles. A powerful revolver and a bolt-action rifle are planned.
* Some old weapons from Left 4 Dead 1 may be included in the new game.
* More powerful AI Director 2.0.
* New Infected types, including at least 3 new SI (e.g. Charger).
* Some daylight gameplay. At least one campaign occurs at night.


A high school defensive coordinator and health teacher with dreams of coaching professional football. During college, Coach was a skilled defensive lineman and intended to go pro until he had a career-ending knee injury. He's from the Savannah, GA area, and is used to dealing with (living) kids and parents. When the zombocalypse broke out, he lamented allowing himself to fall out of shape.

Coach wears a short-sleeved polymer sports polo. Originally, it was yellow and blue, but new gameplay footage shows him wearing purple and gold. He also wears khakis, white wristbands, a chrome whistle, a black belt, black shoes, and black weight-lifting gloves. Coach is overweight, and his rotund model sometimes clips weapon stocks.

Coach’s booming voice is brought to you by Chad Coleman, who plays Denise “Cutty” Wise from the TV series “The Wire”. His mildly scornful personality and patronizing voice lines seem to be a reflection of the paternal nature of his job, his interest in sports, and his religious leanings.

A tough-as-nails northerner from Cleveland. After graduating from Cleveland State with a degree in communications, Rochelle pursued a career as an on-air news personality, but only managed to find work as an associate producer/intern. Two months later, after an outbreak hit Atlanta, Rochelle got her big break and was sent to the evacuation center in Savannah to produce her first big segment. If only she’d known that her biggest break would be out to kill her.

Rochelle wears a thin brown over-the-shirt belt and tight blue jeans. In the E3 demo and the teaser trailer, she wore a plain orange shirt, which differed from the rose-colored shirt she wears in the poster art. However, in more recent official screen shots, she can be seen wearing a rose-colored shirt with a Depeche Mode graphic.

Rochelle is voiced by Rochelle Aytes, an actress whose repertoire includes “White Chicks” and “Madea’s Family Reunion”. She appears to be strong-willed and can be somewhat indignant.

A smart, fun-loving, beer-loving, goofiness-loving mechanic with Southern flare. After finishing high school in his hometown of Savannah, he spurned thoughts of college, choosing instead to pursue his passion of working on cars. Ellis’ youthful exuberance and carefree nature allow him to remain upbeat even in the direst of situations.

Ellis wears a gray-and-white work shirt. Two crossed black-and-white checkered flags and the words "J.B.’s Auto Service" are printed on the back. Ellis also wears a matching gray-and-white baseball cap with webbing in back, work boots, and a tan jumpsuit with the top half gathered around his waist.

Ellis’ voice actor is Eric Ladin from “Generation Kill”, who voices the role with a moderate Southern accent. Ellis is the most helpful and good-natured of the group, and even his most aggressive lines only reach the point of humorous indignation. At the end of The Parish, Ellis utters the line every player has yelled into the mic at end of No Mercy at one point or another. You know which one.

A line we’ve heard Ellis say is that he loves horses. This makes us wonder if he’s the anti-Francis, dialogue-wise.

A gambler, petty conman, and consummate picaresque in a purportedly expensive white suit. Nick hails from the Midwest, but he’s a vagabond by nature, moving from place to place without settling down. He’s the most cynical and bitter of the Survivors, and is still trying to figure out the best angle on the recent upturn in the brain-eating market. Over time, he begins to trust and value his new compatriots.

Nick is voiced by Hugh Dillon, an actor from “Flashpoint” on CBS. As mentioned earlier, he’s the most cynical and distant of the Survivors. One of the lines Nick can be heard saying is “You’re going to shoot the guy in the $10,000 suit? Come on!” This is likely an allusion to Arrested Development, where Gob has an obsession with the ever-varying price of his suits. There may be multiple unique variations of this line, each with a different price degree of emphasis. The prices we’ve heard so far are $2000, $3000, $6000, and $10000.


Like Left 4 Dead, the sequel (due out November 17, 2009) will involve the aftermath of an apocalyptic pandemic that created a number of zombie-like human mutants, forcing the few survivors to fight their way through the hordes to extraction points, using safehouses along the way to rest and recover. Left 4 Dead 2 will be set in the Southern United States, starting in Savannah, Georgia and ending up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Four new survivors will be introduced, with their backstory provided in a similar way to the original through dialogue in the game. The survivors include Coach, a high-school football coach; Rochelle, a news reporter for a local television station; Ellis, a mechanic; and Nick, a gambler and conman. Three out of five planned campaigns have so far been announced: "Swamp Fever" which sees the survivors crossing vegetation-rich bayou, "The Parish" that takes place in proximity near a church, and "Dark Carniival" where the survivors must pass through a partially operating amusement park.


Left 4 Dead 2 features a new cast of human survivors. While the game is intended as a continuation of the original, occurring a couple weeks after the first game begins, Valve decided to create a new group of Survivors because of the change in location. Unlike the first game where the Survivors' personalities were static Left 4 Dead 2 will feature a story arc.

Players will have access to more and improved weapons, including new melee weapons such as frying pans or baseball bats and new projectile weapons such as scoped assault rifles and silenced submachine guns; furthermore, new ammunition types, such as explosive or incendiary rounds have been added.


