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Skeleton Crew Bluray and DVD Christmas Giveaway!

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HorrorBid presents: The Skeleton Crew! The show with it all... the latest horror news, interviews, reviews, debates and much more. Listen as Alex, Mike and Dan bring your favorite horror films to life. Get to know your favorite horror icons through these exclusive interviews.

Skeleton Crew Bluray and DVD Christmas Giveaway!

New postby TheSkeletonCrew » Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:35 am


It's that time of year again! Santa dropped off some blurays and DVDs in the dungeon early. All month long The Skeleton Crew will be giving away blurays and DVD (which will be announced)! Here are the blurays we have available for giveaway!


To be eligible to win, you must be members of our facebook page. Shipping to the US only!

A new movie will be given away every week (the aim is for every Monday)! All you have to do to win a bluray/DVD is be the first to reply to the giveaway post on facebook! If you are the first, you will be given a list of what is available and you chose from there! Will you be the lucky one? Only Santa knows!

Stay tuned to and join our facebook page for all new episodes of The Skeleton Crew!

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Call our voicemail and leave a message 908-854-4500 it may be played on future shows.

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