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Some articles need a revisit and this is one. Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry that blur the lines of reality these days and we still can't get a proper "slasher" esq video game. With Freddy Krueger the latest exploit in the "slasher" remakes how much sense would it make to have a multi video game platform release for one of horror's most successful franchises?...

Follow up:

From the days of Atari and the 8-bit era companies and studios have worked together to bring horror icons to life with various degrees of success. From block like figures trying to stab babysitters in the Atari version of John Carpenter's 1978 HALLOWEEN movie to the purple and teal green Jason Voorhees appearing on the original Nintendo, horror has tried and been somewhat successful when appealing to gamers.

Flash forward to 2010 and although we have had our share of horror games (Resident Evil, Silent Hill) and even the recent release of a SAW video game studios have pitched the idea and have made money by the bucket loads. With that being said why has it been a nearly 30 year gap sense we have seen the presence of a slasher icon such as Freddy, Jason, Letherface or Myers? With today's technology one can only beat their heads against a wall so many times asking themselves that very question.

THE EVIL DEAD series has played out in video game land with moderate success and with publishers and studios always looking for the next big thing one has to wonder why a "Nightmare" game wouldn't be a brilliant idea releasing along side a reboot to the series as we just experienced this past weekend. Having been a gamer all my life and having recently played Playstation 3's phenomenal HEAVY RAIN (review here) my mind can only wonder even more why this hasn't happened.

Taking a game like HEAVY RAIN for instance seems to be a perfect blue print for a NIGHTMARE or FRIDAY THE 13th game. Playing the role of various victims, based on different actions and decisions you either live or die or the story changes and arcs to fit around the storyline. Are we missing something here?

Has their been a block for some reason to keep these types of games from being made? This could even be a time portal to revisit older movies such as the original NIGHTMARE franchise and relive some of the great moments all while creating new ones. It would seem as if Hollywood and the gaming industry are ignoring what one would think would be very profitable ideas.

At what point in my life am I going to get to play either against my favorite slasher icon or as my favorite slasher icon? There is money to be made. With dolls being sold, posters, figures, masks, props and everything else under the sun why can't a decent video game be made?

When we talked to the horror community recently though another similar article the feeling is overwhelming. Everyone would LOVE to see a slasher video game in the works. Good or bad at least it would be a start of something that could be worked and tweaked into something playable down the road. Not only that but it would turn a whole new generation of individuals onto a new property or horror in general. That can't be a bad thing dollar wise.

I would like to ask this directly to the studios and publishers such as Brad Fuller who just help produce the Nightmare remake which we personally enjoyed a lot. Why hasn't or why can't this be done? Our voices need to be heard. We shouldn't have to wait another 30 years to chase Jason into a cabin or see what Freddy can throw at us in dreamland.

If you're a horror fan gamer and want to see this happen let your voices be heard below. With enough support you may just be surprised what this mighty community can get done. Studio execs, if you read this, just some answers would be nice. Throw us something....anything! Until that time comes we are just going to sit here and throw our gaming dollars to Japanese horror titles and other garbage that gets our horror rocks off.

That is the end of the rant but this can be the birth of new ideas. Let your voices be heard. With enough people behind this idea this can and will happen. Together you can make a difference. Dreams or should we say nightmares can come true. Thanks and via la horror revolution!

Original Article by: HorrorBid


05/07/10 @ 02:50
Sign me up as the first one to sign this petition!!!