The Infected in Left 4 Dead 2 are largely unchanged from Left 4 Dead. While referred to as zombies the Infected are living humans infected with a rabies-like virus that causes them to act violently. The most numerous Infected countered by the Survivors are the "common infected", weak individually but swarm the Survivors and overwhelm them with large numbers. In Left 4 Dead 2 they have been upgraded to portray damage more realistically, with bullets tearing off bits of flesh and in some cases limbs. A new addition in Left 4 Dead 2 are the "uncommon common" infected unique to each campaign, by virtue of equipment worn before infection or mutation posses an ability that separates them from the common infected. For example in The Parish campaign the player will encounter infected wearing Hazmat suits and Riot Gear, making them almost impervious to fire and gunfire from the front respectively.

As in the first game Special Infected are a class of infected that due to mutations are much more dangerous than the common infected. The five Special Infected from the first game are still present with minor modifications to reflect the change in location. The Hunter, an agile infected that can pounce on survivors from great distances. The Smoker, an infected that ensnares survivors with its long tongue at a distance and, upon death, releases a cloud of smoke that obscures vision. The Boomer, a bloated infected whose vomit and bile (which may be released at will and upon death) blinds the player briefly and attracts a horde of common infected. The Witch, a passive female infected, who, when provoked by loud sounds, lights, a survivor approaching too closely, or general stimulation, will trigger her to attack her provoker. She is able to knock down or kill the provoker (depending on the difficulty setting) in one hit. If her victim survives, she will attempt to kill them if not killed herself. In daytime levels the Witch will wander around in the level, as opposed to being stationary as in the first game.

Three new Special Infected are being introduced in Left 4 Dead 2. The vulnerable Charger can move quickly and knock players off their feet, leaving them incapacitated. The Spitter projects balls of mutated phlegm that splatter across an area that erodes at the survivors' health as long as they remain within it. The Jockey is able to jump onto the back of a survivor and drive them towards other infected or other traps set by the game. All three new Special Infected are playable in versus mode.

Uncommon Common Infected
A new type of Infected, called Uncommon Common Infected (UCI), will be mixed in with Common Infected. These UCI each have a special perk or ability, but will deal the same damage as Common Infected. Each campaign will have at least one type of UCI, and some UCI may be unique to one campaign. UCI are (most likely) not playable in any game mode.

Hazmat Zombies
"Hazmat" zombies are unique to The Parish and wear environmental suits that make them immune to all incendiary attacks (e.g. Molotovs and incendiary bullets). They can be white, yellow, or green. These zombies were formerly CEDA agents involved in the containment and evacuation operation, but the suits failed to protect them from the infection for some reason. Chet has said that there will be one area “full” of them.

Mud Men
The second revealed UCI type is Mud Men, who are unique to Swamp Fever. They crawl around on all fours, usually preferring to hide in the waist-deep murk of the swamps. This makes them extremely difficult to spot when traversing the mire. When Mud Men hit players, they cause the players’ vision to be obscured by mud, resulting in an effect similar to Boomer bile.

Bulletproof Zombies
The Parish will have a second type of UCI who wear kevlar and riot gear, making them bulletproof from the front. Apparently, these Infected were part of a private security force who tried to defend against the undead onslaught but found themselves overwhelmed while still wearing their equipment. They will be susceptible to bashing and any attacks from behind, but we don’t know if they are susceptible to melee attacks, explosives, or incendiary ammo (from the front).

Special Infected
The original five Special Infected—Boomers, Hunters, Smokers, Tanks, and Witches—all make an appearance in the existing gameplay videos, and will be retained in Left 4 Dead 2. At least the Hunter, Smoker, and Boomer have some new sounds, although we don’t know how much of their repertoire has been re-recorded. Some SI will also have new skins. Doug has said that the Hunter model will change, since hoodies are less common in the warm South.

These Special Infected will also have slightly different abilities. According to Chet, they’re “going to have variations in boss infected, where a Smoker or a Boomer has mutated, and has slightly different abilities." It’s not clear exactly what this means. It could mean that Smokers in L4D2 all have a different set of abilities compared to L4D1; it could mean that each Smoker you see in L4D2 has a chance of being unique from the previous one; or it could mean a number of other things.

In addition to the original five Special Infected, there will be at least three new Special Infected that may also be part of the Versus lineup. Valve has said that they are toying with a fourth Special Infected which may not make the initial launch.

Wandering Witch
The witch will behave differently during daytime. Instead of sitting, she will stand and wander around, making her much more difficult to crown. She may also turn around randomly. This has led some to call her the “Wandering Witch”. There are some indications that the warning signs for the Witch will also be less perceptible in the daytime. It appears that she doesn’t startle much easier (if at all easier) when standing.

Gameplay footage shows the Witch sitting down in daylight. This might be due to her position in the shade or because she got lazy.

The Charger
The Charger has been described as a “one-armed ram on Crystal Meth”. Extreme speed is the Charger’s main strength. He is designed to defeat camping tactics by rushing Survivors who have packed themselves into a tight group. After preparing his charging attack (much like a Hunter prepares a pounce), he can rush Survivors like a bull, knocking them over in a line. The Charger picks up the last person he encounters, slamming him against the ground repeatedly (and disabling him). He appears to be able to scale walls very quickly, though his pathing is still buggy.

The Charger is a sort of half-Tank. While not quite as hulking as a Tank, he has an enlarged torso and right arm and an abnormally shaped head. His left arm is shriveled and hangs oddly off the side of his hunched back. He wears a pair of overalls that have slightly burst due to his malformations. Here’s a view from the back.

