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Ohhhhh will nothing be sacred when this eventually happens and who are we kidding? It's going to happen and just a matter of when at this point. We've heard from the mouth of the man himself, Sam Raimi (director of the Evil Dead series), that eventually we would see a Bruce Campbell-less remake. But how will it all play out?...

Follow up:

UPDATE: January 24th, 2011 - Shortly after doing this article we received this breaking news about the actual possibility of an EVIl DEAD remake. CLICK HERE TO READ THAT NEWS STORY.

You have one of two options. Move forward finally after the decade long teasing of an Evil Dead 4 with Bruce Campbell reprising his role as the deadite slayer, Ash. That has its positives and negatives with horror fans and hardcore fans of the series in itself. On one hand you have the B-movie legend Bruce Campbell back in a role most think only he could fill but you have such a gap in time from the last film "Army of Darkness". Add to that the factor, Bruce's age. We may like to think of S-Mart's finest as immortal but even Bruce Campbell ages. You build the story where "Army" left off and we once again see Bruce battle whatever the Necronomicon can throw at him. It's an option that many of us would actually applaud. Although many of the same group would admit it would be tough pressed to match the first 3 in any way shape or form. The proverbial catching lighting in a bottle. Would it work this many years later? With this much anticipation?

Or you go the remake route. Even if the top idea ever does see the light of day an Evil Dead remake is only a matter of time. We can almost bet the farm before you take your last breath you will have witnessed a reboot of the cult franchise. So who could pull it off. Would they take the film serious. Many casual fans think of Evil Dead as more of a comedy mixed with horror picture when in reality the first installment was very visceral, very in your face and the cocky one liners, well they we're at a minimum at best.

It's hard to swallow we understand. We've all seen our horror franchises taken one by one and retooled for today's audience. Some of them even using the glossy coat of 3-D to put more of us in the theaters. But that was other horror franchises. This is the Evil Dead. This is the Star Wars of horror land. Evil Dead fans are a unique breed, ones that take their film far more serious than Raimi could have ever imagined.

Will an Evil Dead remake work? Could their be a replacement for the irreplaceable phenom known as Bruce Campbell? Time will surely answer these questions. We would love to see a new generation turned onto the brilliant films that we grew up with. To witness the series for what it truly was. But can we live with someone else plucking the strings of our favorite guitar? It won't be easy. But the legend that the first 3 films have created will never die no matter what sugar coated, 3-D fest they throw at us.

We want to hear from all you Bidites out there. Would an Evil Dead remake work? Would it be good for the franchise to reboot and introduce the world to a new cabin in the woods? Let Sam Raimi know what you the fans truly want.

Source: HorrorBid


03/29/10 @ 17:01
Great article. If we get a Bruce Campbell less Evil Dead I am blowing my brains out. There I said it!
Doll Email
03/29/10 @ 17:02
I don't think a remake would work. It wouldn't be the same with fancy special effects, big budgets, and popular young actors. If the younger generation wants to get into it, find the original.
As for a sequel, I would love to see Bruce Campbell kicking some deadite ass again but it should probably remain a trilogy.
Brock Papineau
03/29/10 @ 18:08
I'm sick of all the fuckin'remakes as it is. I wouldn't mind an Evil Dead remake as long as Sam Raimi did it.I bet there's probably scenes he wanted to put in the original but couldn't for some reason. But I'd rather see an Evil Dead 4 than a remake .It actually should be Evil Dead 3.Army of Darkness was a different title.
03/29/10 @ 18:11
No. A remake will not work. It's almost sacrilegious, regardless that Bruce is my hero. Seriously, it would be like remaking Star Wars. And sad to say, there are probably some shleps that did think of that, but luckily Lucas owns the rights and that will never happen (except maybe by himself, yet again)

A sequel, however, will probably work, even if I don't think it's needed except for the sole purposed of preventing a remake. I rather take a sequel than a remake, any day, no matter how bad it can be. Another example: Indiana Jones 4, it is still better than an idea of a remake.