Great read as usual! With everyone getting together this has to happen!
05/07/10 @ 02:52
I second that motion! I'm pushing my chips all in. I would be the first in line to buy it. The simple fact that this hasn't happened yet is mind boggling and it will hopefully take something like this to get things moving!
05/07/10 @ 04:49
Count me in. I've been gagging for a descent horror movie game tie in since I was a kid, My one condition is they spend a little bit more in development than they did on Saw which played ok if not a little clunky and linear but looked as though it was made 5years before it was released.
05/07/10 @ 05:27
This is great. I've been wishing for a Nightmare On Elm Street game for at least 13 years now. I'd just have to say that if they did make one I would much rather play as Freddy than against him. Maybe it would be best to have 2 game modes. That way you could have it both ways.
05/07/10 @ 07:16
im in!!!!
05/07/10 @ 07:32
I definently think this could happen. If there were a company willing to do this that actually has a good storyline for a game, it could work.
With the success of horror-themed games, most recently Dead Space a game based around Krueger or even Jason would do really well as long as it's just not a cheap way to make money off the movies.
What i'm hoping for is to be able to choose between being a "Victim" or the "Killer", so you could play as say, Nancy or Freddy. That'd be pretty cool.
Oh, and great article as usual, guys.
05/07/10 @ 07:34
shit yo i would play it for sure
Warchief13 Email
05/07/10 @ 07:43
Oh wow Deja vu I was just thinking about this just this past week, and then you guys come up with this article.
You definitely would have to have a good story behind this. One thing I'm totally against is and have seen many times which others as well is turn out a video game based on a movie franchise...they're worthless!!
Studios push them out to make a quick buck knowing the fans want it. So if the studios do decide watch your selves you could be delving into a nightmare you may not want to face...
Austin Greer
05/07/10 @ 08:25
This idea sounds sick! As long as you get a good developer then this game could be good. The question is, should we play as Freddy or as the tormented teens? I think it should go both ways and let us play as both, similar to Aliens Vs Predator!
05/07/10 @ 10:23
I would KILL for a slasher video game (pun intended). Too bad 98% of movie based games suck!
ray ray
05/07/10 @ 12:03
Perfect! Do It! But remember developers, take your time with the game. Nightmare would be good if it was like Heavy Rain. The kids experiencing micro naps trying to stay awake. I can just picture in my head the potential of a game like that would be. Take 3 or 4 years, top notch graphics n a good story for each character like in Mass Effect 2..dont half ass it =) Im IN!
05/07/10 @ 12:13
i am their 100% horror movies are awsome and the video game would be just as awsome i even have all the older slasher games and damn i still play them yeah i have a playstation 3 but no slasher games i always go back to old teck to play them so i am here and ready to fight for this
Andrew Saunders
05/07/10 @ 12:42
I'm in!
05/07/10 @ 13:51
i am up for a new nightmare on elm st game hopefully it will be better graphics then the origenal
05/07/10 @ 14:06
there was a nightmare on elm street game on the nintendo around the the time the f-13 game came out and it was AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
05/07/10 @ 15:03
Sign me up
05/07/10 @ 15:16
I've been wondering the same thing! I too just played HEAVY RAIN! I agree, seems like the perfect strategy for one of these games! I'd love a NIGHTMARE on ELM STREET game! HALLOWEEN too!!!
05/07/10 @ 15:21
I think that the reason we haven't seen a slasher-themed game for these newer consoles is really due to the lack of gameplay options it would provide. There is only so much you could do with Myers, Leatherface, and Jason; All of these guys are fairly one-dimensional and are only really effective in specific environments. That's one reason why those old games were effective on the older, more basic consoles like Atari. Gamers today want tons gameplay modes and as many options as possible. The more there is to do, the better. Production companies know this, and the uncertainty of a game like that on the market today is probably stopping them from taking a shot. I'm not saying that making a game like this is impossible, I'm just thinking that the challenge of making something like that succeed in today's gaming community might be too great for these large companies to undertake.