Some sources say the Charger has 500 HP, but based on gameplay footage, he may be able to absorb up to 1500 HP from the front (on Normal), possibly due to location-specific damage mitigation (armor). He is immune to bashing. While his charge can hit multiple Survivors, his slamming attack does not appear to have any AOE or cleaving effects. The Charger is primarily designed to disperse Survivors and defeat camping tactics, and as such, he’s weaker against Survivors who are spread out. He also has trouble turning (and possibly stopping), and it may be possible to dodge him or trick him into falling off a precipice.

Both the Charger’s slam and knock-back deal damage. Based on one video, the slam seems to do incrementally more damage with each successive hit. On Normal mode, the initial slam does 10 damage, but then the second one does 15 damage. We’re not sure how much damage the knock-back does, but it may be around 10, and it’s possible that it can throw Survivors almost as far as a Tank. However, more gameplay footage is needed before we can confirm this.

The Charger has a distinct long, medium-pitched bellow, but some accounts claim that he has few obvious warning signs, so he may surprise the group from its flanks. The Charger can spawn multiple times per chapter, and can spawn at the same time as a Tank. He is already playable in Versus, and will be added to the standard lineup. It’s not clear how often he will spawn or if multiple Chargers can exist simultaneously.

The Spitter
The second new Special Infected released by Valve is the aptly named Spitter, who is able to lob gobs of acid at Survivors. The green projectiles, which appear to have a range similar to a Smoker’s maximum range, create a mist of acid that does damage to Survivors over time. The main purpose of the Spitter is to force Survivors to move out of tight spaces or force them to take damage when they are unable to move (e.g. resuscitating downed Survivors). Little is known about the Spitter, but she will be playable in Versus. The spit attack might take some time to fully deploy, similar to a Boomer’s bile.

There are currently no good images of the Spitter. We don’t count the official one, because it makes the Witch look like Keira Knightley. We do have a sequence of images showing its attack. The spit itself is green and luminescent, and when it hits a flat surface, it spreads into a yellow cloud that soon turns to a deep red. The colors may indicate how much damage per second the cloud can do. Based on some videos, the cloud can do a significant amount of damage, perhaps 5 damage per second at the beginning and even more later.


Ten melee weapons will be available in L4D2. Valve is Valve is considering making specific weapons do special damage to specific Infected.

Only some of the weapon mechanics are known. Sometimes, Infected will be killed with one hit from a melee weapon, but we don't know whether this is due to a death trigger or a numerical amount of damage. Multiple Infected can be killed with one swing. It appears that bashing (pushing) is possible with melee weapons in addition to offensive attacks. This is at least true for the fire axe. The weapons don’t appear to wear down over time, and so far, it doesn’t seem like melee fatigue applies to them. Flashlights can be used with melee weapons. When dragged by a Smoker, Survivors drop melee weapons, just like they drop large explosives.

Melee weapons do not take up the primary weapon slot. Instead, they override other weapons, much like propane tanks do when picked up. For instance, in this shot, the player has quick-switched weapons, causing him to drop the axe.

When using melee weapons (and explosives/incendiaries), the reticule changes from the normal four-line dynamic crosshair to a thin white static crosshair. If you’ve played Team Fortress 2, the melee weapon crosshair is the same as the one for the Ambassador.

The Fire Axe
The fire axe is the most extensively covered melee weapon so far. It’s a short red axe often used by firefighters. Survivors primarily swing it in a horizontal cutting motion, but they will occasionally also swing it vertically. This downwards slice can one-hit some Special Infected. The axe will be able to crown a Witch if used properly.

The axe has a cleaving (AOE) effect that can be quite devastating. It appears that all Common Infected caught in the effective arc are killed, at least on Normal and Easy difficulties. It also deals location damage, meaning that it can affect specific subset areas of the body, much like how Level 2 weapons can shear off extremities. The axe can deal friendly fire damage, but the limitations of this are not clear.

The axe model changes over time. It may be picked up new, but then it starts getting scraped. Blood appears on the blade and handle. The axe can be found in various places in the environment.

In the Gamespy footage of Swamp Fever, the axe appears to have a dull metallic finish, but it is actually the same axe as the one seen in The Parish. Looking closely, you can see that it clips the gray-brown floor, causing this illusion.

The Pan
The cast-iron pan’s most notable feature is the KAPWANG sound it makes when used; Chet has said he set this to his ringtone. Its normal attack animation is a right-top to left-bottom cross-body swing. Like the axe, the cast iron pan also has a cleaving attack and a one-hit kill against Special Infected, which is animated as an uppercut swing, but this is unlikely to crown Witches. The cleaving attack seems to be slightly different from the axe's. Common Infected close to the center of the swing are killed and knocked back, but those on the periphery appear to just be knocked back. They probably sustain some damage (but not lethal damage).

The pan can be found in The Docks chapter on a range in a commercial kitchen. It also becomes bloody after it has killed a number of Infected.

The Chainsaw
There will be a chainsaw manufactured by Saxton Hale's world-famous Mann Co. Little additional information is available.

The Baseball Bat
Very little information exists about the baseball bat. Based on screenshots, it appears to be wooden. The bat will also be able to hit and kill multiple Infected.

The Cricket Bat
The cricket bat was announced by IGN in early July, making it the fifth known melee weapon. It was considered to be a hoax by some, but the bat, which appears to be partially painted yellow, can be seen in use in a recent Swamp Fever video.

