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BREAKING: The First True Look at the New Freddy Krueger!

And for once this is not an April fools joke! The countdown is upon us. In a mere 29 days Jackie Earle Haley will reprise the roll that the great Robert Englund once made famous in our beloved 'A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET' franchise. Will the remake live up to the original? No one knows for certain but one thing we've all been wanting is a good look at the new makeup! We finally have it!...

Follow up:

Without further ado we introduce to you, the 2010 version of everyone's favorite dream stalker, Freddy Krueger!

For all of our A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake coverage please CLICK HERE!

Source: HorrorBid/ Eric at superherohype.com


04/01/10 @ 20:56
04/01/10 @ 21:00
I am actually on board with this. Thanks for finally getting a good pic of Freddy guys. I am not hating it like I thought I might!
04/01/10 @ 21:00
Mouth wide open in awe. I actually like it.
04/01/10 @ 21:06
That is freaky. He really looks like a real burn victim. His eyes look weird though.
Brian Buckley
04/01/10 @ 21:08
Meh..... we will see
04/01/10 @ 21:11
Now that's looks awesome wow super cool look on him I like it alot I can't wait for the new movie 29 days and counting ..
04/01/10 @ 21:14
HOLY S***!!!!! This ACTUALLY LOOKS CREEPY!!! I love his new face! This will probably be one of, or the best, horror remake!!
04/01/10 @ 21:25
GREAT! I love it!
04/01/10 @ 21:25
HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET THIS!?!?!??!?!?!!?????? HE LOOKS BADASS!!!!!!!! : D
04/01/10 @ 21:51
Damn nice score! I'm gonna go back on everything I have said. I actually think I can get into this. Nice pic!
utubeslasher · http://frightstuff.com/
04/01/10 @ 21:59
04/01/10 @ 22:00
looks cool
04/01/10 @ 22:00
To be honest im diggin the new look
04/01/10 @ 22:01
I dig it !
04/01/10 @ 22:02
At first I was stand offish with the idea of the whole new look, but after this shot I've changed my mind. I REALLY dig it!
04/01/10 @ 22:03
this movie is going to be badass! i love the new look of freddy, and the movie itself looks sick, thanx for the pic man, Z
04/01/10 @ 22:09
THIS IS SO FREAKING MONEY! All you haters thought the look was gonna suck!
Brian Raymon
04/01/10 @ 22:15
I'm sold.
04/01/10 @ 22:15
It's a zomby from Chernobyl? not Freddy/
That Michael Bay is a remake-nazi. Fuck him.
Brad Cummings
04/01/10 @ 22:17
Sandra your nuts. The old Freddy can be found on DVD and Blu-ray. It's time for a change. Deal with it!
04/01/10 @ 22:18
Reminds me of what the original Freddy was suppose to look like...from what I remember reading/hearing from previous talks with Rob & Wes.
04/01/10 @ 22:19
04/01/10 @ 22:22
Nice find, he looks great.
04/01/10 @ 22:23
Awesome! Thanks for posting.
04/01/10 @ 22:24
I'm impressed with this new look, it's actually pretty creepy.

"Beneath this Mask, there is an Idea"
-V for Vendetta-
04/01/10 @ 22:28
I dig it.
04/01/10 @ 22:34
First off this is the shit. I love this site! You guys always get shit like this before everyone else! Kudos!

Secondly, you can see straight through his cheek to bone on his left side (our right). Now that is fucking cool as hell!

El Diablo
04/01/10 @ 22:40
To the bandwagon! You all are killing me. Everyone hated this look 2 months ago....BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY SAW THE PIC!!!!!
04/01/10 @ 23:56
I think this is sooo creepy. I absolutely love it!
04/02/10 @ 01:53
i'm still on the fence
04/02/10 @ 02:27
Get off the fence Dan, that looks awesome!
04/02/10 @ 03:08
I dig it, i can still see the englund type freddy in this pic
04/02/10 @ 03:37
I absolutely love it! Looks real yet mixed with a bit of fantasy gore! LOVE IT! JEH has such an awesome facial structure and his acting ability is top-notch. Can't wait to see JEH in action!
Dungeon Master · http://www.castlegore.co.uk
04/02/10 @ 07:01
Are these bloody remakes ever going to stop?
04/02/10 @ 09:17
I like the look but eyes make it look as if freddy has downs syndrome.
04/02/10 @ 12:29
Isnt this the 7th time they've said that it's "The clearest shot of /freddy yet!!!"

Cool picture though....
04/02/10 @ 12:32
What's your point? As time has gone on, Freddy has been revealed more and more. Thus... the clearest shot of Freddy YET. What do you want them to do... just not post any of them as they become available until we get a shot of him standing in broad daylight?
04/02/10 @ 12:46
Bandwagon Freddy Fan maybe they didn't visit the set dumbass.
04/02/10 @ 13:18
I posted this back on March 20...