That's why Freddy is definitely the best candidate for an effective game for these newer consoles. With Freddy, your options are virtually limitless. The potential for great visuals is there, plus the story could have you doing anything, anywhere. I'm all for it as long as it's done right.
Zack Rabbers
05/07/10 @ 15:53
THey should make a nightmare game that should let the players choose to be freddy or his victims
05/07/10 @ 16:25
Yea count me in on this one also I would love to see a cool Elm Street game and Friday The 13th game
05/07/10 @ 17:23
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see and play slasher video games. Expecially Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees!....OMg and Texas Chainsaw massacre! That would be soooooo badass!!
05/07/10 @ 17:27
Speaking as a gamer, and knowing how games are made from the actual programing, to the decision making, I'm fairly doubtful we'll see one actually made, and if we do, I worry it'll be rushed, and a mess. The basic big point here, is there isn't enough to make a game on. The old NES Nightmare game was AWESOME! I still have it, and play it LOL But, that was a little different age for gaming, and that game brought to 360 or PS3 is a disaster. A game has to have enough action to hold the attention of the player for hours on end, and with Nightmare, Friday, and TCM even, they just don't have that without straying so far from the storylines (like the NES games did) that they become bastardized versions of themselves, get terrible reviews, and tank hard. And any game company can and will see that, and stay as far away as they can, just a couple bad games and a studio can go down in this market.
Jason Disbrow
05/07/10 @ 18:55
I'm totally in for this sign me up. I want a nightmare on elm street game made for my ps3, they have alot of potential right now tomake these games nowadays. The dream sequences would look awesome with the graphics they got today, and they can give us all the versions of freddy to play with and all of the nightmare survivors.
05/07/10 @ 19:46
Instead of making a game on 1 title, how about multiple? You could choose to either be Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, etc and it could be like GTA where it could have sandbox/free world possibilitys. "Safehouese" (dreamworld, crystal lake, sawyer residents) could be where the players starts and their could be missions (like GTA) that need to be completed to get to a different scenario and safehouse (level 1: boiler room, level 2: preschool, and the same type of thing for the other playable characters). And there should also be side missions where you play as a victim.

Anyways that's just my two cents...
05/07/10 @ 20:14
05/07/10 @ 20:22
A new elm street video game. Sign me up! I would love to see Freddy, Jason, Micheal, heck all of the slashers in a 360/PS3 game. That would be awesome!
Lil' Chucky
05/07/10 @ 21:18
I support this!
10010people.net Email
05/08/10 @ 01:42
They have to make these games! Ive been wanting to slice people up as jason, freddy or myers On Tha Xbox or Ps3... BRING ON NIGHTMARE ON THE ELM STREET GAME!
05/08/10 @ 02:59
oh man i remember the video game that came out for the nintendo it was BORING but im in if i can get my hands on a sweet slasher game worth while
05/09/10 @ 06:01
Awesome idea. But the sad truth of it is that even if all the stated problems weren't factors, copyrights would still bite us all in the ass. I highly doubt all the studios would band together for a multi-franchise game.

And as for a NOES game on its own, sadly im gonna have to agree with alot of the other posts that there really isnt enough substance to put into a game. Especially the way gamers are these days.

Well, at least we still have Terror-drome,right?
05/09/10 @ 20:10
I completely support this, I would love for this to happen, please Microsoft, Sony, someone make this game happen. How great woould it be for Capcom to make this? My two favorite things coming together; A Nightmare On Elm Street + Capcom = Epic Fucking win.
05/09/10 @ 23:53
I had always thought of this being done, there was a game on the Halloween remake site at first where your were michael, but it was really short.

I dont play too many video games, but i would not only buy a video game like this, but buy whatever game system i would need to play it!
05/10/10 @ 16:55
I like the idea of a game like this being to the framework of Heavy Rain
05/11/10 @ 02:29
Dude, you know it!! Sighn me up!! To be honest I would love to see something like that Horrordrome game, a big battle royle (street fighter esq) with all the old school slashers, fighting to each other for the right to leave Hell and start there reign all over again .... hmmm not a bad plot if I do say so myself mwahahaha. Still, any slasher game would be a nice change, it could really be the start of something different you know?
05/11/10 @ 08:17
This was an awesome article, i would love to have a video game off Freddy Krueger, to be Freddy Krueger or to be against Freddy Krueger would be kickass! it would be a top seller! No dobut about it everyone would be lined up to get this game, i think it would be a very popular game, actually i know it would be a very popular game.
05/11/10 @ 08:18
This was an awesome article, i would love to have a video game off Freddy Krueger, to be Freddy Krueger or to be against Freddy Krueger would be kickass! it would be a top seller! No dobut about it everyone would be lined up to get this game, i think it would be a very popular game, actually i know it would be a very popular game.
Seph Email
05/11/10 @ 18:17
It would be stupid not to make a video game based on this. There hasn't been a horror game based off a movie in forever and there has never been a good one, so break the mold!
Richard Vargas
05/14/10 @ 15:37
I´m in!!!!