And I don't think Age is not an issue, either. Bruce is still in prime shape to kick undead ass any day! And if Harrison Ford can do it... so can Bruce!
Eric Johnson
03/29/10 @ 19:02
I agree with you Brock - except that I think Army of Darkness should have had Raimi's original title, Medieval Dead. Come on, that name is classic.
03/29/10 @ 19:04
I think a remake will suck. All the remakes of all the classics so far have sucked. Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Hills Have Eyes, The Last House on the Left...need I go on? I think it will only work if it is Rami remaking his own movie. Other then that horror fans can expect another slap in the face with another crappy remake. But if it is remade who will play Ash? Bruce Campbell's shoes are big ones to fill!!
the jaded viewer · http://jadedviewer.blogspot.com
03/29/10 @ 20:36
I mean Raimi already remade his own film which was esentially ED2. You'd be remaking a remake of a movie.

Arghhhh. The space time contiuum would explode.

03/29/10 @ 20:59
Great Article as always guys. I think I'm in the majority with this hate on the concept of an Evil Dead remake, but I'm not blind to the reality that it WILL happen. There is no way to avoid it, it WILL happen regardless if we want it to or not. With that being said I can only pray that it doesn't blow as bad as I think it would. The classic effects used at the time of Evil Dead is one of the things that made it great, same with Evil Dead 2 and AOD. New age effects and CGI will just take away that gritty in your face feel that those movie brought. To see a Bruce Campbell-less Evil Dead is a slap in the face as it is, even more so I think then a Robert Englund-less NOES. But, as you guys so tactfully pointed out, The Evil Dead trilogy for lack of a better comparison if the Holy Trilogy of most hard core Horror Fans. The original Evil Dead is one of those defining films for our entire genre. Would I pay to see a 50 or 60 or even 70 year old Bruce Campbell playing Ash and taking out Deadites? ABSOFUCKINGLUTLY!!!!! Opening night!!! Though Im not lost on the reality. We may or may not get that Evil Dead 4, but the reality of the remake is unavoidable. MAybe we will get lucky and the character Ash will be written out completely and the only connection the remake will have with the franchise is the name only. But, I doubt it.
03/29/10 @ 23:21
Kill me if you will, but if there is an Evil Dead remake my ass in the seat! ITS EVIL DEAD FOR FUCKS SAKE. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THAT HAPPEN, bu if it does, as a devoted Evil Dead fan I will be there. BUT DONT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!! There is an homemade quality that makes it's that much scarier! It seems that much more real! It has an irreplicable hommade sense that should never be tampered with! DO NOT FUCK UP SAMS EVIL DEAD! And I don't. Care if there is a sequel or not. I love the three and I don't want to see it messed upbut I'm curious what they would do with it now.

That is my piece thank you
Jerome R.
03/30/10 @ 01:04
This seems somewhat unique in that Sam Raimi The guy who created this film is in a position to remake it himself. Far too often film makers loose the rights to their films and they get disrespected by having a bunch of crap sequels made or worse bad remakes made. But if he has the rights and he chooses to remake Evil Dead I say more power to him. At least he will make it the way he wants and it will be his film.

And we as fans can like it or lump it based on the film he comes up with not be like so and so messed everything up. Good or bad it will be the person who brought his original idea to life on film giving us a new version of that idea. Any way I would give it a look see if and when it ever comes out.
Joshua L
03/30/10 @ 14:27
It would be every fans dream to see a 4th Evil Dead movie. And would be so simple to continue the story. Ash (in his 50s) still blowing away deadites in todays time. A Re-animator sequel would still work, a Ghostbusters 3 with the original Ghostbusters is about to happen, Evil Dead 4 is the dream movie. Hell, I would take a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash movie over a remake any day.
03/30/10 @ 17:20
A Sequel would be 10X better than a crappy remake, you just can't remake the evil dead. Plus knowing filmmakers nowadays they'd use CGI. I hope that isn't the case for Evil Dead IV. if it does see the light of day.
03/30/10 @ 18:12
As a fan of the original I dont want to see a reamake, but i know it will happen no matter what anyone says. My hopes is that they take it away from Raimi. Now i know that sounds like hippocracy but think about the last movies he has done. They are horrible we all seen what he did to Venom. Hollywood if u are going to go forth and remake the greatest trilogy in Horror do us all a favor find a Fanboy that can direct the remake. Also dont let it be a reimagining but a true remake. Buy the original script and redo if from that. As far as BRUCE not being in it that will suck hard. but for most of us that have seen the EOD the musical, there is someone somewhere in this world that will look enough like a young Bruce that can possibly pull it off. That being said i really dont wanna see a remake but will i see it if and when it happens of course i will so i can trash it when it sucks.
03/30/10 @ 19:03
ok i say please not remake because we have been slaped with all these remakes lately and i think no one would see an EVIL DEAD 4 coming it would hit everyone by suprise it would be like this REMAKE REMAKE REMAKE the (BOOMSTIKE) EVIL DEAD FOUR damn that jusr rolles right off the tounge because ASH does not have a 3 hour make up for these movies so really no matter who we would get to play ASH everyone and there brother maybe even their sister would bitch about it yes even me! and i just have to say FUCK age BRUCE CAMPBELL is the man no matter how old look at BUBBA HO-TEP we already know he can play a bad ass old guy so come on EVIL DEAD 4
Gaear's Woodchipper
03/31/10 @ 00:03
I think a remake would suck, plain and simple. What made the first films so great was what only a low budget and no-name (at the time) actors could do. It gave us an intensity that can't be duplicated with comfortable trailers and plenty of bug spray. Today's actors think they deserve every comfort available and have no idea what its like to suffer for their work. I think about the stories from the first Texas Chain Saw Massacre and I can actually feel the ever-present near hysteria the team was feeling as it flowed out in their performances. Watch it and see how intense a scene can be w/ absolutely NO music, and then try to imagine any music that would fill in this scene to make it better. I bet you that you can't. The first EVIL DEAD falls under this catagory, this same intensity. Although the series got more comedic as it went, it only worked because of the rawness of the original.