I simply took a trailer screen capture and Photoshopped it to make it lighter.
Bandwagon Freddy Fan
04/02/10 @ 13:29
Whoa. I ask a question and I get called a dumbass? Umm nice community of "Bidites" we have here. Then thatdoomguy666 poses a very relevant point and he gets attacked. I have to agree, what's the big deal with the picture? All the sites admin do was get a screen cap, just like Eric mentioned.

I heard this was the best place for horror news, I guess only if you agree with the people that run it . At least BD and Dread Central have set reports and report news on first hand knowledge.
Keepers of the Bid Email
04/02/10 @ 14:06
Not sure why this is getting so personal here guys. It's just a pic. :) And thanks Eric, that's an ever bigger image than we we're sent. We will have to put that up as well.

This has zero to do with any other sites. We are fans of both of those sites you mentioned (Bloody-Disgusting and Dread Central) Bandwagon as well as the other horror sites and movie sites out there in internet land.

We love the genre and so do the "Bidites". We're just here to have fun and talk horror. It's what we all love. That's what it's all about.

04/02/10 @ 15:05
yeah this is gonna be fucking rad.
LordPrydon Email
04/02/10 @ 15:24
Three stars for the new pic of the new look Freddy! Would be four but I got to agree with the comment about the eyes. He doesn't look too frightening in the eyes. But the makeup job is flawless and superb. Difficult to imagine that it is our old friend Robert in there but that is apparently the whole point. He isn't supposed to look like Robert did.
04/02/10 @ 16:31
Anybody that says this place has drama doesn't come here day in and day out. This place has the least drama of any of the horror sites out there. Its laughable to even hear that.

It's a damn picture. By the way I like the look.

Chad (Dunge44)
04/02/10 @ 16:31
I really LOVE the new look!!!
04/02/10 @ 17:01
Yes this is cool.And yes I will go see it,however It is a remake and remakes suck in general.There is nothing wrong with bidites expressing thier opinion even if its against the new picture.When it was first announced about this remake everyone was against it,now almost everyone is for it.Its only a picture people and the adds have been ok.I will give it a chance just like I gave the
latest texas chainsaw and friday 13th.I do not have high hopes however.I find it amusing that you are all so accepting of this remake but an Evil
Dead remake not so much.Its sacralidge in my eyes to remake any of these classic films.Its not like its going to be a surprise plot or anything.All I am saying is everyone can think and do what they want.Quit being so judgemental to everyone that does not agree with you because like it or not it does cause drama.
04/02/10 @ 17:11
ok wow what a blood fest no not any movie but just the bounch of sore asses above me let the movie do the talking not a pic and not all of us
04/02/10 @ 18:22
Well said Sandra. Looks like the makeup artist forgot to apply all the makeup. Oh well, just another pointless remake to completely ignore the existence of. On a positive note, at least it'll [hopefully] bring more attention to the original.

04/02/10 @ 19:29

They have, Neca Freddy figure. THE clearest shot yet.
Ivan Filth
04/02/10 @ 19:37
pff this doesnt looks good


one eye is blue :P
04/03/10 @ 01:40
SWEET!!! Looks like my praying has paid off :) This was the one remake I refused to trash, due to begging god with every ounce of my being that it wouldnt suck!! Looks like its all coming together. Still, I guess we get to see it soon enough to know the full effect. But, KUDOS to you HB for always getting the Bidites the best shit out there and to all those who cant take a joke, who hate on our site and ware there fillings out on there sleeves, and want to cry because as fans we talk about our likes AS WELL as our dislikes .... I hear there the next Twilight film will be out soon, enjoy.
04/03/10 @ 01:41
04/03/10 @ 02:48
Freddy looks f*cking great, Jackie Earle Haley behind the Man and the most beautiful girl ever as Nancy. =]
Bandwagon Freddy Fan
04/03/10 @ 09:46
I don't get this place. My comment was deleted again? My question of where Horrorbid's Nightmare set report was deleted again. This is why I made my comment yesterday. I visit here because I was told this place was a great website. I post a question and it gets deleted. Then I post a comment and I get called a dumbass. The the admin responds, very kindly, but then my comment with my set visit question is deleted again. I'd assume a yes or no answer would be fine. Apparently there is something to hide?
04/03/10 @ 14:18
@bandwagon Freddy Fan- They're hiding the fact that they DID in fact set Jackie Earle Haley on fire. He wanted to be the ultimate method actor.