definitely! hopefully they make a game in which as the game progresses it´ll be harder to stay awake or something!!
05/15/10 @ 16:32
I'm all in for this! Sign me up!
05/15/10 @ 20:34
I'm in. This idea would not only make more money than any existing video game, but even if it's crap, people will still lust for it in it's junkyard entirity, just to be able to live inside their favorite iconic horror flick. I, personally, would no-doubt play the game over and over again, every single day. Even the re-make bashers would pick these games up. Let's do this.
ObsidianJustice Email
05/15/10 @ 22:23
I don't think the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise would work well, as much as I'd like it to, because Freddy's 'games' are really complex and random. However, what if there was a muliplayer game where one player takes the role of say, Michael Myers, in a house, and everyone else plays victims trying to escape him, I think that'd be pretty cool.
06/01/10 @ 14:52
I personally do not play video games, but if they were to make a video game featuring any horror movie icon, especially Freddy I would buy whatever game system required and the game. Even if the game totally sucked I would still be a fan
06/05/10 @ 01:09
I for one have always been a huge nightmare on elmstreet fan. I Also for a longtime have wanted a nightmare on elmstreet game. One way to do it is maybe to contact a gaming company on their site and let them know that they should do that. They would get make money. off of that.
06/08/10 @ 20:45
im all for this just dont let it turn out like alien vs predator for the 360....PLEASE!!!
Diehard Dustin Lee · http://www.dieharddesigns.com
06/27/10 @ 14:25
Man, I totally disagree about the "not" being able to do this movie-crowd. 20 years ago a movie like the "The Expendables" would not have been made. Packed with stars nobody ever dreamed would do a pic together. So it's not impossible...Being around the rasslin' biz for long makes you realize that anything is possible, especially if it makes "cents.".

Love the Halloween game idea with online play where victims try to escape a hospital or a boarded up old Myers' house while 1 player is "it."

What if it was like GTA? You, as Michael Myers, have to escape from Smith's Grove Sanitarium. You can use any weapon you find, even guns, and you have to fight off so many police... Hide in shadows like Manhunt...go through sewers...steal vehicles...get you cover all...stealrope, knives, and a mask...finish objectives like pumpkin stealing and carving....steal a tombstone...etc.

Another mode could be 1 person as Mikey, the rest as cops and Dr. Loomis with guns. Mikey is trying to break in the house and kill people without being seen or heard. And another mode where all the players have to find Mikey in Haddonfield.

Have the 1 player mode have every movie's individual style and look and missions. From Tommy Doyle to Josh Hartnet yo Busta Rhymes to the crazy local DJ...they're still alive and can do voices for the movie.

