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Paranormal Activity 4 - Official Trailer

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First Footage From The 'Carrie' Remake

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Jeepers Creepers 3 - Will It Happen?

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Follow-Up To The Wolfman Is Here

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'Jurassic Park 4' Gets Release Date

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Sam Raimi Talks THE EVIL DEAD Remake

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UPDATE: Production (Delayed) Officially Starts on 'Child's Play' Remake

Since the rumor of a CHILD'S PLAY reboot way back in October of 2007 all has been silent in play land until today. We heard confirmation months ago that creator, writer/director Don Mancini was in the works on an unofficial script and that original Good Guy doll himself "Brad Dourif" aka Chucky would be back at the helm to lend his voice as the serial killing doll but we had no word on when production would start...

Follow up:

UPDATE: We have learned the production has been delayed on this project according to Universal. We will keep you updated on the information as soon as we get it.

It appears as if Universal has given the green light and production will indeed start next month on what will be a return to making our favorite killer doll scary again and much less comedic. This is an odd remake due to the fact that the main star and director are returning so it should be interesting to see how it turns out. It appears that Mancini simply feels he could accomplish what he wanted to accomplish with the technology he had in the original 1988 version.

According to writer/director Don Mancini the new reboot will be taking Chucky back to his roots. "It’s a remake, but there are a lot of new things in it. None of the details of the murders in the first movie will be repeated. All of the set pieces are going to be completely brand new, and we’re going to do a slight re-design on Chucky himself, although Brad Dourif will absolutely be the voice of Chucky, and will once again play Charles Lee Ray in the flesh. And we’re giving him more to do than he did in the original movie."

No word on a release date has been officially given although a November or December is the window we are hearing. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.



    01/17/10 @ 21:06
    seriously why?
    charlie Email
    01/17/10 @ 22:08
    Hell yes....way to go Brad Dourif
    01/17/10 @ 22:18
    Thank God Brad Dourif will be voicing Chucky once again! If this reboot is happening, then he should be Chucky.
    01/17/10 @ 22:25
    Yes! This has made my day!
    01/18/10 @ 00:15
    goddd Enough with the remakes already....
    01/18/10 @ 05:11
    this could end up being a great remake, the same people are remaking it, so it should be good, and the main star Brad will be doing the voice once again, unlike the other remakes, like noes or friday the 13th, englund aint freddy and hodder aint jason, people would feel more comfortable watching these remakes if the main star that has been playing that role for many years.
    01/18/10 @ 06:34
    I am absolutely ecstatic for this remake. No one else could possibly play Chucky except for Brad Dourif and I am happy to see him return.
    Shaun Cardwell
    01/18/10 @ 13:40
    NOOOO! Didn't they screw up this series enough with bride of chucky and seed of chucky?? The original is a well done film, very much under rated! Hollywood, get some creativity.
    01/18/10 @ 13:40
    another remake...o'course
    01/18/10 @ 14:15
    Looking forward to it.
    Tyler Haslett
    01/18/10 @ 15:55
    Folks who don't know what a remake is, should not comment, as with all remakes, this wont touch your original. My original, our original. I for one am a huge Chucky nut. I loved the first, second and third. The third, had my pal at school taunting me with chuckys "tyler" call haha.
    NOW, on top of all that goodness (the 3 films) we get a story from the writer/director/creator Chucky, and CHUCKY HIMSELF BRAD DOURIFF! FUCK YES!!! More Charles Lee Ray scenes, etc, this will be fucking awesome.
    When you create something, and want to do it again, but better, that is an artist at work. Take for instance all these prop sculptors etc, the ones who do sculpt, most of the time we want to improve on something finished, because of learning.
    Now we'll get a Chucky story conceived from years more knowledge and depth that should have all us youngsters wet with glory.
    01/18/10 @ 18:43
    01/18/10 @ 20:01
    Well, I like how this isn't one of those remakes where they try to take it in a new direction that it really doesn't need to go to. He simply thinks he could do better, and I respect that. I think this might turn out to be good
    01/18/10 @ 21:28
    As long as Don and mainly BRAD are in, I am..(:
    01/20/10 @ 05:41
    Please, no CGI.
    01/23/10 @ 17:28
    At long last I now know that production will start soon. Now I only got a few more worries: first of all, I dont want Tony to make the Chucky puppet, I want Kevin back since his puppets werent so stiff! second of all that damn Jennifer Tilly, Im gonna be VERY disapointed if I see her in it since she spoilt the series. Last of all Chucky's appearance. he mustnt be changed too much as I like him already how he is. He MUST be recognised as Chucky or it WONT be Chucky.
    01/24/10 @ 18:50
    THIS IS GREAT!! Come on now, a remake with the ORIGINAL actor ... who does that?? THANK YOU!!!! Brad back as Chucky and MORE scenes with him as Charles Lee Ray .... words cant express how awesome this is ... but lets try ... AWESOME!!!!
    01/25/10 @ 21:22
    I'm feeling the same way Sherry, I just need to find out whos doing the special effects and who's acting as the rest of the cast. But yes as they've said before who makes a film with the original actor. Brad is Chucky.
    Sebastian Emond
    01/28/10 @ 13:51
    I think they should totally ake a remake of Child's Play! Brad Dourif kicks ass as Chucky's voice! And maybe, i don't know, but maybe, they can get Johnny Depp to play as the cop, Nicole Kidman to play as the mother and Danny Glover to play as the voodoo doctor who Chucky kills.
    Rob Email
    01/28/10 @ 18:18
    Im not really a fan for remakes. Im a 100% original is better type person with the exception of The Hills Have Eyes. But for the first time I'm REALLY looking forward to a Child's PLay rmeake since it's my favorite horror of all time and for some odd and strange reason I think it's gonna be done very well. I pray there is no comedy tho.
    02/08/10 @ 18:40
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for this movie to be starting this year I beginging to loose hope!Snd thank god brad will be the voice of Chucky again! CAnd wait!
    02/13/10 @ 20:58
    Nothing pisses me off more than those talking crap about a movie they have yet seen. Take your negative comments about remakes and shove them up your a$$.