That being said, IF they decide to make an ED4, I think they should go the route of using both Bruce and a new face. Maybe bringing in a no-name teen actor to play Ash's protoge would be a good idea. Ash would still be around, throwing out his one liners and juggling chainsaws, but the Straight Man/Unknown Kid would be the one doing all of the ass kicking (only after learning the Do's and Don't's, of course). Someone Jesse Eisenburg-like would be good - or even the kid from My Name is Bruce, Taylor Sharpe. Can you just imagine Ash in Sam Axe Mode, slicing the tops off beer cans and making his new Mini Mi paint the Deadite fence? Classic.
03/31/10 @ 22:01
There should NOT be a remake of this. Just shouldn't happen. Period.
tommy Adaway
03/31/10 @ 22:12
No way, I can't even fathom a remake are you kidding me?.....I show my kids these films and they love them.
03/31/10 @ 22:35

No remake. Do something original instead.
03/31/10 @ 22:46
ppffft no remake end of story.. u cant replace bruce .. might as well make a movie thats jsut like it with somone else cuz bruce is the fucking man
03/31/10 @ 23:36
The Evil Dead movies should be left the Hell alone. Period.
04/01/10 @ 10:59
This is what i call a toughy right here. I would LOVE to see a new evil dead added to the series!To have bruce back kicking ass and gettin it on with the necronomicon! There's nothing more beautiful than that. And yes the remake...IF! they do it. which will most likely happen. Ill be there. even if it looks like grade A crap just from a trailer ill go see it. i love enough to give it a shot. wether its a shitty remake or an epic 4th part ill be there. dont let me down guys
whitey mack
04/02/10 @ 11:17
Re-makes, sequils, sequils and re-makes... Where does it all end??? Or should it??? Alot of people bitch about re-makes but just because a film is remade, doesn't mean the original will dissapear. Let's face it... Bruce Campbell is way too old and way too much time has passed since "Army" that a sequil would be redundant. A re-make however, would be cool if it was done right. For an example... Use only 1980's techneques to pull off the special FX. Don't cast any names. Furthermore... Cast only mediocre looking folks. None of these rediculously beautiful people you see in the Horror re-makes of today. Look at the 1988 re-make of "The Blob" for an example... Everybody in that movie was ugly. The special FX were 80s-a-fied and it was one HELL of a good movie!!! Understand this... I have been a die hard horror fan since about 1984 when I was 7 and I personaly would love to see a re-make of Evil Dead. Seriously... What could it hurt??? (Unless Michael Bay got ahold of it. Then it would undoubtedly SUCK!!!)
livingdeadgrrl Email
04/03/10 @ 01:00
is so tired of remakes of cult classics...what's left?
04/03/10 @ 01:54
"JAWS!" livingdeadgrrl, thats what next a multi, multi-trillion 3-D immagining of JAWS and then its off to do a mega
3-D CGI remake of Gremlins, and of course Gizmo will be voiced by Robert Pattinson.
Gaear's Woodchipper
04/03/10 @ 02:45
Shit, maybe they could remake Sleepaway Camp and let us in on the inner thoughts and feelings of Angela as she stuffed that camper's head into the Port-A-Potty. We could all see the pain and torment that she had experienced as a young... um, child, and truly understand what made her so dick-swinging crazy. Hey, maybe Lifetime will take it on!
We all now know how Michael Myers spent his years as a sister loving recluse in the insane asylum. Doesn't that ALWAYS make it a better movie?
Yeah, I thought so.
04/04/10 @ 13:42
04/06/10 @ 01:13
No remake. Adapt the musical into a 3-D film.
Gaear's Woodchipper
04/06/10 @ 10:55
Why not just re-release the first ones into theatres? With some hype and marathon showings, I bet a ton of people would come watch. Just think about how much cheaper it would be for them to do that, plus all of the original fans would be happy. Old fans woud bring in new fans and the studio would make money.

