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"Sometimes Dead is Better" - 'Pet Sematary' Remake

"Sometimes Dead is Better" uttered in a slightly country, twang voice that only the late, great Fred Gwynne could muster. Pet Sematary is one of those rare horror gems that is often under appreciated (and rarely talked about) by the horror community...

Follow up:

In our opinion this film was a great adaptation of Stephen King’s novel and why wouldn’t it? King himself wrote the screenplay. However, is the movie perfect? By no means are we claiming that, but the question we’re asking is, “does it need the remake treatment?”.

We’re not going to be that naïve and let our fondness of Pet Sematary cloud obvious improvements that are needed. We’ll be the first to admit that the rumored Paramount remake could address a few issues that resulted from the transfer of the novel to film. Most of the time when books are condensed to movies the screenwriters have to decide which narrative elements are most important in telling the story. They then have to chop less vital sections of the book in order to tell the story in the allotted time to bring it to the screen. Fans of books often complain about the absence of their favorite scenes in movies. In reality, if a book was transferred word for word almost all adapted films would be ten hours long minimum. Since many of us lack the patience to sit through a normal two hour film without playing on our cell phones and the fact that the mega-movie (our pet name for a 10 hour film) would tank at the box office because there aren’t enough hours in a day to play it more than once, we agree that parts of books need to left out of when concerning their big screen counterparts.

Concerning Pet Sematary, however, King himself (who also had a cameo in the movie) was the screenwriter for the film and we believe most of the book’s integrity (along with most of our favorite moments) made the transfer. Still, if not done properly or due to a lack of technological advancement, special effects in film can often appear dated and take away from the movie going experience – which is more essential with the horror genre than any other.

In 1989 director Mary Lambert made Pet Sematary into a film but it was obvious that the technology just wasn’t there nor was the budget to make an over the top grade A horror film that you might see today. However, for it’s time Pet Sematary did what most 80’s horror films did and that was working with what little they had and appealing to a booming secondary VHS market as well as the core horror community. We’ve come to believe that the studio set out to create a good representation of a book, hoping it would perform well theatrically and if failure occurred to fall back on the secondary market to pick up the pieces – a system that’s still in place today for the most part. With that being said, Mary Lambert turned to special F/X guru’s Dave Anderson and John Blake who brought us the ultra creepy Zelda (sister of Rachel Creed “Denise Crosby”), Pascow, and the rest of the ghostly cast without the use of fancy CGI. Instead they did it with old fashioned camera techniques along with latex and corn syrup. Some of these techniques hold up to this day while others borderline campy. From peeling dead cats off the front lawn to flying baby dolls, PS has a little bit of both.

Our biggest original PS complaint that could use the remake treatment is in the Victor Pascow (Brad Greenquist) department. Pascow was a patient of Dr. Louis Creed (Dale Midkiff) who died on the operating table only to come back in a haunting form to warn the doctor of the troubles ahead. The make-up for Pascow, while dated, still holds up to this day. The few things that don’t are Pascow’s SPFX transparency shots and his clothing department. No offense to the filmmakers but today a twelve year-old’s youtube video has better special effects. Also, Brad’s very typical 80’s wardrobe (nut hugger neon shorts and Champion gray zip up hoodie) makes one think that maybe dead isn’t better. Check one in favor of a remake.

Poor little Gage Creed (Miko Hughes). Probably one of the cutest kids in Hollywood at the time. Leave it to the horror genre to take someone so adorable and turn them into a resurrected walking nightmare of diapers. Chucky, eat your heart out. The look of Gage is beyond creepy. Miko’s performance combined with the doll like appearance still haunts our dreams to this day, however, it doesn’t really fit the story. If a child was pancaked by a semi-trailer doing at least 60 mph we’re pretty sure he’d have more than a little scratch on his forehead. Obviously there’s only so much you can do with an actor who’s only three years old so too much make-up probably wouldn’t fly. This is where CGI would come to the rescue. Also, the flying baby doll gags need to go. So as wicked as Gage was (and still is) it would be interesting to see a different take on this character.

So we agree that the SPFX department and threads could use some work but what about the human factor? The hardest part of remake is going to be recasting the wise, fatherly, neighbor Jud Crandall (Fred Gwynne). Again, in our biased opinion Fred’s performance is 90% of what brought Pet Sematary to life. It’s as if he was born to play the role. From the humbling accident scenes to the stone cold looks, Fred put on a show that will never be topped. Admittedly, some of his PS lines are often stated on a weekly basis at our office and it’s always done while trying to capture the sound of Gwynne’s voice. Lines like, “Thawt place is where the dead . . . speak” and, “I’ve gawt something here for ya Gage”. Classics, all classics! Who could be Fred Gwynne’s Jackie Earl Haley?