    I'm really anticipating this re-boot of the film. After all, I know that there was a lot taken out of from the original Child's Play Script in the beginning, "Blood buddy."

    Especially with the original writer, producer, and ator....this should be one interesting re-boot. can't wait to hear more news about this.
    Lil' Chucky
    02/21/10 @ 19:23
    This is gonna fucking kick ass! Cant wait to see Megan Fox play Kyle in the remake of Child's Play 2
    I Suck
    02/23/10 @ 15:24
    Great news!!!
    03/16/10 @ 13:22
    I'm super excited! A scary Chucky is a thing of nightmares and I had a whole lot when I was a kid. I'm glad they're taking this route AND keeping Brad Dourif around. They would have to royally fuck up to make this a bad film.
    !Maryse Ouellet is the princess! Email · http://Oh-Maryse.org
    03/20/10 @ 23:35
    Megan Fox WILL NOT be playing in
    Child's Play 2: Chucky's Back. Maryse Ouellet should be a new character like maybe Kyle or Karen. But not somebody who dies cuz' Maryse is smart, gorgeous, and people would commit suicide if she dided!
    !Maryse Ouellet is the princess! · http://Oh-Maryse.org
    03/28/10 @ 04:36
    I'm excited because Child's Play 2 (in my opinion was the best!) But after the first, second and third movies things just got awkward! Chucky was more comedic than in the 1st, 2nd, & third films. And that was pushing it! I don't mean to be so harsh again this is my opinion. Jennifer Tilly had stated that people could relate to him now that he was "family man comedic" more than "look who's stalking doll" In the first film it was an absolute classic. In the second there was more pulse pounding action unlike the first movie which was more whodunit. The third was more pulse pounding action. And the fourth was wayyyyyyyy to gory. Katharine Heigl made such a good actress. But I get the feeling that Tiffany just bombed it! Child's Play 5 was a complete wash because if there were any character you would want to get rid of it would be Glen/Glenda the 5 was the worst movie out of the entire series! Toooooooo gory & comedic & family like. It was soooooo unrealistic. And definitly something you wouldn't want to see a second time!
    Lil' Chucky
    04/02/10 @ 00:44
    IT'S OFFICIAL: Eminem will be palyin' Mike Norris!
    Santanaonfire Email
    04/26/10 @ 19:40
    Anyone who unilaterally dismisses a remake or reboot is a fool. At least two remakes that are better than the originals: Scarface and The Fly. Just try and dispute that! Also, arguably, Dawn of the Dead - love the original, but watching the slow zombies in it now is excruciating. While I would not try to argue it's "better" Friday the 13th was a hell of a good time!

    Look, Childs Play has all the right things going for it an amazingly creative original writer/director who cares about the characters on board, and best of all, Brad Dourif!! Don Mancini is awesome and will do a good job. Knock the horror comedy all you want, but I loved Seed of Chucky. It was very original and fresh. I had a college class about Gay literature at the time and wrote a paper contrastic the treatment/outcome of transgendered characters and the implication of the social accepance of such betwee Sleep Away Camp and S.O.C. Go back and watch them again, you will see what I mean. Don Mancini is sharp and very creative. I just hope it actually comes out this year so I don't have to wait too long...
    07/13/10 @ 15:08
    if they're willing to do this they should start a whole new saga of Chucky movies. just like they did with the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Ill watch it.
    Mrs. Charles Lee Ray
    09/03/10 @ 21:34
    10/14/10 @ 16:15
    For you guys and gals waiting for this the latest info that they're shooting, no pun intended, for a release date in July 2011. Check http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1134807/ for more info.
    10/25/10 @ 12:58
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    10/25/10 @ 14:28
    i just emailed this article to my friends! thanks!
    Dr.Stanfill Email
    11/03/10 @ 10:25
    Ok, why do people think that nightmare on elm street sucked? it was 200000000 times better than the first one in my opinion, it was more realistic and so was friday the 13th, the old one back in the day sucked ASS. its was boring, who cares if its classic, ITS SUCKED, they are suppose to be redoing IT. HOPE THEY DO cuz I did like the first one and all, but they need to add todays world in it, I can't wait for chucky, they fucked up on seed of chucky, not so much on bride of chucky, they could have redeemed their selves but they didn't, they made a stupid as glen doll, i mean come on? wasn't that a bit over the edge retarded? anyways people just wait til the movie comes out, don't give your opinions yet, JUST WAIT.
    12/21/10 @ 20:44
    bout time they remade chucky . the last few SUCKED . the remake nightmare and TCM where awsome. so its got to be good
    01/31/11 @ 22:31
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    02/05/11 @ 14:10
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