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When will THE WALKING DEAD Season 2 Start? We Have the Details...

With just 3 episode under our belt and just 3 more to go, the horror world has been buzzing about when the second season of Frank Darabont's hit zombie series THE WALKING DEAD will hit. Today we find out courtesy of AMC that a long wait is in store. Just how long do we have to wait? We have it after the break...

Follow up:

Nearly a full year says the cable network. According to our friends at The Hollywood Reporter AMC will launch the new 13-episode second season next October. Why the long wait? According to the source the network was so pleased with this years AMC Fearfest the prelude to the TV series that it wants that momentum again. Fearfest took over October on AMC showing tons of the very best in horror cinema all leading up to promoting the start of THE WALKING DEAD.

It makes sense. It will be hard to wait but the payoff will hopefully be worth it. We are just as interested in seeing Rick Grimes continue to do what he does best. But this is the smart more to make and we applaud the network for being patient and making sure they treat this show with the respect it deserves. Be sure to enjoy the next 3 episodes because it will be awhile before we see "walkers" getting axed to death again on basic cable.

Source: THR


Douche Mcanthroe
11/22/10 @ 17:11
In my opinion this show isnt that great due to the drama, i mean it started exactly how 28 days later started and really didnt have too much zombieage throughout the three episode's. But hey at least I watched them and am gonna watch the new episode. Hopefully a lot of them die without a big dramatic experience that takes 5 episodes to get through cause then it would be more horror like. We need more blood.
11/26/10 @ 21:09
mr douche your stupid this show is great
lydia Email
11/28/10 @ 23:50
i absolutely love this show. i am a die hard zombie fan and it was great to have a show with zombies. the dramas OK to because it is supposed to be real life drama just as in any show or movie. everything about the show is great even the killing scenes and i never miss an episode. i make sure to take off Sundays from work just to watch it. I LOVE ZOMBIES. if we had to choose an apocalyptic end to this earth or mankind i wish for zombies. Everything will be marshal law and survival of the fittest.
11/29/10 @ 00:39
I believe you mean to say "YOU'RE stupid."
12/04/10 @ 19:13
This is NOT a good idea on the network's part. I think it's a lot smarter to ride the momentum from the first season than to ride the momentum of 'fear month' or whatever. This was only a 6 episode season, NOT THAT MUCH HAPPENED, I don't think it'll be enough to ingrain itself into viewers minds and then make them wait a whole year. People will forget about the show.
jennifer Email
12/05/10 @ 22:27
I love this show! A year is a long time to wait but I know I will be watching it come next Oct. Hope they have more action but show is great!!
12/06/10 @ 14:04
I agree with Bobby, I love this show, but a year is a long time. I hope to remember to watch it come next October.
12/06/10 @ 16:41
oh no watch out the internet spell check police is out and about officer douchebag Elicia is on duty!
12/06/10 @ 22:40
This show is Great!!! The thought of waiting a year to watch it again sucks!!!
12/12/10 @ 20:59
I LOVE this show but am disappointed that they are going to make us wait until OCTOBER 2011 for it's return... not a good plan on AMC's part.
Benjamin Billick
12/29/10 @ 00:57
vego, are you serious? the internet is responsible for the slow death of the english language. we dont need people like you defending the partially illiterate.
wave your (or is it you're?) 'i am smrt' flag and be proud. douche.
01/21/11 @ 23:33
I for one love this show because I have every zombie movie ever made to old black and white horror clips to the new movies, I have over 9000 zombie movies so I enjoyed this movie (including zombies vs ninjas (the comedy)" so my reply to "Douche Mcanthroe" if this zombie series started with blood, gore, guts like most zombie movies, or at least zombie movies half way threw, this series would not be on going, it would just throw you into the action, what I believe the makers of this series was attempting to do is, gradually push us in the direction of the way the series is heading, so I myself love this series, so they had to drag it on and do a slow start, so the "actors" would know whats going on (not the people playing them but the series people), so that answers your question as to why you did not see people being ripped apart at first sight.

Best Brew Email
01/25/11 @ 05:04
Serious kudos to Vamp for the 9K! Wanna share the wealth?
swedish idiot
02/18/11 @ 05:59
I dont realy get why ALL the us series ALWAYS have so long breaks, it makes me mad! why relaese it when only some episodes are done its always the same i dont fucking understand :D
lui Email
03/01/11 @ 05:27
i watched all 6 episodes in one night thought it was great....hopefully they can shorten the wait.....but aswome show
03/10/11 @ 20:50
Me and my son would watch the show every sunday. Now days it seems like the only thing on t.v. are those dumbass reality shows i think its about time they brought something good on. so yea love the show but im with everyone else they didnt have to wait so long to air the 2nd seaason. cant wait to watch it
amc lover
03/12/11 @ 20:25
walking dead is the beast series ever so cool,i wonder what will happen next year
zombie dan
03/20/11 @ 07:56
I have the first season on BR and after watching the whole series i can tell it has nice production value the zombies look well done and the sounds and audio are crystal clean. the story line seems alright its not original and you can tell in places that they tried to hard to fill in areas too much . for instance scene where they was in Atlanta and they was in the building the whole town is empty but the small amount 100 or less zombies trying to get in. Now Atlanta has 540k in population its hard to believe that only 100 zombies is left. i know it is hard to get that many actors but they could have computer generated alot more filler effects . and also the base of operation being a few clicks from Atlanta and not being attacked from zombies til the end of season 1 is hard to believe with a town of 540k and the way southern winds blow crazy there would have been thousands on top of them within the hour.