The Katana
At 10:53 in the GameTrailers TV episode, Chet mentions that one of the new melee weapons being implemented will be a katana, which was one of the weapons most requested by fans.


Submachine Gun
Instead of the Uzi, the new game features a sound-suppressed MAC-10. The suppressor makes no difference to the gameplay; it’s only for stylistic purposes. Based on gameplay footage, the MAC-10 appears to be similar to the Uzi, with a similar firing rate and the same clip size. While it originally had the same total ammo capacity as the Uzi, new footage shows that it has a maximum reserve of 650 rounds, bringing its total capacity to 700, a 32% increase from the Uzi. Some accounts report that the MAC-10 has slightly lower damage, but a tighter spread. The real MAC-10 has an appearance similar to the Uzi due to its stamped metal manufacturing process. Survivors hold the MAC-10 with both hands.

5.56mm Assault Rifle
The successor to the M16A2 appears to be the FN SCAR assault rifle, a Belgian-manufactured rifle currently being tested by the U.S. military in limited quantities. The distinctive ridges visible on the front of the rifle are Picatinny rails, which are standardized brackets used for mounting accessories like scopes, lights, and handles.

While the side of the rifle says that it's a 5.56mm Mk17 Mod3 (which doesn't exist), it's more likely to be a Mk16 Mod0. The rifle has a flashlight on the left side, attached by black zip ties. The flashlight’s cable extends to the right side of the rifle. It’s not clear how the SCAR differs from the M16A2. They appear to have the same ammunition capacities and roughly the same firing rate.

Different assault rifles have appeared in concept art. In the PC Gamer August edition, the Survivors are shown carrying AK-74s in their character profiles. In the poster art for The Parish and various images on magazines, Ellis and Rochelle are carrying what appear to be M4 carbines.

7.62mm Assault Rifle
The indomitable AK-47 rifle is visible in new videos of Swamp Fever. The AK-47 has 40 rounds of ammunition per clip. We don’t know yet what the maximum carrying capacity is, but it appears to be similar to the M16’s capacity of 410 rounds. The reload cycle also seems to be similar to the M16’s.

Sniper Rifle
There is a new semi-automatic, scoped rifle, the HK41SG1. Instead of a 15-round clip, the HK41 features a 30-round clip. Otherwise, it appears to be similar to the Ruger Mini-14, and can still one-shot Common Infected. The sight picture of the telescopic scope also appears to be the same.

While it’s only speculative at the moment, the rifle appears to have more forgiving in terms of aiming. For instance, melee attacks from Infected do not disturb the crosshairs as much. In this screenshot, you can see the maximum displacement of the crosshairs while the Survivor is being hit.

This rifle may not actually be the H&K HK41SG1. It is definitely a CETME-based Heckler & Koch rifle with iron sights and a SG-style stock. This means that it could be an HK41, G41, G3 (especially a G3SG1), HK33, etc. We believe it is closest to the 5.56mm HK41SG1 with a modified stock.

Auto Shotgun
The iconic M4 Super 90 has been replaced with the equally iconic SPAS-12 automatic shotgun. When reloading the shotgun, one can see the left side of the receiver, which includes the inscriptions "PEACH-12", "TACTICAL", and "Made in USA", along with some serial numbers.

The SPAS-12 makes a different sound than the M4, but it isn’t clear if there is a mechanical difference between the two. Both weapons have similar capacities and both fire 12-gauge ammunition. One game preview suggested that the SPAS-12 fires more slowly than the M4, but this has not been verified.

Pump-action Shotgun
A few early videos revealed a new pump shotgun model. It has a white or matte metal finish, railed barrel, bead sight, and a black stock. An inscription on the side says "Police Tactical 12". On first glance, it looks like the Mossberg 500 Marinecote, but it does not have an exposed dorsal safety button on the back of the receiver. Also, Mossberg does not make railed barrels for the 500.

Grenade Launcher
Shacknews has mentioned that a grenade launcher has made the cut for the weapons in Left 4 Dead 2. No other information is available.

In Left 4 Dead 2, there are at least two different kinds of sidearms: the SIG Sauer P220 (specifically, the two-tone P220 Match) and a Glock, probably either a 17 or 21. The P220 appears to always be held in the right hand, while the Glock 17 is held in the left hand after a second pistol is picked up. Both pistols can be held akimbo.

The PC Gamer feature article mentions a "9mm handgun" paired with the Glock, but we can't be sure if this is accurate. The P220 Match is only chambered for .45 ACP, though some other P220 variants are chambered for 9x19mm. Note that the M1911 pistols in L4D1 are .45-caliber.

Heavy Machine Gun
The CVG videos of the finale include a glimpse of a new type of fixed emplacement with a single-barrel, high-caliber "heavy machine gun". Only the barrel of the gun is visible, but it appears to be long and thin, possibly matching the .50-caliber Browning M2HB machine gun. Another possibility is the .30-06 M1919 Browning. The machine gun is mounted on the back of what appears to be a 5-ton truck, maybe a M939. The truck can be found on the upper level of the bridge, past a slanted, fallen section and a Humvee. A tooltip suggests using the weapon when Survivors pass it.

While it has the same purpose as the minigun, the new heavy machine gun appears to be much more accurate, with a tighter spread (but lower rate of fire). In OXM, they say the gun is powerful enough to cut zombies in half.
An IGN article mentions that the heavy machine gun will have limited ammunition.

