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Exclusive: The Halloween 4 Blu-ray Debacle!

The case of the missing bonus features & deleted scenes. . .

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Paranormal Activity 4 - Official Trailer

Time to take down the video cameras and watch some footage!. . .

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'The Lords of Salem' Getting Closer!

We fionally have information on when Rob Zombie's next film is due. . .

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First Footage From The 'Carrie' Remake

This is what happens when you bully people kids. . .

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'Silent Hill: Revelation' Footage Here

Why do people keep going back to Silent Hill?. . .

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The 'REALLY BIG SHOW' is Here!

HorrorBid's The Skeleton Crew delves into summertime madness. . .

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Jeepers Creepers 3 - Will It Happen?

Will we ever see the Creeper again on the big screen?. . .

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Follow-Up To The Wolfman Is Here

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us Gets A Trailer . . .

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'Jurassic Park 4' Gets Release Date

Find out when we can go back into the park here. . .

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Sam Raimi Talks THE EVIL DEAD Remake

Hear what we are in store for from the source. . .

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HorrorBid Slasher Video Contest Winners Announced

HUSK Director Brett Simmons "Five minutes is a challenging time frame to tell a story, and I can tell that everyone put a lot of thought and a lot of work into their entries. I was impressed with the effort put forth in all of these. It was a great and surprising bunch of shorts and they all deserve a nod of "congrats" and "great work". I know that sounds diplomatic and cheesy, but in this case it's very true. Trust me. I watch a lot of shorts and did not expect my job here to be so hard. Props all around"....

Follow up:

"Here's my top three with a couple honorable mentions. My judging criteria was simply to see what each entry did with the five minutes they had, and how creatively they incorporated the mask, since it was the point of the whole thing. And they are...


"Axel Crow"

Short and sweet, good storytelling and production value, but most of all, it was a different and unique take on the mask in the way it was used. It was the horror/action of the bunch. The way the villain uses the mask to accomplish his goal surprised me. It's something I always though a smart masked killer SHOULD do. Loved that. Very creative and cool.


"The Mask of James Henry"

I love stories and legends like these. This was a totally different take than any of the others and it was really surprising. My favorite script of the bunch. Where the other approaches were definitive slasher, I was impressed by how this one instead created a mythology about the mask. It actually made me question whether I'd ever wear that mask myself, a feeling that lingered on after the short and probably will every time I look at that mask again. A very powerful approach with great quality to it. The only thing preventing it from first place for me was that it was primarily exposition. I otherwise loved this one a lot and was very impressed. But alas, there can only be one first place...which is...



This was a great, visual, spooky, and suspenseful use of the mask and created a believable slasher character that I enjoyed watching. As much as I loved the others, this one really created a slasher character with the mask and plugged him right into the same universe of existing movie slashers for me. It had it's own take on things, while also homaging other slasher films. It also was also the one that made me jump. Dang shower. This one ultimately felt like what this whole contest was about, and really deserves to be at the top of the pack. It ends with what I have taken to be the definitive moment and visual of the slasher mask: a dim lit face with black eyes turning to his dead victims... playing the piano. I will never hear "Mary had a little lamb" the same. Great job.

Honorable mentions:

"Slasher Moon"

So much fun watching this one. Felt straight out of "Halloween" in the best way possible. And having the mask get pulled out of a box of all the other iconic slasher masks was genius.


This one caught me so off guard in the way it shifts. Guys making a movie about a slasher, only to end up becoming the slashers themselves. A very creative concept, a surprising twist, this deserves a mention for sure.

And there you have it. Awesome contest. There needs to be more like it. I'm thrilled I got to be apart of it."

Until next time, Brett Simmons

To view the rest of the video entries click here.


04/04/11 @ 16:58
I can completely see why Fanatic won, CREEPY!!! Still, the others were incredible also, too bad there couldn't be more than one winner but that's how these things go I guess. Congrats to all the vids, I had a great time watching them all. Horrorbid needs to do more contests like this!
04/04/11 @ 22:03
When do the top 3 get their prizes?...just curious :D
04/05/11 @ 18:15
Really surprised by the results, all were good! but I prefered Axelcrow's unique approach to horror.
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