Another fan fav of the film that is going to be tough to top is Zelda. To this day that scene is one of the creepiest in horror film history. You don’t have to be a Stephen King or Pet Sematary fan to agree with that. Zelda (who was actually played by a man named Andrew Hubatsek) is shown in flashbacks and really serves no other role than to frighten the viewers – or so the film leads us to believe. This lack of importance is a result from book to film transfer. Actually it was important to Rachel Creed’s back story and King obviously knew what he was doing by keeping this in the film. If you’ve not had the pleasure of watching Pet Sematary, we’ll fill you in. Rachel Creed dreams of herself as a young girl who had to care for her dying sister named Zelda. Zelda was suffering from Spinal Meningitis and her appearance could make any kid watching this flick pee their pants like Regan in the Exorcist. The scene pictured below does and will continue to cause nightmares for children for eons to come. Could a remake recapture this? Let’s ask RAAACCHHEEELLLL!!!!!!!

It goes without saying that this film has a hardcore group of cult fans that do not want to see this film remade. A part of us completely understands their reasons. Past memories linked to a great movie going experience perverted by money driven remakes. That sum it up for ya? Unfortunately we all know that Hollywood is going to remake anything and everything that they think will turn a profit. Is it right or wrong of them to remake films? That’s a whole different topic which we won’t be discussing here. We’ll leave that to you Bidites. The issue is that remakes ARE going to happen whether we or you like it or not, and to be honest we’re ok with that. Some stories are so good that they deserve a remake (or at least a George Lucas Star Wars Special Edition update) so that future generations will watch them. The unbiased reality is that remakes don’t make originals disappear. It’s not like a remake comes out and poof! your original vanishes from the video shelf. To be frank, if people don’t like the idea of a remake then just don’t watch them. A remake can’t change anything about an original . . . period. However, this is an emotional subject and we understand the feelings one experiences when a favorite story gets raped ten times over remake style. Still, after countless online tantrums why do many of us often find ourselves buying that ticket anyways and willingly strapping ourselves into the torture rack? Sure, many of the remakes suck (like our shirt says) but there are always a few that stand out. If the rumors are true, we hope a Pet Sematary remake is one of those few because the original (as much as it’s loved) could stand for a makeover.

Below is the original theatrical trailer for Stephen King's 1989 movie Pet Sematary (Pet Cemetery, Pet Sematery)



03/13/10 @ 21:38
This is why HorrorBid is one of the BEST horror sites on the net. No other site goes in-depth and dissects movies quite like you all do.

Fantastic artivle as usual! And the Pascow "Nut Hugger" comment is soooo true! HAAAAA!

03/13/10 @ 21:58
My favorite part from the original movie is when the wife tries to call her husband and he doesn't answer the phone, and her mother says something along the lines of "Oh, you know men. He's probably out getting a chicken dinner" Is it just me or is that the weirdest stereotype ever? That's like saying "Oh, you know women. She's probably out putting air in her tires"
03/13/10 @ 22:04
Truly a 5 skull article and why I am a proud Bidite. I personally don't mind the update of a sequel but they will not find a replacement for Fred Gwynne it's that simple.

Great article!!!!!
03/13/10 @ 22:06
Hell yeah! I love Pet Semetery and this is the kind of stuff I love to talk about but others tend to shy away from. You make a lot of good points and I damn near spit out my drink think about Cage getting hit by a Mac Truck then seeing that pic with the little scar on his head. LOL!

Zelda though is still creepy as ever! You can't top that or the Jud performance!!!!
03/13/10 @ 22:13
Bravo for tacking this issue. I personally think the dead is better left alone. It's a classic and to mess with the story much like they did in Pet Sematary 2 would be an abomination.

I know no matter what we say it's gonna be remade but the question remains, does it really need to be?
Sarah Hoskin
03/13/10 @ 22:20
Doesn't get much better than that. Great article as usual!
03/13/10 @ 23:12
Great title. Sometimes dead is better in my opinion!
03/13/10 @ 23:14
03/13/10 @ 23:33
Great article, loved it. Im totally in agreement, Pet Semetary could use a makeover. I would love to see a remake, im always down for a updated version of classic horror movies. Like they said remaking it won't cause the original to disappear from the shelves. Love this site!!!
Jon Death
03/14/10 @ 00:03
As always stellar article from the best horror site on the net. I am impartial to seeing a remake but you guys bring up a great point. The original is always there. And that Zelda scene. Forget about it!
Dustin McDaniels
03/14/10 @ 00:12
03/14/10 @ 03:41
Great Article, some good points have been raised but for once I'm gonna have to disagree, I really don't think a remake is due, Yeah the original does have a few minor faults but the core of it is as strong today as it was 20years ago a few new bells and whistles does not improve upon things, I mean look at the last King remake children of the corn that was bloody awful but why? It had new bells and whistle the story was fleshed out more and it was possibly a little closer to the book but it was arse?How did that happen? Maybe they visited the Pet Semetary with it.

