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Fright-Rags: Shirts That Scare to Inspire

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Fright-Rags: Shirts That Scare to Inspire

New postby Madloomis78 » Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:39 am


Known for their atypical, ultra-interesting t-shirts, Fright-Rags have done more than just sell fellow avid fans the same old iconic, but nonetheless boring cover-to-our-favorite- movie on a t-shirt. Using all sorts of talent from Jeff Zornow to Matt Busch, shirts that are inspired by some of the greatest genre films in America and beyond, have become works of art in themselves.


For me, its not enough that some of my favorite films have been re-imagined and brought to a new life on these shirts, but that I have discovered so many new films, some that I have heard of and had not the bravery to watch, or those that I had not in the slightest even heard about. One of those that I have so dearly beloved so recently was Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II. I had seen the cover since a young boy, meandering through the endless halls of Silver Screen Video, and I had always been intrigued by the artwork. For some reason I hadn't seen it and all of a sudden I'm seeing on a t-shirt from my favorite shirt makers, and I'm thinking to myself, “well, if these guys and gals like this one, I should probably give it a watch.”


One film I hadn't heard of, since I've been living under a rock, was Phantom of the Paradise. Ok, where the fuck had I been really. That shirt was badassery and I finally own such a great film. The same can be said about Basket Case, and sequentially that led me to watch the whole Henenlotter catalog save Basket Case 3 and his documentary on Herschell Gordon Lewis.


One thing I notice about those who work at Fright-Rags, is that they never seem weary to be asked, “When is so and so shirt gonna come out?” “Will you be creating a shirt for so and so?” The great thing about these questions is that no matter what, if and when aside, they will be great, lasting t-shirts, one for generations.

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