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HORRORBID.COM EXCLUSIVE: Dark Star Hollow Fact & Fiction from the Author/Screenwriter!

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HORRORBID.COM EXCLUSIVE: Dark Star Hollow Fact & Fiction from the Author/Screenwriter!

New postby dew » Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:40 pm

With reboots, remakes and new productions being halted, shelved or passed on, it is no surprise that, with so many rumors flying around regarding the forthcoming film Dark Star Hollow, that Matthew J. Fougerousse, the creator, author and producer of the film, wanted to set things straight. “The film is real,” Fougerousse reported in a recent emailed message, “And has been in pre-production for several years now. Cast, director, and production team are all in place.”


Veteran horror actress Kelli Maroney, known for her roles in classic 80’s horror films such as Chopping Mall and Night of the Comet, took to the IMDB message boards to clear up any rumors regarding her own involvement and some quotations taken out of context: “What I said was that I was unable to confirm any news or information about the film and that I would not speak about it until I knew that my information was fact. That is my policy so that my fans do not think I am a flake and [stop] believing me.”

The influx of rumors that the film was a farce came, it would seem, from an actor who denied his involvement in the project, and has since been removed from the pre-production cast listing. Fougerousse explained that “most of the cast is in place, but two names have been removed until funding is in place, at the request of their respective agents. I am well acquainted with many of the cast members, and speak with them personally on a regular basis... The rest of the cast is onboard or have expressed interest in the roles offered. Elisha Cuthbert is not attached yet, as we are waiting to hear back from her agent yea or nay.”

So what does this mean for horror fans? HB’s own Matt Molgaard recently addressed the many issues that less than stellar box office returns are creating in the horror film community; this seems to hold true for Dark Star Hollow’s future, where budgeting issues have been cited as holding up production. With the recent Fright Night reboot banking a cost of some $30 million, the relatively low-end estimate of $20 million might seem scant, but at the end of the day, it’s still a lot of money. Investors may not be so willing to part with their cash with box office returns expected to fall on the low end of the scale.

That being said, Dark Star Hollow is a film that needs to make it to print. Cross-genred, it will appeal to horror fans, action fans and thriller fans alike, bringing in a wider audience and, with luck, better returns.

“Horror films will not be disappointed,” Fougerousse says, and having had a preliminary look at a working script, I would tend to agree. With the genre currently overrun with remakes, reboots, overdone CGI and torture-porn films that substitute gratuitous violence for storyline, a film like Dark Star Hollow will be a breath of fresh air, playing against the human capacity for evil in the name of good, and our fear of both supernatural and natural disaster.

The film is currently in pre-production, awaiting funding. Stay tuned for further updates as they become available and coming next week, a review of a working script!

Source: IMDB Message Boards / Personal Correspondence
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