to me its a great looking series , lacks more content sections where a handful of zombies appear in place of thousands , it is not original but hey there is alot of zombie movies out there thats hard to pull off .

i give this series a hard 7/10 i took off points for

-spotty acting in the last episode , -lack of content throughout the series
03/28/11 @ 16:54
To Zombie Dan- you seem to be either really smart or you looked up all that information. In reality, no one cares about that stuff. Most people don't even know any of that stuff you said. And it isn't supposed to be original. It's being redone based on the comic books. I'm not chewing you out. I'm just saying.
I love this show and don't think they should change a thing. Can't wait for next season. :) I wish they wouldn't have made us wait so long though.
04/22/11 @ 02:06
This is one of the best by far shows I have ever seen and I hope the Next one will be even better.. the only think i wish can be better is that I was one of the zombies lol.
05/09/11 @ 08:09
This is one of the best zombie flicks to date.....Out of all the zombie flicks i've seen, and i've seen them all, walking dead is the top, best made of them all.!!
05/10/11 @ 16:15
Hey anyone know when the next season starts?
5* Psychic Pamela Rivette Email · http://www.houston-psychic.com
06/03/11 @ 13:06
I myself have been a horror buff since childhood. I feel the only Zombie movies out there that can even come close to topping The Walking Dead would be the originals of Day of The Dead, and Dawn of the dead done by Romero.. The Walking Dead is an amazing show and I pray for many years of its production to be aired. It would also be cool for those of us whom don't have cable if Fox would pick up the older seasons Like they had done with Buffy The Vampire Slayer and so forth. I feel regular television can handle this type of production now days. I myself had to watch the entire 1st season on the internet instead of my larger screened television.
I am such a big fan of the deceased. I myself career wise am a psychic medium paranormal investigator. On my website I actually have real live e.v.p. recordings of the dead speaking. E.V.P. stands for electronic voice phenomena as in the White Noise movies...
Happy Zombie watching all.
with many blessings and Light & Love of God
mike easterling · http://facebook.com
06/05/11 @ 20:24
come on an play seanson 2
kevin zoss
06/07/11 @ 19:23
I can't wait til "movie" the walking dead season 2 come's out,season one was so sweet. I my self love anything to do with living dead,can't wait til the dead really walk this earth I hope it happends in my. Life time.
06/08/11 @ 01:44
this is a great post,thanks
06/08/11 @ 01:46
vous fashion.thank pour le partage
King Odin Email
06/18/11 @ 17:56
I think The Walking Dead is an amazing show and besides the fact that we have to wait so long for the 2nd season to start it's so nice for us zombie fanatics that there is finally a series worth watching!! All you haters can just turn the channel..
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06/25/11 @ 21:34
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07/13/11 @ 11:28
I am counting the days, I can’t stand all this waiting. I want The Walking Dead to start back up now! It’s hard to say after only one short season but it may be my favorite drama. I’m even more psyched this time around because this season I’ll actually get to watch it as it airs. Since I’m constantly on the road I usually just let my shows pile up on my DVR until I’m home for stretch, but now using DISH Network’s TV everywhere technology I’ll be able to stream it to my iPad in my hotel rooms! I can’t tell you how freeing it is to be able to stream all of my programming anywhere I go. There’s no monthly fee and it works great. It’s perfect for people who travel or live an on-the-go lifestyle. And as a DISH employee I’m extremely happy to say that there is no monthly fee for the TV everywhere service and there’s also a great offer to get the Sling Adapter (the necessary piece of equipment) free right now! This is definitely worth a few moments of your time to check out: http://bit.ly/mKO2XE especially if you live an on-the-move life or like me, travel a good deal.
07/13/11 @ 12:34
can't wait for the second season!!!! come on guys pleeeease.........hurry.
Ichiro(middle name)
09/28/11 @ 17:45
Hey I live in Atlanta. I can tell you now that there would be way more ZOMBIES!!!! As for the racist guy that still believes slavery is right, he would get them all killed. It's just I'm 12 years old and hell I know that shit will get me killed, if I was fighting the other survivors about something so stupid as race. For you Christians that believe blacks are beneath you lookie here "God created us in his own image." I mean I don't even go to church,but I know that you act right in church, so why not just be good after you leave church. Almighty god is watching remember. It is not Blasphemy it is the TRUTH. We are equal. And in zombie situations when this get sticky the best weapon is not a gun, attracts to much attention, silencers can malfunction(and every zombie in Atlanta just heard you cap one off, your signing your death warrant playing with guns). If you use your gun it is to risky could jam(now your pointing a broken weapon at a zombie saying oh fuck). Stay away from metro its gonna get crowded. Malls too dangerous. Downtown(your in hell) has traffic and every flesh-eating shit is going to be there until the food is gone. Well in Atlanta your screwed almost that's why I hate it here, if zombies come I'm fucked. Sticking in SMALL group is the best. Family,friends, and other survivors will get you killed for something stupid like: Get drunk, forget to lock door, waste ALL ammo on ONE ZOMBIE! Traveling in small groups is the most effective way of surviving. Staying off the main streets and highways. Keeping light luggage. Weapon maintenance is Very important(not gonna kill many zombies with a broken weapon). Health, if you can run your screwed, if you have asthma your screwed most likely if you have a condition that will affect you in ways such as thinking, fitness, logical answers, driving, intense pain, or if you have a phobia. If you have a phobia get over it or become zombie chow. If you want any questions answered about a zombie apocalypse survival guide e-mail me at ethanmunnerlyn@yahoo.com
06/29/12 @ 08:57
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