The game makers would have to be a creative bunch who want to prove that this can be done and done right. Have all the soundtracks...extra footage..."save a kill" to compare and share your most creative murders...a free Xbox avatar from the movies...discount on the movies o Zune as well as a simultaneous release of all the Halloween movies in HD on Live Market Place. So much fun and money to be had...it has to happen!
Jeremy Molinari Email
07/06/10 @ 11:16
I agree. A video game based off of this new nightmare on elm street would be amazing. Maybe after you complete the main plot as Nancy and the other teenagers, you could play as Freddy!
08/30/10 @ 14:58
make it happen
Roger Sallee
10/12/10 @ 10:36
T have been waiting on a nightmare on elm street and the friday the 13th franchises to get there own games for years now.I played the old ones for the nintendo entertainment system and beat them several times.It's very frustrating as the years come and go and there's still know game.I have not giv'en up complete hope that the game makers will come to there senses,but it's not as easy to be optamistic as the years pass and me and other fans keep on being disapointed.I don't play as many games as I used to because of that reason and I might give up on gaming permenently if the gameing industry does not do the right thing by making these games.The fact is that the big game company's don't care about the fans because they are making so much money,but if fans of the film series would stop buying there other horror games they might begin to get more serious about it.If some of the horror websites would do a petition on there sites that could help.Im going to keep hoping that this tragedy will come to an end and will have games for those franchises in the future,but the horror website's out there and the rest of the fans have to do there part to force it to happen.
that guy people joke about, you know the one
11/09/10 @ 21:18
i would pay a good 150 dollars to get a friday the 13th or nightmare game, i wanna' kill some butt-****ing teens, that would be shweet
11/29/10 @ 10:56
Im asking all horror fans out there to go to the message boards on as many horror sites as you can think of and ask them to send letters and email to the video game companies asking for a nightmare on elm street and friday the 13th video game and ask them to ask other fans to do the same.If alot of people bumbared them with letters and emails then they will have no choice but to come out with those games.I beleve sending written letters is the best way,but it won't hurt to send them an email also.
scott larson
12/02/10 @ 22:30
I would love a freddy game I'm a huge fan of the nightmare series playing as freddy would be great however it would need to be more like a god of war style game rather than trying to follow the movie plots. Create a new chapter thru the video game world maybe a prequil freddys fight thru the demons of hell so he can get his everlasting life. The demons want him there and are trying to hold him there but freddy wants out and he will have to prove he is strong enough to make it back to the human world. I dono just an idea. Or maybe freddy breaking out of dreamland and is out on the streets killing anything he can get his hands on. Anything ill take anything even if it sucks ill still buy it to display the case with the rest of my freddy stuff..... hope someone makes it
12/07/10 @ 16:14
you know i thought about this for a while and then i stumbled on to this site and found an army of people that had the same thought.i think freddy would be a perfect choice to stalk the dreams of the gaming world.best part is that there are the victims you know and admire...and then there are even more teens that he had to slaughtered that you dont know about.giving a vision of fresh eyes though the gamer as one of those many characters to make it through the nighmare..or fall prey to the blades of this maniac that the world loves so much.they got my money if it were to happen...heck i thought about drafting scripts for a living maybe this could be a passion project for me.