Left 4 Dead 1 Weapons
IGN and Gamespy footage shows the Survivors using weapons from Left 4 Dead 1. From the Tier 2, we’ve seen the M16A1/2, Benelli M4 Super 90. The Ruger Mini-14 is also there, but it appears to have been demoted to Tier 1, since it appears with the Uzi and the pump shotgun.

We still haven’t seen L4D1’s sidearms, the M1911s. There is a chance that they did not make it into the game, since the Survivors are carrying SIG Sauer P220s along with the L4D1 weapons.

IGN footage of the finale shows the Survivors carrying the new weapons. This makes it unclear if the Tier 1 weapons are included in the Gamespy footage because of a change in the game engine or if both sets are available in a given chapter.

Unreleased Weapons
At least two more ranged weapons are known: one will be a powerful revolver, and another will be a bolt-action carbine that may be a Level 1 version of the hunting rifle.

Incendiary Ammo
After picking up incendiary ammunition from a special stockpile, any Infected you hit with your bullets will ignite. When using a shotgun, each individual pellets can set zombies on fire. Incendiary ammunition appears to work on all Infected except the ones wearing hazmat suits, who are immune to all incendiaries. While your gun still has the incendiary effect, your tracers appear red.

More technically, incendiary ammo is an ammunition modifier instead of true ammunition. After picking it up, the next fixed number of rounds you fire from your primary weapon (and only your primary weapon) will set Infected on fire. Reloading does not affect the number of incendiary rounds left. It appears that the number of incendiary rounds you receive is based on the maximum size of your magazine. It also appears that incendiary ammo does not increase the total number of bullets you have. Rather, as aforementioned, it modifies your existing ammo. However, if you are completely out of ammunition, it may give you a single clip.

After accessing the incendiary ammo pile, Survivors automatically reload. The primary weapon slot of the inventory bar changes to include a flame icon and the number of incendiary rounds left. Reloading after some rounds have been fired does not change this number. Once the incendiary rounds are expended, it returns to the normal ammunition counter.

Some aspects of the incendiary ammo aren't yet known. For instance, all pellets from a shotgun volley gain the incendiary buff, but it's not clear how penetration rules may apply. Also, it's not clear how picking up a new primary weapon or ammo from a normal stockpile will affect it. The OXM L4D2 article claims that the fire from incendiary ammunition can spread between zombies, but this is not true. L4D2's improved fire effects combined with bullet penetration create this illusion.

Explosive Ammo
Very little information exists on this, but IGN claims that this ammunition, which also only lasts roughly one clip, explodes and knocks Infected back when it hits.

New Supplies
Two types of new supplies have been revealed: adrenaline and ammo packs. Adrenaline, which is a needle-like device that looks similar to an EpiPen, is stored in the pill bottle slot (and replaces pills if picked up). Taking adrenaline gives the Survivor 25 temporary HP and a boost that allows him to melee bash without fatigue and to avoid being slowed down by Common Infected attacks. Adrenaline also appears to change players’ vision when taken, blurring the edges of the screen.

Ammo packs, which take the first aid kit slot, will probably refill some ammunition when used.

Many of the explosives and incendiaries from Left 4 Dead have returned in the sequel. Gameplay videos, especially those that include the first safe room, show that at least gas cans, propane tanks, Molotov cocktails, and pipe bombs have returned. They appear to have the same models and textures as before.

We can expect at least one more type of belt bomb (e.g. pipe bombs) in the future.






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rates. Even if you are not charged, youu are still likely to hasve to pay for their healthcare costs.
http://article-crash.info/Tips-To-Help-You-Get-More-Auto-Coverage-For-Less-Money.htm · http://article-crash.info/Tips-To-Help-You-Get-More-Auto-Coverage-For-Less-Money.htm
09/07/13 @ 21:27
All auto insurers operating in Michigan are assessed $143.
If you have a admission or accidents on your record, your insurance provider may decfease
your costs if you are taking and complete driving a vehicle lessons.
If you use the right search terms, you will find many options that willl allow you to be insured for
much less off the cost.
09/08/13 @ 06:45
Generally, most car insurance comanies offer rock
chip repair coverage in place of windshield replacement.
Not only most oof the accidents are unforeseen events buut also other
problems may arise that may require immediate cash
to meet such exigencies.For example if $30,000 is owed on a car and the value of the car is worth $20,000, ggap insurance will cover the $10,000 difference.
Young Driver Insurance to Include Business · http://www.sectit.com/profile.html;a=profile&u=41537
09/08/13 @ 09:09
Medical payments coverage iis useful when the policyholder and passengers
were injured and iit was the policyholder's fault.
allows us to provide you with the best coverage for a minimum price.
However, what many people don't know is that they ccan lower the prices of their prefesrred coverage if they choose
to do so.
09/08/13 @ 11:35
If you can afford to repair damages out of pocket, a
higher deductible will lower your monthly rates and keep your teen
on the road. For example, there are benefits programs
that you could invest in. Thiis way, nnot only are you able too study the finer print
and the car insurance features at your ease, but also buy the plan quickly and easily from the comfort of your home.
09/08/13 @ 14:35
All you have to do on sites like Top Quote Direct Insurance Brokers is take a few minutes
to fill out a quick information form online. There are various types of
auto insurance coverage. Now you caan simply go online and get multiple quotes
from numerous providers, alll in onne website.
09/08/13 @ 21:25
But you can always shop around and see which company will
give yoou cheap car insurance rates. 8% more money because of
their insurance than females with an equivalent record regarding tickets as
well as accidents. However why_s classic Car Insurance
in Alberta costly.
09/09/13 @ 01:10
With ejough of these bad points on a license,
the ddriver becomes increasingpy difficult to insure without great expense.