Sometimes Dead is better.
03/14/10 @ 03:46
Unfortunatly sometimes a bad remake can tarnish the name of the original causing new younger audience members from visiting it.
I noticed that happened with The Omen
Harry Warden aka Ryan
03/14/10 @ 04:07
You know this is sooooo true... I can be wishy washy at times, but I can't denie the fact that I agree with everything thats been said in the article. I bitch alot about remakes and I've been doing alot of thinking even before this article. They are going to happen regaurdless... They are not taking the original away from us. Why bitch anymore? Tends to get old. Same old topic, "New Remake" and then the same old bitching that follows. I mean, you guys are right... Why bitch??? I can stand here and scream until I am blue in the face and it isn't going to change the fact that I am still going to watch it. I am still going to buy it. BUT one thing this is for sure, is that I will STILL have the original to watch. So what the hell I am done bitching... I am tired of hearing myself bitch. LOL!!!
I do agree... No way they are going to top the Judd character. IFFFFF somehow they do get a good actor to take that roll and it is decent, they sure as hell arnt going to make that Zelda scene any creepyer... I am 23 and that I actually have to close my eyes if I am watching that movie alone at night... It just freaks me the fuck out!!! PERIOD...

Anyway, FANTASTIC read!!! One of the best articles I've read so far on this site and I've been here since oh shit... Maybe a few months after this site began...
Love it here!!!

03/14/10 @ 08:04
Why buy horror magazines when you have this site. Not sure how I get this shit for free but I love it! Great fucking article as usual. They will never replace the original but I will be the first in line to see a remake just like most everyone else.
Jake Anderson
03/14/10 @ 08:09
The mixture of news and articles like this is why I love being a Bidite. Keep up the great work. One think I would have loved to heard though was a mention of Pet Sematary 2, but that's probably a whole different article in itself. LOL!

Nice article, Jake
El DIablo
03/14/10 @ 12:38
The nut hugger part of the story had me rolling and makes me think a slight update might be a good thing. :)
Tyler Haslett
03/14/10 @ 14:49
That was a pretty fuckin good read. I had never seen it, so this fills me in alot. A VERY informative, extremely well done article. I hope to see more and more here.
One suggestion: make comments collapsible
Claire Thomas · http://facebook.com
03/14/10 @ 14:57
Aw awesome luv this film!
Tony Northrup
03/14/10 @ 19:23
The only SK book that I ACTUALLY got scared when reading it. I really enjoyed the film. It is a bit dated & good enough make-up & effects that it is a step above cheesiness. But I am a HUGE activists against REMAKES. Hollywood has ran out of ideas & someone started this aweful trend & I REALLY wish it would stop just for 2 main facts:(1)It gives ... See Morethe Original's a bad name & (2)most of the Remakes are terrible!!!! And with every trend, it's getting old. Just as old as every film coming out now is in 3-D. But it'll keep going till the next trend comes along. But my vote is; NO!!!! Keep Pet Sematary the way it is!!!!
03/14/10 @ 21:37
Awesome article! I actually live in the state where the movie was filmed so many years ago. I know it was a very hard time getting tickets so see Pet Semetary when it came out, every theater here in Maine was sold out for weeks. I think it was one of the first films made in the state since maybe Peyton Place back in the 50's. But enough of that. Myself, I wouldn't mind seeing a remake, but like everyone else said, it is going to be impossible to replace Fred Gwynne. I luckily got a chance to see the old farm house while it was being filmed and got the chance to meet Fred while he was still alive while this was filming. It was an AWESOME experience and one I won't forget to soon. So let the remake begin, and I do hope they consult Stephen King on this remake, cause he is the man, and he even signed my copy of Pet Semetary while I was there on set. :)
Becky T
03/15/10 @ 08:02
I enjoyed this article. I have been avidly against remakes until this article. You've opened my eyes to the fact that the originals will always be there. When I think about it remakes usually bring a re release of the originals on DVD. I have to admit I always watch remakes. I just have to know. I'm mostly disappointed but surprised periodically. I just can't see how they can make this one without the original cast though. We'll see.
03/16/10 @ 12:40
Finally, a voice of reason about remakes! Most of the online whiners complain about films being remade, yet most films are based on original source material, usually books most of them have never read! Ever read Frankenstein? How about Let the Right One In?
The remakes are very often "different" adaptations of the original sources. One may be better or worse than the first one, but it can't ruin your favorite unless you let it.
See what they do with it, look at the reboots of Batman and Star Trek...
03/24/10 @ 00:58
Remake is not needed.
03/28/10 @ 11:00
Great article, I don't know about remaking this film. It is such a classic and I liked the second one too.I know remakes don't make the original disappear but newer generations could have no knowledge of the original which would be a shame. It was great reading such a good dissection of the film. Nut Huggers..lol.
04/17/10 @ 19:13
Yes! Remake this movie! This is an absolute classic that needs more recogniton. I still have the movie poster from the day. this movie needs to be revamped into todays modern movie screen!
10/21/10 @ 10:34
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