12/07/10 @ 16:23
HELL YES! IM IN!!!!!!!!
Douche Mcanthroe
12/07/10 @ 16:24
it would be better to make it like world of warcraft and create ur own horror villian or just pick old horror villians
Thomas R.
12/07/10 @ 16:30
Count Me In I would love to see this happen, I think it well pass it's time, We got two crappy but yet classic games of Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday On The 13th on the NES, I love them even though, they are lame, But I would love to see both of these hit the PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, and Wii. I know for a fact it would sell, it a win situatation for both the game companies and the horror fans.
12/07/10 @ 16:30
this game would be kickass. SIGN ME UP!!!!
12/07/10 @ 16:40
Bring terrordrome the fighting game to xbox and PC rather then just hidden away on the internet to download i say :)
12/07/10 @ 16:41
I ment xbox and ps3 :P really should preview my comments 1st lol
12/07/10 @ 17:42
Hell ya why not!?
12/07/10 @ 18:22
Count me in as well I would love to finally see a Freddy game or Jason game
12/07/10 @ 18:23
I think a slasher video game would be fucken amazing.
12/07/10 @ 18:47
all I want is a Halloween video game! Killing babysitters all around the U.S in creative fun ways. That would be the best video game ever!
Adam W(Axeman82)
12/07/10 @ 18:52
I am 100% down for this. I have been waiting far too long for a fresh new horror video game. We has TCM, Halloween, Nightmare on elm street and friday the 13th on atari,commodore and the nes. Not the greatest games but hey it was something. With all the advancement in video game technology you would think that these huge horror franchises would get a new video game release. I enjoyed the evil dead games that have been released on the pc, and playstation 2/xbox, but for me i would love to see either a new nightmare, halloween or my personal fave, Friday the 13th game come to be. Of all the horror movies to be made into a game over the last few years, why did it have to be saw? It doesn't have the legacy as the other great franchises. I say with what was done with the new ghostbusters game that there is serious potential for a really great horror game. Wether it be a fighting game like Terrordrome was or a rpg or however it can be conceived i think it should be done. It could have an indepth story mode, option to play as hero or villan tons of extra content and unlockables and loads more. This really needs to happen. Honestly think about it, How could would it be to play a game of the psycho series which could go through the story for all films and even have black and white for the first part. Also option to play as norman/mother and rent out cabins and have to stealthly change into mother and kill, or be the victims trying to survive. There is just so much that could be done here and would make money hand over fist and if the big companies don't see this then they are more empty headed then a corpse.
ghd straighteners · http://www.fashionhairfu.com/
12/07/10 @ 20:32
Tomorrow is another day , should have new features.
12/08/10 @ 05:24
IM SICK OF THIS STORY POPPING UP WEN IT SAY "NOES-VIDEO GAME" WEN ITS NOT EVEN TRUE!!!!! FUCK OFF!!!! or write (should happen) after, fucking tease!
12/08/10 @ 09:41
I always have wait for a nightmare on elm street next-gen videogame.
12/08/10 @ 14:56
a street fighter-esque game featuring all horror/sci-fi killers wouldnt suck.
TS Email
12/08/10 @ 15:27
DUDE stop posting stupid stories that are not news. Let me know when they are REALLY making a freddy game but until then...I don't care about hearing you be nostalgic. You do this all the time and it's bushleague.
Sephit Email
12/09/10 @ 03:10
Great idea, If a slasher game was made, not only would it be the shit but it would also gain a ton of revenue. It's funny because the industry is scared to take chances with something risque but they don't realize that risque is what the public wants and needs1