Sometimes, in sites like this, my questions too would get deleted. Similar questions to the ones you ask. I've not a clue why that is.
Doll Email
04/03/10 @ 15:55
Not bad! Can't wait to see him in action.
04/03/10 @ 20:14
WHAT THE FUCK ! I know that Freddy is the "son of a thousand maniacs but DAM ! Does he have Down Syndrome or something? That is not our Freddy.
04/04/10 @ 00:30
I absolutely ove the new look of Freddy, he desperately needed a makeover and looks like they did a wonderful job on him. He looks more like what a real life burn victim would look like. That's why people have a hard time swallowing the new look of Freddy cuz Jackie doesn't look like what Englund did. Englund looked good as Freddy and he played a good Freddy but I like the way Jackie looks alot better and the way he portrays Freddy. Jackies Freddy is gonna be alot more serious and take no sh*t and he won't be cracking jokes. That's what I love about the new look of Freddy cuz he ain't got a comedic side, he's just there to scare the sh*t out of you, haunt ur dreams and slice you up. Can't wait for the new Nightmare to come out. I got a feeling that Jackie is gonna knock this new Freddy out of the park and people will be in aw.
04/04/10 @ 05:42
It really does look like he has Downs Syndrome when you look at his eyes.

Robert Englund had such wide and imo scarier eyes.

Other than the eyes, he looks pretty badass
Diehard Dustin Lee · http://www.dieharddustinlee.com
04/04/10 @ 09:58

So sick of complaining about shit people had no handing in producing. You kids PAY MONEY to get autographs by these people...which makes you marks. They don't get online and go "Man, can't wait to see how badly I fucked this movie I made up...according to fanboy and chumchum." "Sure, it made MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars but the kid who dresses like HellRaiser more than once a year told me via message board that he didn't like it...guess we gotta do some re-shoots."

Get over yourself.
04/04/10 @ 15:43
Looks stupid to me, the movie will suck. Another stupid remake and the sheep will follow.
04/04/10 @ 16:12
@ diehard dustin lee

I probably would have said it with less vulgarity, but I agree 100 percent with you
04/04/10 @ 18:45
WOW Dustin Lee, didnt know you felt that passionately about people voicing there opinion. But .... did you just voice yours? I mean Im not saying your crying like the "Fat Lazy Fan Boys" that your referring to, but it does seem like you could use a nap. Come on guys, its fun to bitch about the things you love, and praise them at the same time. If no body had an obtuse opinion about the issues were reading on then the whole forum would be "yeah Dude" "Seriously" "I Totally Agree" and thats no fun.
Ill give you hand in that its true, the studios dont give two shits what we think, but we do. Isnt that why we post in the first place? Is to share our thoughts and opinions? Wow, looks like I just did the same thing. Damn, guess that makes me a fat lazy fan boy too, oh well I think Ill take a nap and get ready for what looks like to be an AWESOME re-take on my favorite horror series ever.

04/04/10 @ 19:22
04/05/10 @ 17:20
Great picture and it sounds like some other people sure are jealous all the sudden, lol!
04/05/10 @ 21:19
You guys are doing something right when the big bad bloody guys start picking on ya.

Nice pic of Fred. I am stoked for the remake.
04/05/10 @ 23:01
This pic and the new tv spot!!!!
that smell good!!!!
04/05/10 @ 23:46
I got one question:

why does the focus of this conversation sway from the article and horror alrogether?

it's beginning to remind me of another "horror news" site that is full of this and the main reason I don't visit the other site until I'm done checking this one out, lol.

keep this place laid back, fun and about horror.

oh, yeah, and free of Twilight. something the other place doesn't offer. :)
04/06/10 @ 01:37
Terrible, terrible, terrible. What an un-interesting make-up. The original Freddy has such a great make-up...it gives him so much character. This new design has nothing memorable about it...he's basically just a burn victim. Not looking forward to this remake...they need to leave well enough alone. Why can't anyone come up with a new idea anymore? They already destroyed The Fog with that terrible remake, as well as countless other classics...now they are gonna ruin Nightmare on Elm Street...so sad.
04/06/10 @ 05:35
the guy looks like a nut sack, i love freddy like everyoone else but this guy is too short, kinda like the mother from little people big world.
04/06/10 @ 19:19
u know im not afreddy fan im a die hard jason fan but fuck ill go see this cuz freedy does look pretty sick and sandra666 ur a twat lol
04/09/10 @ 21:46
NOES1 is my favorite all-time movie and I'm heartbroken they are redoing it, but of course, I must see it.
Kudos on getting the photo! I don't hate it. I like the creepy realism, but he's not Freddy, not really.
My biggest beef is that this movie seems to be not Nancy-centric. I LOVE Nancy's char.
Oh how I wish they had just made a new Nightmare 2!!!
04/20/10 @ 05:19
Mehh...its just not the same. will have to wait and see. still not happy with robert not being freddy :(
04/26/10 @ 20:34
To sum it all up,
That is some scary shit.
04/29/10 @ 11:36
I have to say... I like the make-up but not a fan of the face behind it. Plus will he have the same dry wit?
07/04/10 @ 09:29
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Jennifer Email
04/06/11 @ 03:09
ugh no!!!! This is not Freddy!!! No effing way!!!!! He looks like he has down syndrome man!!! no!!! Robert Englund is Freddy not this dude. no way. man, when rob was Freddy, I thought Freddy was hot. But this is just plain ugly
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05/04/11 @ 18:46
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07/24/11 @ 10:19
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