Full coverage insurance is actually a combination of collisio and comprehensive insurance coverage.
Many companies offdr significant discounts for such cases,
so if you knokw yourself as a responsible and safe driver, you coul take advantage of these offers.
09/09/13 @ 02:56
Autoinsure: Autoinsure has a page with helpful insurance information for senior citizens.
It will not only assist with extra protectikon and lower the amount of driving violations and crashes while
driving, but successfully doing this type of class can pave the ath for decreased premiums on
car insurance. Nearly fifty percent of all people in the United Kingdom do not bother to compare a number of quotes and
25 percent renew their 4x4 car insurance instantly woth the same insurer.
http://www.btdc.com.np/blog/index.php?a=member&m=34804 · http://www.btdc.com.np/blog/index.php?a=member&m=34804
09/09/13 @ 07:13
Compar rates from different insurance companies befgore buying.
The majority of states demand a minimum coverage using a liability policy but you do not need a thorough insurance policy unleas you are paying on the car.
Theft- If a car is popular withh thieves, it is going to be riskier to insure.
09/09/13 @ 09:53
Most companies that offer insurance services have their own varying policies whikch have
minimum requirements brfore the cover takes effect. There are also
car insurnce companies that offer free insurance estimates online.
Online Deals there are some great deals online these days for motor insurance.
cheap car insurance for young drivers under £2000 · http://feedback.sondera.kb.se/profile.php?id=32484
09/09/13 @ 22:01
A bond or savings account of $35,000 meets the minimum state iability
insurance requirements pper accident. In case of accidents, make
sure to tape or shoot all the damages and record all the
information regarding the othe car and people in it.

Typically, men are deemed a higher risk than women and those who live in the country are considered low-risk, while those livinng in a city aare considered more often high-risk.
09/10/13 @ 04:14
This means that you will have to pay for the repairs to your vehicle.
If you wish to sustain your low car insurance top quality, you can keep lower insurance
costs. He also pointed ouut the fact that the
insurance agency's workers used recycled after
market glass for the repair, where the private repair company was offering a factory installed windshield replacement with a lifetime warranty.
cheap car insurance for young drivers comparison · http://fashionbox.by/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=103588
09/11/13 @ 00:32
We all know that shoppijg around savees money, but a car insurance quotes comparisson can be
tricky. The comprehenskve policy covers liability and qualified losses
and damages. A autoo filled with talking, rambunctious teenagers detracts
from the driver's focus on the road.
treatment of tennis elbow · http://tenniselbowcure.us/
09/11/13 @ 11:52
Worldwide, a conservative estimate states that 60 percent of the speed of game down here
and we got the will physical therapy help tennis elbow United Nations Foundation to run it.
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motivereux. dee nombreuxsont beaucoup consciende récentehappenings
dans lemode scène mercipour ces diverssupports d'information etdivertissement.
09/14/13 @ 04:29
cee particulier sera probablement continueà rendre le parfaitfashion designer.
Filtres garderpour être préférépour la saison de printemps.
penser ce particulier prochaine occasion votre oui quelà
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09/15/13 @ 05:28
Participants are capable of replace benefits normally associated by using these jobs--such as pension--with tuition credits not fake patrick
o'shaughnessy thank you quite definitely for your
participation in the current call.
09/16/13 @ 03:56
And iff it will be hired ouut for a reward then it will increase the
premiums to be paid as the venture will become riskier.
Collision insurance is sold with two coverage limits. Having earned the NCB will
make shopping for new car insurance a more rewarding and less costly experience.
temporary car insurance in uk · http://www.agio.cc/Lindenn/userinfo.php?uid=25016
09/16/13 @ 18:45
One can also get reduced discount rates if he combines hiss auto insuranxe with some otjer
insurance like home insurance or personal insurance.
Collect quotes from several different insurance
companies. Anyone would be excited to lower their insurance premium, right.
09/17/13 @ 14:39
The reason is that the iported cars are usually created with different engineering than they arre in your native country.
Individuals purchase insurance to satisfy specific financial,
personal or law related wants. You also need to look
at the details that each auto insurance policy covers.
09/18/13 @ 23:17
However many people tend to think that more the
amount of perfume, the better it is which is why they spray on perfumes with gay abandon.
Now, before it can be so hard for the relationship to mend, you
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temporary car insurance over 25 · http://www.agsv.com.ve/site/userinfo.php?uid=4334
09/19/13 @ 02:52
In the real world, however, that_s not always thhe case. How much itt costs you will
depend on why you don't have a driver's license. For the
most part, a "B" average on their most recent report card will help them qualify for lower insurance rates.
09/19/13 @ 11:09
There can bee numerous hidden stipulations, you should get an upper hand and to evaluate prior to settling on the actual agreement.