Hey, it worked or E. T.
04/06/10 @ 19:40
i will go see it no matter what but i request 3 things 1. bruce campbell [idk if he is ash or he is a written in "extra" older gent as long as he kicks ass] 2. that they use old 80's cameras to make it look just like the oldy but greaty original and 3. no more than 30 seconds of CGI the rest must be clay-maytion , puppets, and latex . that is all .....oh and non deadite tittys but no more than 2 10 second scenes plz no one wants another friday the 13th remake
04/07/10 @ 00:27
I think that shit should never be brought up. because its going to happen, its an amazing horror movie so on those grounds alone it's doomed. and NO ONE could take bruces place. Bruce campbell is a babe for days. i think this article should go bye bye before some asshole gets an idea.. lol.
04/09/10 @ 18:18
Bruce Campbell for evil dead re-make, or you might as well not make it at all !!!!!
04/13/10 @ 08:07
No remake !!!... it's impossible to top or even get at par with the original, even more so without Bruce. A sequel would be a much better idea but only, I repeat, ONLY if Bruce is in it.
04/28/10 @ 03:11
Hasn't Hollywood destroyed enough horror films?! Can't these so-called 'writers' come up with their own ideas & quit re-making or re-working or turning things into 3-D? I'm thinking of adding the new 'Freddie' to my Netflix queue...... The horror genre has become pathetic to say the least..... BOOOOOOOO!!!!!
04/28/10 @ 18:47
Bu- But evil dead 2 was already a remake (of sorts) of the original! D:
05/02/10 @ 21:46
Well who didnt see a remake of this coming? haha im a devoted Evil dead fan so i will see it if it happens, buttt i dont think theyre ever gonna beat Raimis original!! but im gonna keep an open mind as always haha great article!!
maniac Email
05/10/10 @ 03:44
JESUS is nothing sacred anymore they fuck up freddy and now this when will all the horror end il tell you when, when they keep remaking these awsome films then there is no horror in them just disappointment !
05/11/10 @ 01:24
I'd rather take a bath in my own shit
Thomas Stockley
05/19/10 @ 10:49
Excellent topic. Me personally, I know that the original films could never be copied. However, if Sam Raimi is behind the remake, I believe he could do it Justice. Drag Me To Hell, imo, was an excellent movie. It basically proved to me the Raimi still has it, and I personally think he should stick to horror from now on. As much as I enjoy the cheese he puts in his movies, I would love to see his attempt at full fledged horror.

His movies feel a lot more authentic, and I certainly prefer the animatronics and puppetry over CGI. I personal wouldn't mind if he took a crack at the "home video" style we see in films like "The Blair Witch Project", "Quarantine", and "Paranormal Activity". Something tells me he'd be able to pull it off better than any of them had and he'd make it really terrifying.
05/20/10 @ 02:13
it was already remade, its called the evil dead 2
05/25/10 @ 17:26
REMAKE is the way to go if they have to FUCK up this franchise. PLEASE OH PLEASE DO NOT DO A REINVISIONING. in other words keep the script as is and just make it in HD, please do not let some dumbass like ZOMBIE mess it up like he did Halloween.
Fred Krueger
05/29/10 @ 23:03
If you really think about it evil dead 2 is actually a condensed remake of evil dead. The first 10 minutes or so of part 2 retold the originals story and tweeked to just Ash and his girlfriend. So in truth it's been remade why do it again?
Why not
06/01/10 @ 01:21

Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash should have got made blame that on Sam


ED4 out the next year

that was 6 years ago

Bruce is too old sh!t Robert made freddy and he dosent even star as his most famos role now

Sam Raimi will never get what needs to be done done

Expect a remake within the next ten years

now go watch Army of Darkness again and dream . . .
Douche Mcanthroe
01/09/11 @ 18:08
twitter my twatter beeeooooowhooopit I HOPE NOT!!!!
Douche Mcanthroe
01/09/11 @ 19:53
Sam Eaimi and Rob Zombie remake the Evil Dead starring Ryan Reynolds and Tyler Mane
01/09/11 @ 19:55
Bruce is getting old. I'm a big fan, but I'm not sure he could pull it off this time around.
However, I think a remake could work with another quirky actor to replace him. Johnny Knoxville!! What do you think?? They kind of look the same. Johnny has that crazy personality. I think it would work.
warchief 13
01/09/11 @ 20:00
I'll scream I swear!!!
01/09/11 @ 22:11
I wouldnt mind seeing an evil dead remake or seqquel. i love the franchise and would love to see something new out of it. also knoxville could play a good ash,
Arnold Jashenski
01/10/11 @ 09:38
Great article! I vote sequel with Bruce!
01/10/11 @ 11:03
Yes, a remake of a remake would SUCK. I wouldn't watch a remake without BC in it. Why can't Raimi just use some brilliance and write an ED4 script? So much easier to remake another one, throw some special effects and CGI on it than to be original and make a whole new movie. But I'm cynical I guess. Raimi, make ED4 WITH BC!
01/11/11 @ 17:09
no, no, no, no to a remake, just dont do it. yes to ED4 i get that Bruce is geting on and i can live if thay go on to ED4 with out him, mayb he can pop up as the crazy old man how wones the keds to stay away from the caben. but no remake, if thay do it will suck and no one will remaber it in a year or tow becoz we will all be wotching the old one.
01/13/11 @ 01:00
no remake, a sequel with campbell passing on the torch however might work. That way we see Ash and get at least 3 more evil deads and it might build a newer fan base.
01/16/11 @ 22:58
i met this guy at flashbackweekend and he was a jack ass but in a funny way, i think it would be interesting to see a remake possibly with keanu reaves lol but that would be cool,
01/17/11 @ 10:05
Sam and Bruce HAVE to do a VI please dont let the next time we see Ash be in a remake. All the remakes of CLASSIC horror and being destroyed they are doing to the movies what the killer is suppose to do to the sex crazed camping teenagers, or the completely oblivious babysitter, or the sisters of deranged psychopaths that come back again and again, or MY PERSONAL FAVORITE the sleepless teen that cant take the nightmares because they kill. All of those great situations and movie have been hacked to death by these film makers calling themselves fans. Its insulting to those like me that live for Horror. Dont kill us sam PLEASE give us one more good one before "Evil Dead" becomes "EVIL-I didnt know what to do so I just thought id bring in stuff thats already been down and see if they like it the second time around-DEAD". News flash new directors I dont like its not cute come up with something on your own. I should know I mean im 24 and have more horror scripts that I wrote with FRESH MATERIAL then all these crap remakes we got in the passed 6-7 years. Please please please I have every bit of my faith in you Sam and how could I not after that AMAZING Horror film "Drag Me To Hell" it was art at its finest.
01/27/11 @ 15:40
The EVIL DEAD films are classics so to do a remake would be slapping fans in the face.Without Bruce Cambell the series would surely die.Bruce is who made the films great without him it isn't an evil dead film so mr.Ramey im begging you dont replace Bruce
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I've either authored myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my permission. Do you know any techniques to help protect against content from being stolen? I'd truly appreciate it.
09/13/13 @ 00:09
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09/15/13 @ 06:13
Have you ever thought about writing an ebook or guest authoring on other sites?
I have a blog based on the same topics you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information.
I know my subscribers would appreciate your work.
If you're even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an email.
09/22/13 @ 11:12
Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets I could add to my blog that automatically tweet
my newest twitter updates. I've been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this.
Please let me know if you run into anything.

I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look
forward to your new updates.
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