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JOIN US: Turn Your Everyday Posts Into Headlines on HorrorBid!

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HorrorBid presents: The Skeleton Crew! The show with it all... the latest horror news, interviews, reviews, debates and much more. Listen as Alex, Mike and Dan bring your favorite horror films to life. Get to know your favorite horror icons through these exclusive interviews.

JOIN US: Turn Your Everyday Posts Into Headlines on HorrorBid!

New postby BooMan » Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:51 am

Write for HorrorBid and...

WE WANT YOU! HorrorBid wants YOU to contribute to our site. We offer serious horror fans and writers visibility and the chance to make a name in this business. We're the worlds FIRST interactive horror magazine with nearly 1 million readers a month and a large, active fan community. Get YOUR work seen on the homepage of an already established and popular horror website site that is followed daily by leaders in both the film and collectible industries. And if you could care less about any of that, just contribute for the fun of it!

All Contributions are Welcome at HorrorBid!

It's all about user-generated content these days and HorrorBid and the Bidite nation (that's you) thrives on not just the stories you want to hear about but the content you provide us daily through our community! Whether you're a long-time industry professional, or a 11 year old horror movie fan, you produce good content and we'll use your stuff. We're on the look out for dedicated contributors who can aggregate breaking news or create unique content to share with the world of horror. Are you a disgruntled blogger? Why continue toplug away on an obscure blog that is never seen and doesn't appear in Google? Here, you'll be read by tons of other like minded fans, get lots of feedback/comments, and be part of a HUGE community of other horror freaks.


The latest news and rumors!: Surf the net and gather applicable "breaking" news to add to our site.

(Example:) Did you just find out the latest news about FRIDAY THE 13Th being remade for the 12th time? Maybe you found images of an upcoming horror film that members would be interested in. Post these stories in the proper category on the forum and give credit where credit is due. When you find your information, put it into your own words and quote when needed but ALWAYS source your content with the website you found it from. This is a MUST!

Editorials: Do you like to spark debate? Do you have strong opinions? Do you wonder why certain films happen and others don't? Then you'd be a great editorial writer.

Collectibles: Did NECA just release a new version of your favorite horror icon? Did
"Joe Schmo" just create what you feel is the best replica in the history of the horror world. Tell us all the details with as many pics, videos, specifics you can find.

Trailers/Videos: Find the latest horror film trailers for up to date films, video clips pertaining to an upcoming film or anything related to a film that you think would belong in this category.

Reviews: Did you just see the latest horror film or DVD/Blu-ray release? We want to hear your thoughts.

DVD/Blu-ray: Tell us about the latest DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Interviews: Do you know people in the industry or have connections? Are you the next Larry King? (RIP, maybe depending on when you read this) Write it up, record it via audio or video. We don't care the method, we just want to know some juicy details!

Don't see it mentioned here but you think it would fit in another forum category. Post your story. Our team will be constantly roving for the latest and greatest stories. If you post it and its good, we will find it!


1st: You have to be a registered forum member.

2nd: Make sure your post contains at the very least an intro paragraph. This is vital as it will explain to everyone that sees it what you're talking about. It doesn't matter if you just found a new trailer or image, write up what the trailer is from, when the film comes out, why you like the video, etc. Talk about your content!

3rd: Post your story in the correct category. If it's news related, post it under horror news. If it's a trailer it goes under trailers and videos. Don't worry about us finding it, we will, but make sure fellow members are able to locate it in the proper location.

4th: Make sure the title of your post is both descriptive and catchy. You've read our headlines before. Be witty but also make sure you tell the readers what your post is about.

5th: Your content may fit all the specs we've listed but you don't see your story on the front page, what gives?

Your story or post makes it when our MODERATORS think it will be interesting to our readers. It's that simple.

Depending on a host of various situations we may not run your story that day. Don't take it personal, it may be due to any number of reasons but don't give up. We will take notice.


Your contribution status based on the number of stories that make it to the front page will be displayed under your avatar on the forum and also on the front page. Depending on your contributions your rank will change. One day you may be in first place, the next you may be in 10th. The top 10 contributors each month will be entered for a special contest giveaway. If you rank #1 for a certain number of days you may receive a cash prize, a free collectible, tickets to a movie, the list is endless and you never know when your name will be called up.

Most importantly have fun and do it because you love this genre and sharing your love with other like minded members. That is what we do everyday and if you do it for that reason and that reason only, good things will follow. Enjoy!

Have a question? We will answer it. E-mail us by following the link below. ... 1%26pb%3D1

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HorrorBid is a "fan drivin" horror site which includes articles that are written by you the fans. Because of this some stories may have incorrect sourcing or other issues. If you have any concern about a post, please contact us by clicking here.

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