Car insurance companies like State Farm, Allstate, Geico and Progressive have been around for
a very long time and have built up hujge client bases - they aren't going to scuttle out of
business when you need them most. Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course- Some car insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who enroll in a defensive driving course.
09/19/13 @ 21:06
Carr insurance companies base their rates on the tradition,
safety and popularity of cars. As an example, an engine
immobiolizer reduces the ods your automobile will bee thieved, and for that reason your car will be given a more favorable rating.
Youu as the buyer, needs too be pro-active when it comes to making decisions about your financial future and that includes taking decisions about the providers
you give your business too.
09/20/13 @ 00:18
No crime may have actuually been committed, but the
presumptionthat one could have been is always applied.
When you gget collector car insurance iin PA you are protecting
your investment as welpl as protecting the investments put into the car.
Many a times these accidents cause severe damage to third party property and even
potty training problems girls · http://pottytraining.marketingpr.eu
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Most children are ready when potty training child they are successful,
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If you can do during potty training child this period.

And if you are getting ready or thinking of potty training boys.
Once it is verified that the boy is ready to start the training in that fine morning.
You would need them just for the initial days of potty training,
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09/20/13 @ 10:52
The purchasing of the right kind of potty chair for your son or daughter with a stool because it's important that she be able to consistently manage all of their physical skills justyet.

Next, here is exactly what you need to find out the signs that are interested and are helpful in
getting your child potty-trained.
advice on potty training girls · http://pottytraining.businessmax.eu
09/20/13 @ 21:58
From a medical point of view, it is extraordinary, that way it will eventually potty
training girls become a routine task, and not getting angry
when they do occur.
09/21/13 @ 01:13
Price is the most ijportant factor that influences your policy buying decision.
I know, this is the exact opposite of what I just told you
above but hear me out. Stazrt applying the tips yoou just read, do moire research on auto repairs and find someone
who can show you how to do minor repairs.
temporary car insurance broker · http://a-land.kr/comm/?document_srl=928616
09/21/13 @ 03:13
If all drivers had insurance, and all carried adequate liability insurance, then there would be little need to purchase" uninsured motorists coverage. Procuring an automobile insurance plan together with this property is an ordinary exercise for most people. There are number of online sites that help you to compare car insurance for basic prices, services, reliability, and that you can use the list of insurers to contact.
09/21/13 @ 06:53
However, always start with a reputed and well established company, as reputation or brand value
is not created in a day. While the cost of cover is important,
this should by no means be tthe only consideration. You can
choose from many ways to establish financial responsibility for your car:.
potty training for toddlers · http://pottytraining.communications24.eu
09/21/13 @ 07:19
While this maybe true for some children, potty training a girl should be to
use the potty with no accidents, potty training toddlers isnt a fun exercise, nor one any parent looks forward to.
At no points try to thrust upon him anything which may be detrimental to
your son taking up the process of potty training boy potty training girls you use.
I wager you are going for a potty potty training boy training girls?
09/22/13 @ 04:57
If you think about why you may require daily car insurance or even weekly or monthly cover, there are all sorts of reasons.
With third party fire and theft you get the samne third pparty protection
along with fire and theft protection. The scam driver will goo to another location and cause
extensive damsge to their vehicle and claim that the damage happened during the original
accident even iff what you onloy inflicted in tueir vehicle would only require a little car
bumper repair.
09/22/13 @ 09:56
Many insurers offer discounts for policyholders who do not spend a great deal
of time on the road. Whether you switch to bicycling to
work instead, or if you carpool with others orr take public transportation,
it will save you money on gas and reduce your
insurance premiums. There are going to be ttimes when alll
is nott well in the world of your driving.
09/22/13 @ 11:46
Looking for mistakes and fixig them can help save the company
100s oof bucks aand also the threat of prosecution. World-wide car insurance is on thhe increase with more people being traveling and trying
to protect their investment and also to insure themselves
against accidents and theft. When you goo too your tax
preparation appointment, review any items that you are
not sure aree deductible and ask your tax accountat what items
aregenerally een on a tax return for your particular business.
temporary car insurance policy · http://www.myhairart.com/xe/?document_srl=1444210
09/22/13 @ 15:57
It iis because they do not like bearing higher risk that comds
with spokrts car insurance coverage. The last
thing that you need to remember is that a non-owners SR-22 policy
does not cover any vehicle within your household.
In such conditions, people do well to spare some time and make comparisons of different quotes
that have been received.
women car insurance quotes · http://emas.yu.ac.kr/xe/?document_srl=161870
09/22/13 @ 19:01
A: Surprisingly, premiums for collector cars can actuzlly be lower than those required for
insuring a regular use car.Medical bills can add up quickly and sometimes an at-fault driver lacks adequate
coverage for his or her liability. Should the car insurance company rule in your favor, you`ll be presented with a replacement vehicle or the money to replace
09/23/13 @ 00:47
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09/23/13 @ 01:31
Normally, an insurance agent would see you at your convenient time and place.
Before paying your car insurance premium in full,
talk to your insurance agent about the differences between payment options.
There are atually even particular weeb sites which were set up
to make available solely for one day car insurance, aand lots of insurance coverage companies havee special insurance policies for such occasions, insurance policies that
eliminate some of the long run insurance coverage situations but supply better protection on any brief term issues comparable
to minor injury, which when coping with rental vehicles is always going to be
1 day car insurance young drivers · http://www.bbned.nl/member/44864/
09/23/13 @ 06:17
In most cases, the insurance company will only cover any custom parts or featres that are permanently installed
or attached to the vehicle. Comparison Shop for the Best Rates-
If you are not sure whether or not your current auto insurance
rate is competitive, then go online and shop around for different rates.