and "TS" is just a hater...
Marco Antonio Garcia
12/10/10 @ 12:05
I completely agree with you!
12/11/10 @ 18:17
Yes they should make A Ngihtmare on Elm Street videogame
12/12/10 @ 14:53
they should do it! & while they're at it make it like call of duty or something. where it's an online multiplayer game, where we can choose to go in alone or with a group of people playing live. how b-a would that end up actually being?
04/17/11 @ 20:54
I beleve it's very important for the slasher icons like freddy and jason to have there own games.It makes no sense why they don't since Warner who owns Newline has there own game company (Warner Games).I beleve if us fans write them and tell them we want A nightmare on Elm street and Friday the 13th game it would raise our odds of getting them.I would like to see the games be set up where the player has to fight them rather than having it set up where you have to play as Freddy and Jason because I think that would get too boring after awhile where as if you play against them you can go hunt for weapons while your looking over your shoulder waiting for them to jump out.Now that would be an awesome game.Right in to Warner Games and let your opinion be heard because there not going to know you want the games if you don't tell them and if they don't comply then it's safe to assume that they really don't care about horror movie fans and that's just ashame.
jordan medina
07/22/11 @ 15:18
Of course it must be made, problem is it has to be made by Konami or Capcom, no those fucked up companies that doesn't know how to make it in the right way no stupid spiders o monters to laught about REAL HORROR like silent hill, Obscure or maybe Rockstar games with Manhunt
07/23/11 @ 17:41
Hell yeah! Maybe like a AVP form to where you combine ALL 7 (If you include Wes Carvens make) or a totaly new storyline! But yeah have the choice of playing Freddy or a Teenager maybe... but don't f'up like MK and the remake! I mean come on if Robert Eungland ain't Freddy... WHY BOTHER?! I mean he is the orginal and the 2010 movieI haven't watched cause they got some dude I don't even care about being Freddy and yeah Freddy just looks diffrent. It's like they are purposely trying to massacre and destroy the possibly greatest character/actor of all time in the horror indusrty! Anyway YES YES YES! Get a Nightmare On Elm Street ps3 game out with Freddy looking like he did back in the late 80's (THE ORIGINAL!) And yeah I would be ore then happy to pay for it no doubt!
Fermin Perez
10/18/11 @ 22:44
If they can put Freddy in Mortal Kombat, He should have his own game for PS3 or Xbox 360
Jason Email
10/26/11 @ 14:01
Dude I know a horror game with that magnitude would sell but who wants to play as a victim fuck that play as the killer. I would perfer to play as Micheal Myers out of anyone cause micheal is my favorite slasher. They would make money sure but maybe they cant make those games for this gens systems, they might be to graphic which I would love. To just go around a kill people as Myers, Jason or Freddy would be kick-ass. Except this as my vote to make this happen. Bring On The Blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/24/11 @ 18:16
I would love to see this game happen freddy is my favorite character in the slasher series
03/12/12 @ 22:57
I will also sign a petition I have also been wanted a game like this for a long time to.
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unitar se face in momentul INCASARII MESEI
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- Controlul vanzarilor pe ospatar in timp real (cantitativ si valoric) - Controlul vanzarilor totale in timp real (cantitativ si valoric) -
Rapoarte cantitativ – valorice – procentuale pe grupele de produse si pe fiecare produs in parte.
- Listare NIR la pret de achizitie sau de vanzare.
- Fisa Magazie pe produs pe perioada. - Grafice vanzari pe orele zilei
sau pe zilele saptamanii Sistemul software va mai ofera urmatoarele avantaje:
Reducerea erorii umane in calculul notelor de plata si
a stocurilor. Eliberarea automata a bonurilor fiscale (pt DATEX MP55 sau compatibile cu PC) Siguranta datelor – HORECA MANAGER ofera siguranta
datelor in sistem cu nivele de acces distincte pentru angajat si pt Administrator.
Promptitudine si reactie rapida la comenzile utilizatorilor.
Se pot utiliza un numar nelimitat de produse grupate in categorii.
Interfata foarte prietenoasa, customizabila pt fiecare client.
Reducerea costurilor prin o corecta gestionare a materiilor
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Data si ora intrarii in tura precum si a iesirii,Numarul
de comenzi servite,Valoare vanzari desfasurata pe categoriile de plata (Numerar,Card,Protocol) Softul functioneaza si pe varianta
MONOPOST – un singur calculator sau in varianta de RETEA.
Cel mai importatnt avantaj este controlul de oriunde din lume cu ajutorul internetului conectandu-va si vizualizand in timp real ce se intampla
la firma dumneavoastra. Softul este structurat pe sistemul: -DESCHIDERE ZI -> -INTRARE IN TURA OSPATAR - >-EFECTUARE VANZARI -> -IESIRE DIN TURA OSPATAR - >-INCHIDERE ZI Se seteaza mesele dupa designul locatiei incat ele sa fie usor de identificat pt ospatari. O masa la care s-a luat comanda este colorata in rosu si are inscriptionat numele ospatarului care se ocupa de acea masa. Interfata de introducere a comenzii este foarte usor de utilizat. Doar prin apasarea zonei corespunzatoare categoriei, zona de produse se populeaza cu cele din categoria selectata. Se listeaza bonurile de comanda. Apoi se elibereaza nota de plata si bonul fiscal. Raportul de vanzari ne ofera informatii complexe asupra vanzarilor cantitativ – valoric si procentual odata pe CATEGORII DE PRODUSE cat si amanuntit pe fiecare produs vandut in parte. -Calcul CONSUM Materii prime pentru orice perioada selectata. (se poate defalca pe modalitati de plata!) Toate Rapoartele se exporta in EXCEL Interfata de Introducere Produse Meniu foarte usor de lucrat in ea. De aici se poate introduce un produs NOU sau modifica un produs vechi - Schimbare PRET sau DENUMIRE. Tot de aici se si sterge un produs existent in lista meniu. Grafice vanzari pe orele zilei si zilele saptamanii va ofera o imagine a evolutiei in timp a firmei dvs. Optim pentru gestionarea angajatiilor prin suplimentarea in perioade de varf daca e necesar. Interfata de INCHIDERE ZI poate fi consultata oricand pentru a afla vanzarile in timp real, imparite pe metode de plata si fiecare pe gestiuni, precum si valoarea vanzarilor inclus MESELE NEINCASATE INCA. http://www.ab-soft.ro
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