The reason for this is very detailed and I would suggest to talk to some DUI attorneys about why this iis as they could beyter explain it then I could myself.
09/23/13 @ 07:58
That may end up being the only proof thzt you purchased what you thought
was adequate insurance. Claims are limited tto "book" value,
so you're not likely to get much anyway if you car is more than seven years old.
The problem is not with you, but with the major insurance companies and their
09/23/13 @ 10:46
With these you pay a loow flat fee every timje
your ad appears in 1000 different profiles. Leet the top insurance companies and agents complete with each other for your business.

Insured Declared Value (IDV): An IDV is the maximum amount that ann insurance cmpany would
have to settle in the event of a complete write
off aftfer an accident as part of vehicle insurance.
09/24/13 @ 01:21
If youu car iss worth something, however, yyou will newd to
get collision coverage to replace or repair yoour car in the event of an accident.
Bob Hannan State Faarm Insufance Agency is located at 139 N.
There are plenty of businesses that ccan give yyou fantastic deals on excellent policies if you're willing to
seem a bit.
temporary car insurance convicted · http://www.btdc.com.np/blog/index.php?a=member&m=62985
09/24/13 @ 01:55
Current Insurance Documents Most of the time, an auto insurance quotge request will require you
to tell the insxurance company how long you've been insured with your current carrier.
Statistically, teens are often involved in accidents, and these claims are often very expensive.
You can also opt for a kid insurance plan where you get regular payments from
your insurance.
adrian flux one day car insurance · http://www.loscisnes.co.uk/index.php?/member/121213/
09/24/13 @ 05:14
is devoted to assisting with obtaining the best deals onn ccar insurance.
While a person driving a fford dge (which iis the least expensive car
to insure) only pays around $1,800 for their annual premium.

Due to the vast amount of information the sites
are able to give they're going to make things simpler as it would take a very long time to
consider the companies individually.
09/24/13 @ 06:28
Thiss passage of the law is also a means for the Caalifornia government to remove uninsured vehicles from its highways.
As always, you may have to branch out andd look in places you had not thought about, at this point.

Along with their onnection to various providers, many brokers are effective at helping their customers negotiate the best
available offer.
09/24/13 @ 07:02
" Understanding PIP coverage is not difficult if you have a general understanding of Pennsylvania car insurance law. You can find out the facts from you agent or company representative. Must be licensed continuously for the last 3 years Your current vehicle must not value at more than $20,000 Annual income for single person is $27,925 or less Annual income for couple is $37,825 or less Annual income for family of four is $57,625.
09/24/13 @ 14:17
Check to seee if a local safe driving course is available that
may reduce your rates with some companies. Maybe you are paying for it, so just why
keep on to pay for it. If yyou hae a very good driving report and are
made ready to increase the probability of paying a greater amount in the presentation of a (hopefully unlikely) claim you can not spend as much by increasing
ones deductible.
car insurance for women over 55 · http://www.calysis.be/node/137055
09/25/13 @ 01:27
These quotss will be instumental in helping you find the best deals that are available.
If you have multiple cars, remember that if you have thedm alll insured by the same company, you can save mojey as well.
Two other protection which are required include, accident insurance annd no-fault insurance.
09/25/13 @ 05:43
There are a couple things that you should know before you
go out looking and deciding on car insurance.
When you are a perfect motorist, you wouldn't even wish to consider these add-ons as you're lesds likely to be involved iin
amishap. Finally, keep a disposable camera in your glove
box so you can take pictures of the accdent including the
nearest intersections.
09/25/13 @ 14:32
This type of cutt throat business practice happens moore often than not as he explained.
A meticulous search for an appropriate insyrer can result in fiknding an outstanding provider to satisfy
your insurance needs. People feel that they cannot cope with the financial demands
of everyday lkfe as they do not make enough money to cover alll their expenses.
young driver insurance specialists · http://wikiterious.com/html/userinfo.php?uid=30077
09/25/13 @ 14:56
If you descide to do a few simple steps in order to make
sure that thee car insurance rate is lower, then you will definitely be
ale to save on young driver's insurance. Establish a curfew hours for your young driver since late night drives has a high incident of a road traffic accidents.
In addition, they conclude that the 2008 Scion
x - B is the best used car buy.
09/25/13 @ 16:41
You might be questioning how it's feasible for young drivers to
have inexpensive automobile insurance at this point.

You'll also want to let them know iff you move into a city. Thinking
back to teenage years, it was rough, full off emotions
while our bodies and brains aare still under construction.
young drivers insurance quotes · http://www.arinko.org/userinfo.php?uid=10028
09/25/13 @ 17:00
Many of these drivers believe thesy are invincible, adopting the 'it'll never happen to me' mindset.
You can reduce or eliminate the cost of your physical damage coverage.
The deductible and your premiums have an inverse
relationship so that the premiums will be rich to stress your deductible is increased.
young driver insurance advice · http://bbhos.com/bbhos/userinfo.php?uid=11224
09/25/13 @ 18:29
It is, therefore, important that you try to avoid having any negative impact too your record as much as you
possibly can. Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for teens.
I visited the most popular compare insurance websites before writing this article.
car insurance for women drivers · http://e-tsubaki.com/userinfo.php?uid=12058
09/25/13 @ 18:44
This is because according to a survey conducted byy these companies it wass found
that women drive more carefully and are less nvolved in any sort of accidents.
But also with vehicle financin which many people need as
paying cash for a car is out reach for many, the fineer clause is
that one require car insurance prior which will get the car.

If you're moving house due to getting married, let your auto insurance company know.

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